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Benefit's Confessions of a Concealaholicphotos: we heart this

It’s Benefit day at we heart this! We’ve had a few of their amazing products cross our path within the past couple of months. Don’t miss out on these recently released beauties! ~wht

Welcome to the world of a Conceal-o-holic. My world, to be exact. I’ve long loved concealing products, mostly out of necessity. I inherited ruddy skin, mild acne, and permanent eyeshadow (how lucky am I?) HOWEVER, you would never know these things thanks to Benefit’s Confessions of a Concealaholic. Plus, Benefit has a sweet story behind their fun brand that only enhances my love for this kit!

Everyone here at wht is aware of Benefit’s amazing propensity for presenting quality products in a unique and entertaining manner. Their packaging tells an enticing story long before you even try the product. When I received this clever kit in the mail, I was immediately enamored at the sight of a bright color palette and great copy! (Seriously, the instruction manual and descriptions are brilliant.)

Since I’ve never tried Benefit’s concealers, this kit was a great way to find the right product(s) before committing to a larger purchase. Sometimes sample-sized kits are not worth the money, but when it comes to concealer you should always try before you buy. Concealer is one thing that can be difficult to get just right.

I think anyone with fair to medium skin tone will find a product or two to love in the Confessions of a Concealaholic kit. I especially like how easy it is to match your skin tone using the the two shades of Boi-ing concealers that you can mix to find your perfect match. It’s fab for covering up redness, acne, and dark spots. I’ve found it is best to apply a generous layer of moisturizer just before using the Bo-ing for perfect results. This was my favorite product because of my specific needs.

But there are so many other great coverage products to try in this clever kit! The wht-reviewed Erase Paste is fantastic for medium under-eye coverage. Lemon-Aid and Eye Bright (aren’t these the best names?) both work to brighten your eyes with creamy coverage and repair the last-night’s-musical-themed-party-got-out-of-hand look. (I think my all time favorite Benefit product is the Eye Bright pencil – I’ve worn through three pencils – end to end – and have yet to find a better brightener and concealer for under my eyes then this pink hued, creamy stick ~ Tyna). And when you need to spice up your evening look, use That Gal Face Primer to create glowing cheeks.

Stay Don't Stray PrimerI’m a fan of this kit, can you tell? But Benefit has other great primers too. Like the Stay Don’t Stray Primer that preps, protects, AND perfects the eye area! A few testers had the chance to review this newish release from Benefit that also prevents eyeshadow creases. Enough said, right?

Oh, and did I mention it is a 360 degree primer? According to Benefit, “This dual-action primer works 360 degrees around the eyes to make concealers and eye shadows REALLY stay put. Concealers never crease and eyeshadows stay vibrant and true…”

Is is true? Read the opinions of our wht reviewers on the Stay, Don’t Stray Primer in the comments and find out!

Get the Confessions of a Concealaholic at Sephora $36
Or get the full size of your concealing favorites in the Concealaholic Kit:
Boi-ing Concealers $18 each
Erase Paste Concealer/Shadow Base $26
Lemon-Aid Eye Brightener $20
Eye Bright Pencil Brightener $20
“That Gal” Brightening Face Primer $28

Pick up the Stay Don’t Stray Primer $24

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  1. I own the Eye Bright. And I really love it. The unique pink shade really brightens the face without washing out,the super pale(me). The major flaw with this pencil is that it is next to impossible to sharpen.
    But I would love to try this set. I am always in major need of good concealing because of acne and dark circles. And I have always been curious to try a Benefit primer.

  2. First, great review Katie! Second, how cute is that photo?! And third, I pretty much want to own every single Benefit item now in addition to this kit thanks to this review.I love that the description of the eye bright pencil is “It’s like a nap in a stick.” I’ve been struggling with dark circles a lot lately (probably should get more sleep), and these products sound like EXACTLY what I’ve been needing.

  3. Great review @katieg! I love Benifit’s Stay Don’t Stray- Stay really is nice for keeping your eyeshadow on all day long. I also wear it alone. It totally evens out my lids and has nice coverage and dries wonderfully smooth, no flaking either! I use is all around my eyes. I use it on my sun spot (lower left cheek- on my face) The pump is tricky though.. Just be careful not to depress all the way down or you’ll have way to much product! I give this product a five star rating! Great price for it too! $24.00 is worth it!

  4. I’ve used Boi-ing in the past and loved it, and I’ve always been curious about Lemon-Aid. The idea of trying all these products for a measly $24 is pretty exciting to me! Great review, @katieg!

