d.j.v beautenizer Volume Lash Mascara review

d.j.v beautenizer Volume Lash Mascara review

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Lashes so big – you’ll see the difference!

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The Emperor’s New Clothes is one of my favorite fairy tales. In it, a pompous emperor hires tailors to make him a new suit. The tailors convince the emperor that they made the clothing from thread so fine, only the most discerning eye can see it. As a result, the emperor goes out in public stark naked, yet all of his underlings rave about how beautiful his suit is.

To me, high-end mascaras are so often like The Emperor’s New Clothes; after all the accolades, I use one and say to myself, hey, there’s nothing here! Think about it, when was the last time you thought, “This mascara is worth every penny!” instead of feeling a little alternatived by the hype?

If this is your concern, fear not when it comes to d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash Mascara, a product that claims to need just one stroke to create plump, long, smudge free lashes…and does just that!

Closer look of d.j.v beautenizer Volume Lash Mascara

Created by Imju, one of Japan’s most cutting-edge cosmetic companies (widely renowned for its Fiberwig mascara), d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash mascara is surprisingly different; to quote the company, “like lash extensions in a tube.”

The first time I used Volume Lash, I was sold. As promised, one stroke on each section of my lashes gave me long, glossy black lashes. But of course one stroke was not enough to satisfy my curiosity, and I was able to build a set of lashes that would make even the most jaded beauty junkie take notice.

To add extra impact to your lashes, d.j.v. beautenizer recommends using a curler at the base of the lashes after the mascara is applied. One little crimp and I couldn’t stop staring at myself. It really did look like I was wearing false lashes.

d.j.v beautenizer Volume Lash Mascara

Even multiple coats of d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash Mascara dried quickly when applying and did not smudge or flake through out the day. And although I want my mascara to last, when it’s time to take it off, I don’t want to jump through hoops. At removal time, d.j.v. beautenizer’s Volume Lash defies logic in the most wonderful way, washing off with a compress of warm water alone.

Just a few swipes achieve what multiple coats of other mascaras does.
A little building results in fuller, more glamorous lashes than I’ve ever accomplished without resorting to “falsies”.
Slim brush is easy to maneuver to get every last lash.
Does not irritate my sensitive eyes.
Dries quickly – very little flaking or smudging.
Removes easily with warm water.

A little pricey at $24 a tube.

I had to think long and hard to come up with that con, because even the price won’t keep me from d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash when it can give me lashes like these!

we heartsters – have you tossed your falsies in lieu of d.j.v beautenizer’s Volume Lash Mascara?

Get d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash Mascara at Sephora!

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16 thoughts on “d.j.v beautenizer Volume Lash Mascara review”

  1. I’ve never been dissatisfied with the products from djv before.. I am happy to hear that the latest product is also great. I will hit Sephora this afternoon and will check this out. Thanks for the great post, sweet Melissa!

    1. Thanks, @irene . Can’t wait to hear what you think (but I already know you’re going to love it).

      In the time since I wrote this post, I finished my tube, went right to Sephora to buy another, and didn’t blink at the price. For me, d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash is everything a mascara should be. 5 stars.

  2. I was lucky enough to receive a tube of the d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash and I wholeheartedly agree with Melissa!
    The mascara was glossy, jet black and went on like a dream.
    Finding the perfect mascara (if there is such a thing?) is a lifelong quest, but I think the d.j.v brand has stopped my search, if only for a time…

  3. It is a little pricey, but if its as good as it sounds it might be worth it. I have very thin eyelashes so I need a lot of help in the mascara department.

  4. I got to test d.j.v.’s Volume Lash and I love it. The wand is a nice shape and the bristles are fairly sparse but still soft, so it does double-duty by acting like comb brush and standard ward. Being able to build up my lashes was great, but my favorite part was the easy clean-up! 5 stars from me, this is definitely up there with my other stand-out mascaras!

