Current Crushes: Lipstick Queen Oxymoron, Sculpt Secret & My Beauty Bunny Moisturizer

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Here are the top three products that I’m crushing on this month…


I’ll admit, me and my oily skin are unbelievably finicky when it comes to moisturizer. If there’s a scent, it has to be natural and subtle. And if it’s not the perfect consistency; light, gel-like and quick to absorb; I snub it instantly. In other words, it has to be exactly like the My Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All Natural Moisturizer.


I am in love with this moisturizer! The oil free formula applies like a dream, yet packs a punch. There’s soothing aloe, toning witch hazel, moisturizing squalane from olives; 5% alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) from various fruits and sugar; plus three types of teas for their antioxidant properties. The light, herb-y grapefruit scent is just icing on the cake.


It’s the result of a collaboration between FutureDerm and one of our best blogging buds; Jen of My Beauty Bunny. And on behalf of my skin, I have to say thank you to all involved!

The best news of all? This is on sale for only $15.60 at FutureDerm. That’s less than half of its original price of $39. I don’t know how long a deal like that is going to stick around, so I’d hurry if I were you.



I tell you what, Poppy King is one clever lady, and deserving of her title as the Lipstick Queen. Oxymoron ($24) is just one of the products that makes me want to applaud. The concept and execution are brilliant. What’s an oxymoron? Something that is self-contradictory, like jumbo shrimp or a matte gloss.


And that’s exactly what this is (a matte gloss, not jumbo shrimp!) Oxymoron can be used on cheeks or lips and imparts matte color with all the ease of a gloss. Plus, they include shea butter, avocado and jojoba oils to add moisture; something usually never found with mattes.


The shade I tried, Open Secret, joins Minor Crisis, Deafening Silence and other cleverly named Oxymoron shades. The bright pink grapefruit shade also joins my purse as the perfect take-a-long product. It’s been my go-to all summer, especially for trips. But I don’t find myself putting it aside even as the temps drop.



In the past, I never really thought about my neck much. That was, until I started thinking about it nonstop. And that was the first time I saw my double chin in a side view photo. Oh, it was a rough day.


So when I was asked if I wanted to try Sculpt Secret, a product that said it could reduce the appearance of a double chin (and sagging skin in general) in as little as two weeks, how could I say no?

It contains a rare seaweed extract harvested from the Mediterranean Ocean at specific times of the year which is then combined with vitamins and minerals to promote drainage within skin cells. The delivery system? “CircuSpheres” – five chromium metal balls that gently massage Sculpt Secret into the skin. It’s directed to use twice a day, for 30 seconds each.

The gel feels cool on the skin, the massaging process is soothing, and damn if my neck doesn’t indeed look more firm since I’ve started using this! Check out their before and after photos (because I’m not quite ready to post pics of my double chin just yet…)


I will say, I don’t like that they don’t list the price on their site (not cheap, about $70 for 1 oz.) and that it can only be ordered through a 14-day free trial. Both just seem too infomercial-y. I really do see a difference with Sculpt Secret, so I wish they’d go in a more traditional sale route. Double chins everywhere can only hope.


we heartsters – what products are you currently crushing on?

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  1. Oh – this is a good current crushes! I’ve tested the My Beauty Bunny Moisturizer too – and have to agree with Stef – it’s pretty fabulous. It does a nice job of hydrating without making things oily, and absorbs nicely. I hope she makes an SPF version next!

    Love the look of the Lipstick Queen lip and cheek tint – I haven’t tried any of the Oxymoron compacts yet and this post has me wanting to run to a counter and play with them. And I hate to admit it, but the double chin aiding Sculpt Secret is sounding very tempting, but not keen on anything with a trial period. I hope they add more purchasing options soon.

  2. I’m going to have to check out the Lipstick Queen lip and cheek tint—I heart Lipstick Queen and their Saint Natural Lippie has been my bff this past summer.

    I’m currently crushing on my new NARS Bansar satin lip pencil–it’s a rose brown shade that’s a little more brown than rose and it’s so reminiscent of 90’s makeup that I love it. I’m also loving NARS Amsterdam pure matte lipstick, but mostly because I wore it 2 days in a row a week or so back and was complimented by total strangers—one of whom said I looked like Snow White from “Once Upon a Time” (totes not true, but I’ll take the compliment). Anything that gets compliments from strangers has my love.

    1. NARS satin lip pencils are amazing, aren’t they? And I totally see the Snow White reference. That stranger knew his/her stuff!

  3. I am dying for MY Beauty Bunny Cruelty Free All Natural Moisturizer! It sounds wonderful! These are good crushes if you ask me! I’d also love to try Sculpt Secret, cause I’ve got some sagging neck skin I am hating with all my heart!

  4. I’m mad crushing on the simplest thing – universal lip liner. It’s just so smart!

    1. It’s so true! I have one from IT Cosmetics that I reach for more than any other liner I own.

  5. You do not have a double chin! Lies! :)

    I swatch the Lipstick Queen oxymorons every time I am in Ulta! Someday I will actually buy one :)

    1. Emi – I adore you for saying this. Even if I don’t agree!

  6. Yay, just ordered some My Beauty Bunny, can’t wait to try it! I also realize I have completely ignored my neck for way too long and need to change that.

  7. The color on the cheek tint is so pretty. I just adore multipurpose products. I’ll have to give this a try.

  8. I have got to try Beauty Bunny. It sounds fantastic.

    Lipstick Queen is just insanely good at everything that they do. Oxymoron is no exception. The shades look insanely bright but are oh so flattering. They really wake the face up!

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