IT Cosmetics Superhero Palette swatches and review

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Summertime means superheroes, and many people flock to the theater to see the latest super-hyped movie. I, on the other hand, can’t be crowbarred out the door if it means I’ll have to sit through yet another display of superhuman strength, X-Ray vision or Spidey-sense. Yawn.

On the other hand, the brand new IT Cosmetics Superhero Palette ($42) is a creation so full of beauty power, I would jump in the car and speed to the store just to find it.

Does it take a very special superhero to impress you, too? Well, how about this? An eye palette that makes eyes appear younger and brighter, with 12 all-new anti-aging shades that smooth skin and last all day. Super-smooth, super-saturated color…that got my attention!


The oversized, slim Superhero palette has a cool hourglass shape that hints at something unusual inside. The inner lid holds a high-quality, generously-sized mirror with an inscription in the corner from IT Cosmetics’ co-founder Jamie Kern: “You’re a #RealSuperhero!”


Like Wonder Woman’s outfit, the palette’s design is really pleasing, but the shadows are the “Lasso of Truth”—the real weapons of beauty. Developed with plastic surgeons, each anti-aging shadow contains hydrolyzed collagen, silk, peptides and antioxidants, plus what IT calls “Superhero Pigment Power Technology.” They pack a punch of color which really does last all day.




Across the top are what I like to think of as the building blocks of beauty power: Superhero Eye Foundation Eyeshadow Base shades in three versatile neutrals, each one buttery smooth:
Confidence – matte
Pow – matte
Magical – satin


Just a swoop of color blends away imperfections and makes lids look bright. You could stop right here and look polished. But why stop when the Superhero palette gives us these color options.


Superhero Nude:
Limitless – matte
Powerful – matte
Aura – satin


These subtle shades are perfect for a “no makeup” look when worn alone; they’re also beautiful for highlighting.


Superhero Neutrals:
Unstoppable – gold satin
Superstar – taupe satin
Fearless – bronze satin


The neutrals are more dramatic shades that work alone, and also blend beautifully with the nudes.


Superhero Liners:
Bold – navy matte
Daring – wine matte
Superhero – black matte


Wet or dry, used as liners or in the crease, these colors are so creamy and blendable. It’s easy to get a whisper of color or a full-on dramatic line, depending on your brush and heaviness of application.

The shadows are the “Lasso of Truth”

I’ve had so much fun creating new combinations. My favorite so far is a daytime look using Pow from lash to brow; Powerful on the lid; Superstar in the crease; and Bold as a liner.


If all this color isn’t enough empowerment, check out the palette’s perfect companion: IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe No-Tug Dual Eyeshadow Brush #5 ($24). Between the large fluffy brush and the dense, short fibers of the other end, you can easily create any look you desire. Developed with plastic surgeons, this brush is billed as the “first ever anti-aging and age preventative shadow brush.”

This makes sense—the brush picks up just the right amount of pigment, and glides color across my lids. No tugging or pulling. Bristles are 100% synthetic and vegan.
I’ve been reaching for it every day.

I love the whole vibe of this company, whose promo materials urge us to “believe in the power of your own beauty!” Harnessing this power is a little easier thanks to products like the universally-flattering Superhero Palette and versatile Heavenly Luxe brush.

Now if someone would just make a movie about IT Cosmetics, I’d head to the theater without a fight.

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  1. You’ve done it again, turboterp! I don’t need another palette, but now I NEED this palette. The colors and finishes are lovely, and I really like the super hero theme done in such a subtle, relevant way. Beauty power!

    1. I know just what you mean, @amity! Trust me, though, you do need this one– and you might as well spring for the brush, too. Such a “super” duo!

  2. As the official wht swatcher, I can tell you…these are amazing!

  3. I also do not need another eye pallette but, there is always something magical about IT Cosmetics and all of their products. This one is totally on my list for purchase.

  4. Rubiesymusica says:

    Okay tool makeup noob here, does it come with that black pouch? Is it plain or come with those 3 pins or are they painted? I hear so many great things about this brand and I love it when they add the extras to help keep me organized.

    1. I believe the black pouch (which comes with actual pins) is something IT Cosmetics sent out for PR purposes.
      Everything you’ve heard about the brand is true. I’m such a fan!

  5. I love this palette!!! The colors are fabulous. I love everything I have from It Cosmetics and I am sure this would be no exception, gorgeous!

  6. Great post, @turboterp! I love pretty much everything I’ve ever tried from IT Cosmetics, but they really do eye shadow extremely well. These look like extremely wearable, every day shades but with a little sass thrown in :D

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