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You may be careful about what goes into and onto your body – from food to lotions to mascara – but did you get the memo about candles? Soy wax is the way forward, Green Monday peeps. Oh yes, because, unlike ordinary paraffin wax (from which candles are traditionally made), it doesn’t produce soot or increase carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere when it burns. Oh, and soy candles burn longer, too. (Beeswax has similar properties but is more expensive than soy wax, so ‘natural’ candles tend to be made from the latter).

Winter is the perfect time of year to cozy up to a candle (don’t get too close, mind!), so we were delighted when we received a package of green goodies from Dani Natural Products, the Oregon-based eco-friendly bath and body company, that included soy wax candles!

The simple labeling across the range could use an update, but, as I’ve said before, at least this means the emphasis is placed on the products themselves. That said, a candle, ideally, is designed to be on display even when it’s not in use – and this is where imo, Dani falters slightly, with its stark black lettering. But if we’re talking about functionality, I was definitely impressed with the items I tested from Dani Natural Products. Our review team had the chance to check out three items from this earth friendly bath and body specialist:

First up, the Dani Soy Wax Candles created with 100% soy wax rich with proprietary essential oils for pure scents. All Dani candles are made with non-toxic, pure food-grade ingredients, containing no genetically modified materials. They are also free of paraffin, petroleum, pesticides and herbicides.

I received the candle in linen, which I burned over the course of several long evenings (the total burn time is a generous 60 hours). It actually smelled as it was supposed to – according to the blurb, it’s ‘clean, crisp and fresh. This classic scent is like a basket of clean laundry.’ It was gentle rather than overpowering, but discernible.

Next up, Dani’s Organic Lotion, which like all of Dani items, is made from 100% vegetable oil bases; as well as certified organic ingredients and botanicals. Available in five yummy scents (including grapefruit ginger, mmm -wht), I tested the lotion in plum flower (a native plant of the Northwest) and felt it had a strong, long-lasting fragrance. It was quite sweet yet fruity, and reminiscent of The Body Shop’s Dewberry range (I was a fan in the 1980s – yes, I’m that old!).

Again, all the ingredients are natural, with not a hint of anything synthetic. The lotion absorbed quickly and easily into the skin, and moisturized it well. I got into the habit of rubbing it into my parched soles every night as I lay in bed, and within a few days I noticed a difference.

Members of the wht team also checked out the Organic Bath Bars made from Certified Organic Ingredients. These little pieces of joy are an everyday luxury (share it with others at the guest bathroom sink or keep it all for yourself and use during your morning shower) and are available in 5 pure scents, like lemongrass lavender. They’re also a complete steal at only $4 a pop!

As for the candle and lotion? At $16 for the candle and $14 for the full-size (8oz) body lotion, they’re a pretty good value for money. I believe Dani Natural Products rate four stars. If it weren’t for the rather simple packaging, I’d give them five.

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  1. I received the Pear Hand Lotion to test and let me just say that I’m really impressed with this all-natural product. The packaging is nice and simple, which I prefer because it’s not gimmicky–the label is a basic white with Bartlett pear green trim and a print of a pear tree branch. My only complaint on the packaging is that I wish the hand lotion came in a tube because the term “lotion” is deceiving—this is the richest, creamiest hand lotion I’ve ever seen.
    The scent is a really tart, juicy pear that is refreshing and not cloying like some other hand creams I’ve used in the past. The ingredient list reads like a “who’s who” of goodness: aloe vera leaf juice, glycerin, shea butter, mango butter…I actually could identify most of the ingredients on the label, which as most of you know is so rare!
    I tend to use my hand cream at night because I feel it absorbs better and I know I’ll go at least 6-8 hours where I won’t be washing my hands and the cream can really do its job. The lotion absorbed quickly and I could almost feel it forming a barrier between my skin and the dry heat of my bedroom. My hands felt softer when I woke up and looked less Crypt Keeper-like, so that’s always a plus. I could see a really noticeable difference in my hands after a week and keep in mind—I was using a hand cream nightly before I started using this! I think I’m going to have to look into their other Pear fragranced items b/c I’m a little addicted now :)

  2. I got to try the lemongrass lavender soap. It’s a bar soap which I’m not a big fan of, because I don’t have a soap dish and I get a big filmy mess on my counter.

    On the other hand I do like that this bar soap is all natural. I love that they don’t use any synthetic products.

    The scent is amazing! Fresh and summery which is perfect for me with this cold snowy weather. I have been using this in my kitchen but I think I’m going to take it to my bathroom so that I’m the only one that gets to use it.

    The price is great too. We have a local soap here that i have been using but it’s twice the price, and Dani is just as good. 5 stars from me.

  3. Since I’m a total candle addict, I immediately wanted to test out a Dani Candle! I went with the zante currant scent, which has been a super popular scent the last few years and has been a favorite of mine. I must say, Dani gets the smell exactly right! As a matter of fact, this exact Dani scent won Candle of the Year in 2004. How can I get invited to that Awards Ceremony!?

    Zante currant is a lovely mixture that’s a little spicy, a little tangy bright and a little fruity sweet. Mt candle spreads the aroma around the room evenly and burns super clean. I also like that the scent is strong enough to lightly scent the air near the coffee table where it resides, but it’s not too strong in any way. Also, since the candle is all natural, I never have any irritation or headaches from the scent (lots of synthetic candles bother my eyes and give me headaches).

    I like the simple glass jar of this candle and the white candle (as opposed to the dyed reds of most currant scents). I have this yummy candle grouped with two other high-end candles (Space NK and Henri Bendal) and they all look basically the same and interchangeable (well the Space NK candle has a crooked sticker). However, it is the Dani candle that I’ve been lighting night after night. I didn’t have any issues with the basic packaging – and I will always give props to companies that package their goods in boxes made from 100% recycled materials and that print with soy ink (as claimed on the box my candle came in).

    My only gripe is that the candle is slightly smaller than others in the size range. I wish the jar were a bit larger. However, for the price and quality, plus the fantastic scent I’m giving the Dani Soy Candle in zante currant 4 stars.
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Free cheery little calendar – Thanks Mibo! =-.

  4. Oooh, that Linen candle sounds wonderful. There is another candlemaker (who shall remain nameless) that makes “clean linen” type scents and when those babies get burning, the fragrance is strong enough to singe nostrils. Total headache time. A soft linen scent just sounds so lovely…

  5. I received a bar of Grapefruit Ginger soap to review, which just sounded like the most lovely combo to me. And while I thought the packaging was fine (simple, clean, nothing too fancy), it really didn’t smell enough for the likes of me. I like heavily scented stuff. The bar smelled somewhat, but the lather wasn’t really too sniff-a-licous and it left no scent on my skin.

    On the positive side, it was super gentle. And I would imagine there are LOTS of people out there who like mildly scented items (like those with sensitive skin). But for me, this was a miss.

    Though the candle I smelled burning at Tyna’s house? Absolutely lovely.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..e.l.f. smudge brush – the best $3 you’ll ever spend! =-.

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