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COVERGIRL Ready, Set Gorgeous – Swatches and Review

Oily girls rejoice, the latest from COVERGIRL is the answer to your prayers! The COVERGIRL Ready, Set Gorgeous collection is designed for those of us with oily skin who want our makeup to stay fresh and flawless all day. The line consists of a liquid foundation, pressed powder foundation and a concealer that work together to help you put your best face forward.


All products in this line are oil-free and contain oil-absorbing powders to help control shine. The formulations won’t clog pores, which is perfect for those of us *blessed* with acne. It seems like COVERGIRL is marketing these products towards teenagers, but as an adult in my mid-30’s who still has troubled skin, these products were miracle workers.


The COVERGIRL Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation ($7.99) gives medium coverage that can be layered or sheered out, depending on your needs. The texture is a thick cream that feels powdery to the touch and that blends to the exact amount of coverage you need with little effort.

Covergirl-ready-set-gorgeous-7-foundationbottom: 110 (cool), top: 115 (warm)

This is great if you have extreme problem skin because this completely covers redness and helps hide acne scars and the built-in powder system is supposed to pull oil and sweat away from your face, which should help lessen breakouts.


The Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer ($7.99) is a similar consistency as the foundation, perhaps slightly more pigmented. Again, this has a powdery texture that is unlike anything I’ve ever used – it almost feels like it should just slip right off, but it stays put beautifully.

Covergirl-ready-set-gorgeous-9-concealerbottom: 105-110 (cool), top: 115-120 (warm)

I found that it’s very easy to build the coverage where I need to – to cover blemishes or undereye circles. Plus I have no problem layering this without looking cakey and only the smallest dab was necessary for the under eye area.


The Ready Set Gorgeous Powder Foundation ($7.99) is great as a foundation or as a setting powder. As someone that currently only has a few blemishes, I found this worked best when I applied concealer directly to those areas, then applied the powder foundation on top, then another tiny dab of concealer on those problem areas, then finishing with another tiny bit of powder foundation on top of the secondary concealer application.


I will say, that method of application does look slightly cakey for about an hour, then after that when my oily skin tried to assert itself, it just looked like flawless skin with a hint of glow.

I never looked oily or shiny, just glowing. As someone who always looks shiny and runs through oil blotting papers like water, this product completely kept shine at bay. The makeup stayed put for the whole day, until I was ready to take it off. FABULOUS!



    Keeps shine at bay
    Lasts all day
    Concealer works better than any other drugstore brand I’ve tried–both in coverage and duration of wear
    Didn’t trigger breakouts on this sensitive skinned gal


    I’m extremely fair and their 105-110 shade for fair skin tones in the powder foundation is a tiny bit dark on me

we heartsters – Are any of as excited to be Ready, Set Gorgeous as I am? Does anybody else go through blotting papers like I do? Let’s hear your tales of oily skin woe!

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

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  1. I had not heard of this Covergirl line yet. I am super oily and am
    pumped to give this a try, especially the concealer. My only worry
    is that I too am very fair and worry that it may be too dark for me. But for the price it is worth a try!!! Great review @krista!!!

    1. If you’re super oily, you’ll probably really like the way this manages excessive oil production–it was pretty awesome to still have makeup on at the end of the day instead of watching it slowly dissolve :)

  2. I hadn’t heard of these either but they sound fantastic! Agreed @Kellie, can’t beat those prices.

  3. I wanted so much to like this. However, my sensitive skin did not care for it. I would love to find something my finicky skin likes at the drugstore.

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