  5. I also tested d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash mascara and I’m feeling a little “eh” about it. While It did give me full lashes I had trouble with clumping. After two coats I tended to have a few clumps and when brushing the mascara seemed to just flake/pull off. Not enough to toss the tube, but enough to be a little annoying. Also, the level of volume wasn’t much more than I can get with my favorite drug store brand for $14 less.
    I’m a fan, but I can justify the price. I give d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash 3 stars overall, points off for price and application. Oh well!

  6. When I first received this for testing, I kind of blew it off, because I thought the tube was a little flimsy and the brush was just run of the mill, unlike many of the new-fangled fancy brushes we’ve been testing. On second glance, I realized how wrong I was! There’s a reason companies make thin brushes like this-because they work! The brush easily gets to all my tiny corner lashes, unlike the thicker, hourglass shaped brushes so popular now. The formula is a little thick and I do sometimes get clumping, but with a few swipes of the brush, that is solved. And it leaves glossy, jet black, long, voluminous lashes. I’m really impressed overall with this. My lashes look great when I use it. Since there is some clumping to start I should take a star off, and the container does still seem flimsy to me for the price ( mine seems like it could separate at any time, but hasn’t yet). So I guess I have to go four stars, but with minimal effort my lashes look like five!

  7. Love the Emperor’s New Clothes reference Melissa! :)
    You are so right, I have bought countless mascaras only to be greatly disappointed. As someone with skimpy eyelashes I am constantly on the search for great mascaras and this one sounds worth trying!

    1. Yes, it does come off in clumps, but that didn’t bother me because removal was so easy.

      For the girls who found this mascara to be clumpy: the only clumping I encountered while applying it happened when I let it dry between coats. It dries fast, so I found that I needed to work quickly if I wanted to build my lashes beyond one coat (which of course I always did!).

  8. I own this product and I do like it! I don’t use it everyday, but mostly for when I know for a fact that I’m going to have a potentially eye makeup smudgy day i.e. going to the beach (umm yes, I wear mascara to the beach). It does what it claims, although you have to be careful if you’re one of those people who likes to wiggle the mascara wand through the lashes. I believe it’s meant for straight brushing. Great stuff though! No smudges!

    1. oh! i’m going to give this 4 stars. I usually don’t like to pay more than $10 for mascara and this doesn’t totally give me the effect that CG LashBlast does, but it surely works and stays on forever. I just don’t think I need it too often for an everyday mascara.

  9. I think I need to raise my rating to five stars…my mom just leaned over and asked me if I got new lashes! And I’m only wearing one coat of djv! She wants to go out and buy this tomorrow!

  10. djv volume lash is pretty amazing! It really does create a dramatic false lash look without a lot of fuss! I experienced virtually no irritation or smudging. It applies like a dream. I too, doubted that weird little brush. How wrong I was! This is a great mascara but I hate paying so much for the stuff so 4 stars from me!

  11. I was able to test the djv volume lash mascara! I’m not a big mascara kind of girl (tends to irritate my contacts. Bummer!) but when I do use this, it does hold up pretty well. I agree with everyone though, I’m not sure I’d pay $24 for mascara, but a lot of that has to do with me not using mascara often. If it was a go-to makeup item, then it’d be different. 4 stars from me!

  12. Alright ladies, it took me a while to get to this one, because, honestly, I did not have a good experience with this stuff. I had clumps clumps clumps. I felt like my lashes weighed a ton, and I felt like it was really hard to wash off. After reading this and everyone else’s good experiences I pulled this out again to give it another go. I’m still not that impressed. The only way I could get this to work for me was to only apply it to the tips of my lashes, for days when I’m doing a more natural look. I did really like how dark and shiny the finish was once it dried, and I think this would work great for someone who has thinner/less eyelashes. Mine are a little short but pretty thick. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to recommend this based on my own impressions, but seeing that it has worked great for others I wouldn’t rule it out if a friend were to ask me about it. I’ll give it 2 stars out of five for my personal experience, 1 for the shiny look and another for the fact that it didn’t irritate my eyes when I was washing my face.

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