CoTZ Pure Botanicals & Minerals – Mineral Sunscreen Review

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They don’t call it the Healthier Sunscreen for nothing…

I have been blessed with the palest of pale skin. I am literally the fairest of them all. That means that I pretty much always wear sunscreen because my fair skin is also prone to sunburns, which means that skin cancer is a HUGE concern for me. Also a huge concern is the premature aging associated with sun damage. Sunscreen is a daily part of my life, even in my New England winters.

On top of being pale, I also have sensitive skin. By “sensitive”, I mean “allergic to a ton of chemical sunscreens”. I am the girl who used a sunscreen geared towards babies and ended up covered head-to-toe in insanely itchy blister hives…on a romantic cruise vacation. I am extremely careful about what sunscreens I apply to my face and body and tend to favor mineral sunscreens. One of the newest additions to my stable of sun protection is from CoTZ.

CoTZ calls itself “The Healthier Sunscreen”, and from my experience, I would have to agree. I got to test the CoTZ Pure Botanicals & Minerals Mineral Sunscreen SPF 45 ($23.99). The formula is plant-based and contains no chemical sunscreens, no preservatives and no fragrance. It relies on the minerals Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to shield you from the sun. These ingredients sit on top of the skin to form a natural barrier that reflects UVA/UVB rays.

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The formula is lightly tinted, but it blends seamlessly into my skin. I feel like they tinted it to counteract the whiteness that many non-chemical sunscreens have due to the zinc oxide they use (which is very white on skin). There is NO scent, which made me so happy–I HATE the smell of sunscreen. It applies to the skin like a thick moisturizer, but it dries down fully within about 8-10 minutes and it feels light on the skin.

Mineral Sunscreen shown disappearing on arm after aplyingCheck out this disappearing act!

I especially love how the formula contains shea butter as the first ingredient. This really conditioned my skin. It also contains a slew of botanical ingredients like green tea extract and rosemary, many of which fight cell damage from UV exposure. I love how this formula takes a multi-prong approach to fighting sun damage!

Performance-wise, I can only attest to how it works on dry skin. I don’t get the opportunity for many beach days in New England until its the dead of summer. I took this for a literal test drive on a sunny road trip. Car windows magnify the sun and you can burn just as easily in the winter as in the middle of the summer. I clocked 6 hours without reapplication and didn’t burn.

As a side note, if you like to travel, you should be aware that some chemical sunscreens are actually getting banned in some places because they damage the coral reefs. Hawaii and Key West being two such destinations.

we heartsters – Do you prefer chemical or mineral-based sunscreen? What’s your favorite sunscreen? I want to hear all about it in the comments!

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