Crafty Girls Need Gifts Too – the we heart this gift guide

When it comes to gift giving, we all have that one person (if not several) that’s impossible to shop for. They own what seems to be everything, and they certainly don’t need another of this or that. Take the crafty types, who love to make almost everything they need or want. They might be even more difficult to shop for…and I would know, because I’m one of them. Despite the fact that I’m not picky, friends and family always insist I’m the hardest person to shop for.

However, over the years, I’ve begun to realize that it’s all about encouraging the creativity. Gifting actual supplies is always an option, but items that will help the creative mind will be much more meaningful. It takes into consideration who they are as a person, and what they’re all about.

With that said, here are four gift ideas for the crafty people in your life. This is coming from a DIY-obsessed-lady, so I promise the artist or crafter in your life will appreciate them – I know I would!

1. Supply Storage System (on sale for $20.99 – normally $34.99)

Crafty girls love their supplies…lots, and lots, and LOTS of supplies. You might already know all about their supply stash. Storage is an absolute must for crafters, which can range from desktop organizers to drawer carts.

This Store-In-Drawer Cabinet from has 30 transparent drawers for all those little bits (it would be great for a make up collection too! ~Tyna). Check your local craft store, Target, Ikea, The Container Store, for more storage possibilities.

2. Moleskine Classic Sketchbook ($12.98 at Amazon – normally $18.95)

A DIY maven can never have enough sketchbooks. Let her creativity go wild with a brand new sketchbook, ready for her project ideas.

Taking the time to find an extra nice sketchbook will make the gift that much more special. The Moleskine is a classic notebook that any creative mind would love.

These legendary notebooks have been carried by the best and most creative minds around the world for decades. Each Moleskine is made with top quality heavy paper and is created for on the go drawings and sketches.

3. Inspiration Cork Board (12.99)
Inspiration is a big thing when it comes to crafting. A cork board will give her a place to easily pin up everything that inspires her, from photographs to quotes to memorabilia.

To make this gift even more special, start her off by pinning on things that you think she’d be inspired by. You can even be inspired by her and decorate the board a bit. Both will add a nice personal touch!

4. Project Planner Notebook ($5.48)

Most DIY girls probably have an enormous list of projects they’re planning on making. Things can get a bit hectic when tackling several projects at a time, making organization and planning super important. A notebook designed specifically for projects can help your crafty friend organize and plan her thoughts. Project notebooks also typically have a space for dates, helping her keep track of any possible deadlines involved.

Hope this list helped you find a gift or stocking stuffer for the craft girl in your life. Happy Holidays!

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7 thoughts on “Crafty Girls Need Gifts Too – the we heart this gift guide”

  1. hao9703

    @kirstengail – Great run down! As someone who just rekindled their love for needlepoint, I would love the supply storage system. It would help me see what I have and house it in a central location. The large crate I am currently using is just not working out.

    1. Project planner notebooks are such life savers. It really helps to have everything all in one place! Also so useful for jotting down quick notes while surfing the web for inspiration and ideas :)

  2. mandaleem

    OMG, that storage… I don’t have tons of craft supplies (mostly just yarn and collage supplies; my sewing supplies are contained to my sewing table) but I get totally hot for storage solutions. I love the idea of the little drawers just the right size for bobbins. I also love project planner notebooks, I have a few for various aspects of my life (one for work, one for home, one for my independent business, etc) and they’re super helpful for keeping me organized and on track. Great round up @Kirstengail !

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