Couture from LORAC, just in time for Fashion Week!

Couture from LORAC, just in time for Fashion Week!

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Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick review

LORAC is a brand, I must confess, I haven’t spent much time with. That’s not to say I haven’t wanted to share precious moments with a number of items in their collection, I just never had a chance. Until recently, when this wht review introduced me to LORAC’s Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick. Well, hellloooooo LORAC!

Couture Shine is labeled a liquid lipstick meaning it’s not just some boring ‘ol gloss. This baby is smooth, thick, creamy and packed with color. Designed to give lips a “luxuriously smooth textured” look, the formula contains jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and oriza sativa bran extract (to soothe, nourish and hydrate lips) plus hyaluronic acid which helps fill in lines.

I tested the Liquid Lipstick ($22) in Glam (shown left), a medium rose pink with heavy gold shimmer. The shimmer is Mother of Pearl, which reflects light and gives some extra sheen to your pout. It’s really a gorgeous shade that is easy to wear with both cool or warm makeup colors.

The formula is not super shiny, more shimmery than anything else. You don’t get that wet look like some other glosses, which I think is nice. Since it’s called liquid lipstick I wouldn’t expect it to be super glossy, more opaque. And that’s what I see with the Couture Shine – an opaque hue with shine.

I love the applicator of this product because it’s a nice, short yet fairly wide, tapered brush. I prefer brush applicators to sponge ones any day of the week! Glam has a very mild scent of some sort, which I cannot place. It’s not sweet, not minty, and not candy-like. Just a scent that’s neither bad or strong. In terms of longevity, this one doesn’t disappoint. Glam lasts on average 2 – 2 ½ hours before I felt the need to re-apply, which is fairly typical for me.

The cost of these babies isn’t cheap at $22.00 each, but it is a fairly luxurious gloss and with Glam, great color payoff! There are nine different shades in the Couture Shine line that run from sheer to pigmented. The wht team had a look at the shades Elite (a rosy mauve), Muse (a soft pink mauve with pearl) and Haute (a bright pale pink) as well – be sure and check the comments for their reviews.

For even more LORAC lip gloss check out the wht review review of their Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss!

Looking for a deal? Check out the LORAC Hollywood Insider Collection – a $142 value for just 39.50, a collection of LORAC must haves including a Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick in Vintage, plus a powder, blush, eye shadow trio and mascara.

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10 thoughts on “Couture from LORAC, just in time for Fashion Week!”

  1. I was so happy to see your review this morning, @vampyvarnish, because I’ve been looking forward to telling the world how much I love this gloss! I tested Elite, the rosy mauve, and it’s taken up permanent residence in my makeup bag. I’ve used it so often, I’m starting to rub the design off the tube!

    I should mention that my makeup bag is chock full o’ glosses, but I’m reaching time and time again for my Lorac Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick. It combines the best of lipstick (lots of pigment) with the best of gloss (shine, sheerness). It isn’t heavy or opaque. The creamy color, which looks dark in the tube, is natural and rosy, perfect for daytime, with no shimmer at all.

    The scent you mentioned is pleasant, and the brush is perfectly sized and easy to use. I was already a fan of Lorac, but this product takes my admiration up quite a few notches! Even at $22, I’m eager to check out the other colors. 5 stars.

  2. Thanks for the review. The Lorac collection looks nice. I like liquid lipsticks because they do offer more opaque color than lipglosses. However, I’m not quite sure about the shimmer. :-)

  3. I have long been a fan of Lorac. They make amazing products that are chock full of wonderful ingredients. I was excited but apprehensive to try the Liquid Lipstick.

    I found it to be a bit thick and sticky. But not necessarily in a bad way. There is a huge color pay off with this formula. And the smell was pleasant and similar to vanilla, I think. I am not much of a brush applicator fan. But I think that it is a nice quality brush and perfect for anyone who enjoys that type of applicator.

    I tried Haute, which shows up on me as a very bright cotton candy pink. It is extremely pigmented. Sadly the color just doesn’t do much for me. There are a lot of people who would probably adore it. Just not me. It reminds me a lot of MAC’s Lady Gaga lipstick. Unfortunately, it just makes me look a bit like a corpse. It is both bright and pale. Not a good combination for me. I feel that I would have liked the product a lot more in a different color. So I give it 4 stars for the formula and 2 stars for the color. Which I would say puts it at 3 stars for me. But I am a huge Lorac lover and would suggest trying any of their high quality products!

  4. I have been a huge Lorac fan for some time now. I was so anxious to try her new 3D lip gloss that I lierally ripped open the packaging (I love packaging- so I was sad).
    I tried Muse, a pink opaque gloss with subtle shimmer. Although the color was a bit too light and ‘Barbie-ish’ for me, the formula was so moisturizing and shiny that I couldn’t stop using it! I even went to Sephora later in the week to purchase another shade, Couture which is a dusty rose shade.
    I love the lipstick-like color saturation coupled with the ease and shine of a gloss. This formula is also super long lasting! Lorac’s 3D Couture Shine is already a fixture in my makeup bag! I give this product a solid 5 stars!!

  5. Ever since testing out the Multiplex 3D gloss I’m a total sucker for Lorac! I always thought that the scent was a little peachy, and I find it pretty pleasant, actually.
    @Vampyvarnish , your write up is about to have me running off to Sephora! I’ve nearly used up my Intermix Multiplex 3D and have been wanting another. I think I might need to pick up one of these as well!

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