Craving something sweet? Indulge guilt-free with Cake Beauty!

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Who would not like a a little bit of cake everyday? I am not talking about cake the baked good. I am talking about a calorie and guilt free alternative from Cake Beauty. Your body and waist line will love this.

Heather Reier founded Cake Beauty in her and kitchen and followed the golden rule of baking: when you use the best ingredients you get the best results. All products from the Cake line contain high quality, natural ingredients which shows in their delectable fragrances and unique textures.

The wht review team recently had a chance to taste a few slices items from the Cake collection and I was thrilled to test the satin sugar hair and body refreshing powder for darker hues ($18). Available in three shades, this version is for red, black or brown hair and is a light cocoa color. Blondes will want to use the lighter hues version (also $18), and anyone can use the glistening version ($20), which uses light-relfecting minerals for shiny hair.

If you or your hair needs a mini vacation or you just want to save time – this is for you! You can protect your hair from the stress of washing, drying and styling. All you have to do is use a very small amount at the roots and comb through your hair. The excess oil is absorbed and your hair is refreshed – leaving it smelling like a sugar cookie with a hint of lemon. Interestingly, I was happy to see that the darker version did not leave any pigment behind on my skin, hair or scalp.

I first tried using this for the body after I set up for a trade show. I had the equivalent of a two-hour workout and did not have the time to take a full shower before I had to get back to my booth. I stepped into the bath tub, to minimize mess. Then, I lightly sprinkled it all over my body and gently rubbed it in my skin. I was left with a clean feeling. This is not a shower substitute but, it sure works great when you are short on time.

Time Saver
Good for sensitive skin
Natural ingredients derived from sustainable and renewable sources
Paraben free

Can be a bit messy if you use too much at once

I also tested the milk made velveteen hand creme ($18 – on sale now for $13.50). I confess my hands are my most neglected body part due to a lot of gardening, needle pointing, and lots of hand sanitizer in this cold season. This rich and silky hand crème is just what I needed for some hand recovery. It is packed with vitamins that healed my dry chapped cuticles and hands.

Absorbs quickly
Very soothing
Natural ingredients derived from sustainable and renewable sources
Paraben free

Rich Vanilla Scent may not be for everyone

A few members of the review team got a taste of the Cake Beauty line as well; check the comments for their thoughts on these little slices of goodness:

it’s a slice supreme body mouse – sounds like just the thing to keep your body hydrated when the temperature rises. This whipped, super light lotion ($22) scented with oranges and vanilla and is formulated with a nourishing trifecta of aloe vera, coconut oil and shea butter.

cake walk triplemint foot creme – perfect for getting feet into summer shape or for an at home pedicure this rich creme ($16) is “formulated to soothe, cool and nourish rough and tired feet while locking in moisture”. The invigorating scent of peppermint with a hint of spearmint will also revive and energize tired tootsies.

we heartsters – Would you have cake every day if you could? Live the dream with Cake Beauty!

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  1. I loved the foot cream! Very rich–not at all greasy–and the minty-ness is that of sweet dessert rather than a straight-from-extract type. I enjoy this scent and texture more than any other minty foot creams (and there are plenty)I’ve tried. I use it on my upper arms and elbows, too. This works better than doctor-reccommended drug store brands on those dry bits. I’m impressed!

    1. I love minty foot lotions (and use them all over my body when they’re really good). Getting an “I’m impressed” from @sherrishera is a sure sign I need to get the triplemint foot cream for this summer!

      And how intriguing is the glistening dry shampoo? I use dry shampoos all the time – love them for my fine, limp hair – but my one complaint is that they can dull the shine. Sounds like someone smart at Cake thought to fix that one little flaw!

  2. I didn’t get to try these, but I love dessert scented products. The dry shampoo and lotions sound delicious!

  3. I love the packaging of this line and it sounds wonderful!

  4. Sugar cookie scented dry shampoo?!? This sounds SO GOOD. I just bought my mom a dry shampoo to help her combat her oily hair that needs daily washing, but I think that she needs this one instead! Especially since if she doesn’t like it, then I can have it to use as a body shampoo! :-) (I have NEVER heard of that before either, I’m intrigued!!)

    I love dessert scented anything, thanks for putting this on my radar, @hao9703!

  5. Great review @hao9703 – This line sounds wonderful. I am particularly excited for the hair refresher for darker tones, which is hard to find! Definitely want to try it…

  6. Holly, this is a great review! And thanks for letting me try out the satin sugar powder for darker hues. I didn’t realize it could be used on my body too (oops, didn’t read the label closely?). I’m not sure that I would though–it could get rather messy.

    However, I LOVE it as a dry shampoo. It works great–I have a really oily scalp and I don’t always have time to wash/dry/style my long hair all over again. This stuff smells delicious but not overpowering (like a box of chocolate cake mix maybe?). It doesn’t leave any noticeable powdery look to my hair. The satin sugar just absorbs all of the oil. The price is average for a specialty dry shampoo (although a little high, given the number of drugstore dry shampoos out there these days). I still really like it though, because it performs so well. Four stars :)

  7. Mmmmm, I love products that are food scented!
    Color match hair powder is genius! Why has no one thought of this before?! I’m a dry shampoo idiot and I tend to look a little granny-ish if I’m not super careful, so having it come in a darker hue means I can use without paranoia. Perfect!

  8. I noticed Marshall’s & TJ Maxx have some Cake products right now. I was super intrigued by the dry shampoo powder stuff, but alas, they only had lighter shades :( I may have to take a longer look at the other products they had on their shelves…

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