Current Crushes: Renee Rouleau Gentle Gel Cleanser, Christine Haircare, Mrs. Meyer’s Soy Candles

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As a beauty blogger, I have many, many (many!) products crowding my vanity, shower stall, bathroom sink and cupboards. And every once in a while, a true gem crosses my path. When it does, I’ll be sure to share it with you, the we heart this reader! Today, I’ve got three products that I am currently crushing on, and you should too.


• First up, the Renee Rouleau Gentle Gel Cleanser ($35.50). Sadly, I just emptied this bottle, so I’m craving for more. But, as I’ve mentioned in the past, when a beauty blogger uses a product until the very last drop – and then goes out and purchases it on her own – you know the product is a winner.


I’ll be ordering a new bottle of this amazing cleanser on my next payday. This scentless, gel cleanser does just a fabulous job of thoroughly cleaning my skin, getting deep into pores and even removing makeup without dryness or tightness. While it isn’t exactly foaming, it does produce a nice lather-y feel and rinses cleanly away. After washing with the Gentle Gel Cleanser my skin looks and feels clean, hydrated and smooth.


Formulated for “dry, sensitive and delicate skin” at first glance this isn’t the perfect match for my complexion (I fall into the combination/acne prone with sensitivity category). However, this cleanser worked well with my skin. Leaving my skin moisturized but shine-free, and never, ever causing a pimple to appear.


• Next up, is a newish item from my very favorite line of cleaning products (yes, people can love cleaning products!), Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. Did you know that this all natural line now makes CANDLES?


It’s true! Housed in a sweet little jelly jar, Mrs. Meyers has formulated a clean-burning, soy-based candle in four clean and crisp scents – Basil, Lavender, Lemon Verbena and Geranium. And just like her fabulous products, these scents are pure and natural with none of those artificial or synthetic smells.


The Scented Soy Candles ($9.99 each) are great to light up when you’ve finished cleaning to add an extra layer of “Hey, this a clean room!” scent to the area. As a fan of the geranium cleaners, I light up my matching Geranium Soy Candle at the end of cleaning to “reward” myself for a job well done.

Of course, they also work when you just want a nicely scented candle to fill a room with warmth and a glowing flame. I burn the Lavender Soy Candle at nights, curling up on the couch while watching television to help relax and rewind.


• Finally, I’m excited to introduce a new line of amazing haircare to our readers. For the last few weeks I’ve been loving my shower as I wash and condition with the Christine Shampoo and Reconstructive Conditioner by Van Thomas Concepts. This sulfate and paraben-free duo has made my morning shower a happier time.


Smelling fresh and clean, with a sort of citrusy floral scent, the Christine Shampoo “uses micro-lather technology for a more thorough cleanse.” Now I’m not sure what “micro-lather” means scientifically, but for my hair it means a rich, full lather that seems to get into the nooks and crannies of my hair, lifting out the dirt and grime.

Least you worry about stripping your hair, that’s not an issue with Christine. It’s a deep clean but without that squeakyness that you feel with shampoos that go a bit too far. Plus I’ve got the Christine Reconstructive Conditioner as a follow up. This conditioner makes my hair SO SOFT. As in, I noticed it the very first time while rinsing it out, how extra soft my hair felt soft.

Promising to “replenish the nutrients, proteins and oils vital to healthy, shiny hair” this conditioner does just that. With this duo ($45 for the set), my hair has been shinier, bouncier and just happier with continued use.

So wht readers – what beauty products have YOU been crushing on lately?

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  1. Oooh, these are all great crushes. I love the Mrs. Myers’ candles–at Christmas time, our local Target carries them in orange/clove and fir tree–so good. My current beauty crushes include: plain old turmeric powder (I’ve been doing a honey/turmeric mask and it’s making my skin very happy); Loreal’s Miss Manga mascara, and Too Faced’s Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Peony.

  2. WHAAAT?! Mrs. Meyers makes candles?! That’s awesome. :D Right now I’m crushing on the MAC Maleficent collection–especially the gorgeous red lip products!

  3. Yeah, those are some mighty fine products! I’m really looking close at the shampoo and conditioner, so thanks for the tip @tyna. Until now, I’ve never heard of this line – by Van Thomas Concepts.

  4. I have the Mrs. Meyer’s soy candle in lavender and I LOVE it. I’m surprised every time I light it at how much scent it gives off for such a little candle. And it’s such a nice lavender too. I’m super lavender fussy, anything that smells synthetic turns me off immediately. Mrs. Meyer’s is perfect (duh.)

    And I have to admit, every time I’m at @tyna‘s place – I sneak a bit of Christine Shampoo & Conditioner and Renee Rouleau Gentle Cleanser! But that’s what a BFF does, sneaks current crushes.

  5. I’m with @amity – the Mrs. Meyer’s holiday candles are THE balls! I bet Lemon Verbena would be an awesome candle for my kitchen *ponders*.

    Lately, I’ve been crushing on Fresh’s Sugar lip balm in Tulip–a sassy, sheer hot pink. I’m in love.

    The love fest continues with my Josie Maran Infinity creamy lip and cheek oils–I now have 3 of the available shades and all are pretty darn magical. They give the perfect amount of sheer color I like for summer.

    I’m also still in love with my NARS Kauai eye shadow duo–it’s a gorgeous, shimmery duo of golden khaki and violet–the perfect duo for my hazel peepers. I think I’m going to actually hit pan on this one.

    I have more crushes, but I’m going to leave it at 3 for now, lest you all think I have a problem. Which I kinda do :P lol

  6. I love Mrs. Meyers! A basil candle sounds lovely for the kitchen…I prefer the basil countertop cleaner scent in there. Maybe honeysuckle for the bathroom? I can’t wait to get me some of these!

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