Confessions of a Coral Addict…

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My latest lip obsession: MAC Ever Hip and Budding Beauty

MAC Ever Hip lipstick

Team member Kellie said this in the comments of a post last week: “You love to introduce us to all of the beautiful corals, don’t you?”. Which is putting it sweetly and mildly. More bluntly said – I think I might have a bit of a problem.

You see, I’m a coral addict.

I can’t even begin to count the number of times the following scenario has happened. Into the wht mailbox, comes a box of items to test.

We open the box, inside lies a coral lipstick or gloss.

Tyna pulls it out, says “Well obviously you’re taking this”. No, I don’t need another coral, I’ll reply. Tyna rolls her eyes and says “yeah, ok”. Because she knows where it will end up – in my bag after a series of silent (though sometimes not!) arguments with myself. I don’t need it! Yes, I do! But I have so many corals! Not like this one! This one has shimmer/has no shimmer, is creamy/is matte, is pigmented/is sheer.

Whatever, lip products makes me happy – don’t judge me, my addict self tells my non addict self…

A woman wearing MAC Ever Hip and Budding Beauty lipstick and gel

Another internal argument took place when MAC first released Ever Hip lipstick with the Liberty Of London collection.

Really? You need another coral?

As a matter of fact when I went to the launch party I had another MAC coral lipstick in my purse; my holy grail – Strawberry Blonde from the 2006 Catherine Deneuve collection. Upon swatching, they were close – VERY close. And I passed. And I regretted it ever since…

Flash forward to this month’s Fashionflower release. And there sits Ever Hip. Which promptly sells out on MAC’s site within hours. I manage to get it online through Nordstroms. And I almost feel bad showing it to you. Because it’s gone. But, MAC has released it twice within the past year or so. It just may be around again.

Ever Hip is a “bright creamy coral” in a Cremesheen formula (good pigment, creamy and shiny finish). You can take this from just a slick of pinky coral color, to a rather opaque look by using a heavier hand when applying. It’s divine. And I needed it desperately.

Budding Beauty Lipgelée

But with this release, Ever Hip had a friend, Budding Beauty Lipgelée. With it’s gorgeous, smooth finish, Budding Beauty adds a pale coral milkiness to anything it touches. Not a lot of color, but subtle hot pink with micro shimmer and gold flecks. See the flecks? Again, how could I not need it desperately? Good news for you, it’s still available at Nordstroms.

Ever Hip and Budding Beauty swatchbottom: Ever Hip, top: Budding Beauty

So, I’ve got them. I can now sleep at night. Until the next coral comes along…

we heartsters, what color do you buy over and over and over again?


  • Stef Andrews

    Stef is a plethora of things. Amongst them: co-founder of we heart this, photographer, condiment connoisseur, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie. She also has a touch of wanderlust and, arguably, the cutest dog in the whole world... skin tone: NC 25/30 skin type: oily with a fear of rosacea favorite beauty product: high end skincare and lip products


  1. I hear your coral obsession, @Stef, and raise you on my obsession of beige shadows!
    I have every beige on the market in hopes of duplicating my stand out- Laura Mercier’s Vanilla Nuts.
    I am such a freak that I am sure that one day Vanilla Nuts will be retired, so I have been trying to find it’s replacement, just in case…I have tried them all; matte, shimmer, too pale, too chaulky.
    I have found a few that I use from time to time, but nothing as perfect as my Vanilla Nuts.

  2. I have bought 2 different releases of Pink Clash lipglass which came out with Waternymph and Sex Ray which I would also purchase again. Those came from the Lure collection which has always been my favorite overall collection from MAC and the collection I was introduced to the brand as a whole.

    EverHip looks great, I would have liked to pick up that and Summer Shower from the Fashionflower release.

  3. @stef – I share your coral addiction as well as an inability to resist lip products even if they look very, very familiar. I’m not going to rest until I hunt both of these babies down. You are a very bad influence!

  4. Lordy, that Budding Beauty Lipgelée must be mine. GORGEOUS, and a good gateway drug for me as I experiment with corals…

  5. I never liked coral anything and always kind of cringed when I hear it to be a color-of -the-moment. I’ve always envisioned my teeth looking yellow and the need for a matching Mrs. Roper caftan. But, @Stef, you’re no Mrs. Roper and I recently (and begrudgingly) tried (and loved) and out-n-out orange on my lips so…the times they are a-changing.

  6. I Loved your UNABASHEDLY HONEST admission of your very real coral anything addiction! I do love your lips with this one- super pretty on @stef! Confession is good for the soul.. lol!

  7. Both of those look fabulous, although the gloss seems a little sheer in the swatch. The lipstick sounds AMAZING though.

    I like to think that I don’t buy lots of the same color… but I’m sure that a closer analysis of my makeup stash would say otherwise!

  8. Coral looks very pretty on you @stef! I’m not a coral person much, but coral looks phenomenal on you!

  9. I love corals for summer and Ever Hip looks absolutely beautiful! That will definitely make it on my list of things to get the next time I’m at MAC! I somehow missed it with the Liberty of London Collection, but I won’t miss out this time either!

  10. @stef — I just think that you are really just a true “Ambassador of Coral.” I try not to buy one thing over and over –change is good.

  11. Oohh I love Ever Hip! I have the Liberty of London version. Budding Beauty looks so pretty and is totally meant to be besties with Ever Hip. I totally want it to pair with lipsticks!

    I love coral lips too. I also have a liking for berry colors though. Annnnd I’m off to the MAC site to look around…Thanks Stef!

  12. Woah, both of those are so pretty! A coral lipgloss may be next on the shopping list.

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