  5. Fantastic review, Katie! I just have to chime in here and mention that I recently asked a question on my blog about what people use to conceal their dark circles. Of all the higher-end products out there, Benefit’s concealers were mentioned repeatedly. This, combined with your review, is really making me consider taking the plunge and investing in this kit. I used Benefit’s F.Y.Eye for years and years and it was always fantastic, so I’m excited to try their newer primer formulations. I’m sure they won’t disappoint! :)

  6. I’m glad to hear these products are working for all of you! I use the Bo-ing every single day. And I am a die-hard Mac concealer fan. I still love my Mac and carry it in my purse for touchups. But I use the Bo-ing in the morning. It is really great! It is difficult for a concealer to earn 5 stars from me but Bo-ing does it!

    I wish I didn’t already have ruddy skin because ‘That Gal’ is really cool! It definitely adds a sparkle to your makeup and makes it pop!

  7. I can sing the praises of That Gal until the cows come home! I have NEVER found a primer that I like. They just never seem to work with my oily skin. This is creamy, not greasy. I don’t use this all over my face, but I do use it under my eyes. And as @katieg said, on my cheeks. It creates such a beautiful subtle glow and the pink in it really works hard to hide dark circles under your eyes. LOVE it!

    And I got to see Stay Don’t Stray first hand when @irene used it for the first time. It hides really well, and creates this beautiful bright base. Her lids looked so nice, it was a shame to cover them!
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..Benefit Velvet eyeshadows – Slip into something comfortable =-.

  8. Love, love, love the Benefit. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again they make the best corrective makeup on the market. If you have yet to try a Benefit concealer or btightener, this kit sure is the way to go. A great price to sample some of their best and I’m positive you will find at least one product to add to your daily routine.

    As i sneaked into the above post, my all time fave is the Eye Bright pencil – creamy and smooth and long lasting, I use it everyday to hide dark circles around my eyes.

    @Kellie76 – have you purchased a cheapo drugstore sharpened for jumbo pencils? That’s what I use for my Eye Bright pencils and have no issues sharpening my miracle pencil down to the very end.
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Sugarbomb – the latest Boxed Powder from Benefit =-.

  9. I bought the Erase Paste after everyone on wht raved about it and must say that it is the BEST CONCEALER IN THE WORLD. Ok, I haven’t tried every concealer in the world, but I’ve tried a lot of them. The super-creamy consistancy and the not-too-pale color are brilliant. Did I mention that the pot is so generously sized that it lasts a long time (I’m not even close to running out and I’ve had it for months now)?
    If Benefit made a wider array of shades for this product it would be perfect for everyone; as it is it’s perfect for me.

  10. I tested the Stay Don’t Stray Primer. It works as an eye shadow primer and concealer all in one. Love that I can use it for two things…one less product to buy. It blends in flawlessly and does it’s job. My makeup stays put and my dark circles fade away. My only complaint is the pump. No matter how lightly I try to pump the product out, I get way too much out and waste a bunch of product. I love this stuff and want it to last, so I’m sad to have to throw unused product way each time I use it. 4 stars from me because of the pump issues.

  11. Great review, I’ve been really tempted to try the Boi-ing to cover up dark scars on the face.

  12. After a year, I’m still using Benefit’s Erase Paste and Hello Gorgeous powder. At one point, I eschewed foundations and just wore concealer and Erase Paste is a really good one. I would say “a great concealer” if the I shade I had were a bit darker.

    Hello Flawless is really good too because it goes on so light and so airy. Now that the weather is warm and I have more color to my face, so I lightly dust a bronzer over the powder so it wouldn’t appear too light. In the winter, I wear it alone.

    Love Benefit.

  13. Great review Katie!!! I have the exact same skin type and this new kit is now something I must try. I am always in the fight against redness. Some day, I hope to win the battle.

  14. Great write up Katie! I just saw this set and Ulta and was contemplating getting it.. now I really want it.. sounds like another great Benefit Bargain, I love all their goodies!
    ps…@Stef Adorable photo girl!!

  15. I LOVE “That Gal” I bought it sometime last year and as many of you that know me i don’t normally pick up makeup. But its different with Benefit, they have that great “no makeup” kind of make up. I’ve used the erase paste as well and that’s works great too! Not suprised! Benefit is always great in my book!

  16. I love Boing! It helps me look flawless and hides things I do not want seen.

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