Crème de la Mer lip balm and holiday ’09 gifts

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La Mer Lip Balm with lid off on a white backgroundOk, we’ll admit it-we’ve got a thing for Crème de la Mer. But I doubt anyone who’s tried the line doesn’t…

All the holiday gift talk we’ve been doing lately got me thinking, what are my dream gifts? The gifts that if money were no object, I would happily write upon my list. Preceded only by a Louis Vuitton Mahina and Fendi Armadillo Boots would be one of the new la Mer holiday collections.

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As expected, the collections are awe-worthy; their legendary and fabulous skin care treatments packaged in limited edition keepsake boxes. My personal favorite? The Connoisseur Collection. The lucky recipient of this will get the original Crème de la Mer (full size, 2 oz), their incredible Eye Concentrate (full size, .5 oz) and Lifting Face Serum (just less than half of full size, .3 oz). It’s pricey at $395, but a virtual steal compared to the other two items on my list!

Dream lists aside, I personally can’t afford this collection. Sadly, I don’t think too many people buying for me this year can either. If you can afford this; bless you, you should buy it, you lucky person! (And are you by any chance interested in adopting a blogger in her late 30’s?)

Want to give a gift of la Mer that you can afford? The Lip Balm is the answer. This InStyle “Best of Beauty” award-winning balm is everything you’d expect from la Mer. Get a potent concentration of the same Miracle Broth that is in their much pricier skin treatments, plus marine extracts, botanicals and vitamins for a mere $45! Now, I know $45 for a lip balm might seem like a lot. It is, but let me just tell you about this lip balm, which is hands down, the best lip balm I ever tried

Here’s the low down:
The formula – My lips felt instantly moisturized, dry skin banished. And not a surface fix either. Even after it wore off, my lips still felt smoother.
The texture – They call it an emulsion, and that feels accurate. You can feel it on your lips, like some kind of cushiony, lush veil.
The scent – To me, this smells like peppermint hot chocolate. It’s absolutely delicious! But not too sweet or overpowering.
The packaging – It’s in a wide, yet shallow pot, 1.75″ wide by only .5″ high. What does this mean? Well, germ-a-phobes won’t be happy because fingers are involved. Me personally, I don’t mind it. And because the pot is shallow, you’re not digging into it, all the product is right on the surface.

The final verdict? I absolutely love this and I think anyone would. I also think it’s a fabulous way to give someone a taste of the high life with a price tag that won’t break the bank. Can you imagine her face when she sees that la Mer box? And I can tell you, every time I pull this out of my purse and apply it, I feel pretty fancy. And isn’t that what you want a gift to do?

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  1. I can’t wait to see your lips after reading this! Sounds fantastic, and I KNOW how much you love to take care of your lips-they are very important! Gotta keep ’em in good condition, at all times, at all cost! I will go today and check this out at Bloomingdales!

  2. I, for one, would be thrilled to find a La Mer Balm in my stocking! If it’s anywhere near as good as the face and eye creams, I’ll soon be addicted. I have purchased one high end lip balm in the past (about $30) and one thing I can say is, it’s the type of balm you use up every last drop and NEVER lose.

    I can’t wait to see Stef so I can try this out!

  3. Sounds really amazing…as a lip balm addict, I bet if I stopped getting 10 dollar lip balms that disappoint and just went the whole hog with La Mer, I’d have some really happy lips :) I’ve tried their amazing Creme and it really lives up to the legend.. I need to save up for this!!

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