Daphne Guinness for MAC – review, photos & swatches

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Daphne Guinness for MAC Collectionphotos: we heart this

Call Daphne Guinness what you will; fashion icon, haute heiress, odd duck. But there’s one thing everyone can agree upon – she is truly an original. Often seen with skunk striped hair wearing armor-influenced couture and gravity defying shoes, she’s a bit of a enigma but undeniably, the epitome of cool. As is her new limited edition MAC collection. Not only in tone but in the eclectic influences for the line: the whispered luxury of an antique Chinese porcelain vase, pigeon’s blood rubies, how the intricate wings of a butterfly resemble the images of deepest space.

MAC Pigments with two different shades inside two bottles Nebula, Circa Plum

My favorite products of the launch are the Pigments. While it’s true that loose powder takes extra work (lots of taping and mess making), it’s very well worth it. You can sheer them out, layer them for intensity or use with water or a mixer for a liquid liner. Best of all, the pigment just can’t be stopped!

MAC Pigments SwatchesNebula, wet and dry

Nebula is an intensely dark taupe that leans more to the grey side than the brown side. (Oh taupe, you’re a mystery wrapped in a riddle, and how I love you so). It has the slightest plum sheen to it and tons of dazzling pearl shimmer.

MAC Pigment SwatchedCirca Plum, dry and wet

Circa Plum is a dusty pinky lavender with silver shimmer. Like Nebula, it has a frost finish.

MAC Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre in a light-colored backgroundAzalea Blossom Blush Ombre

Another stand out is the Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre. It’s a pearl finished cool, light pink that gradiates to lilac. Thanks to the large pan, you really can wear these separately if you choose. The color is very pigmented and the powder is soft and finely milled. Just beautiful all around!

A hand with a red nail polish holding Azalea Blossom Blush OmbreAzalea Blossom in the sun, where you can really see the pearly sheen

Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre Swatchespink alone, lilac alone and the two mixed

MAC Nail Lacquers collectionHyperion, Blueblood, Endless Night

I liked the range of shades in the Nail Lacquers of this launch, three completely different colors that all make sense. In fact, I think they’re the best representation of what Daphne was going for with the entire collection. To me, I see what looks like a color palette taken directly from a distinctly European portrait. Antique, but entirely new at the same time. I don’t know, am I crazy or can you see what I mean?

A hand with a purple creme nail polish holding a nail lacquer blueblood shadeBlueblood

Blueblood is a dark purple creme. A gorgeous shade, but if you picked up Purple Majesty from MAC Me Over, you can skip this (they’re nearly identical, see below). But if you didn’t, grab this quick. It’s vampy perfection.

A hand holding two different nail lacquer shadesPurple Majesty left, Blueblood right

A hand with an egg blue nail polish holding a nail lacquer hyperion shadeHyperion

Hyperion is a pale robin’s egg blue. The formula is a bit streaky, which for me means I end up applying too much and it ends up looking a bit thick.

A hand with a nude fine pink nail polish holding a nail lacquer endless night shadeEndless Night

Endless Night is a beautiful chameleon of a shade. It’s a nude base with a fine pink shimmery sheen. It’s not quite nude, grey or lavender – but a bit of all three!

A hand holding a Interior Life paletteInterior Life Quad

Let’s get the disappointing product out of the way, shall we? While the Interior Life palette is beautiful to look at, I was really only pleased with one of the shades.

Stratus is a matte bubblegum lilac pink. I got decent color payoff with this but only with multiple layers (you can see in the swatch it’s a bit thick). I had problems with Bruised Sky, a satin finish dusty plum. The pigment was lacking and no matter how many layers I applied, I couldn’t get an even application. The star of this palette is the name sake, Interior Life. It has a veluxe pearl finish and is a blue based medium grey with a slightly plum tone. It applies even darker than what you see in the pan and has a buttery feel and amazing pigment. Heather Belles is a charcoal black with a satin finish. It’s chalky and provides spotty pigment, at best.

Interior Life palette SwatchesStratus, Bruised Sky, Interior Life, Heather Belles

Pro Longwear Lipcremes collectionApproaching Storm, Red Dwarf, Warped Speed

Happily, the Pro Longwear Lipcremes provided the pigment that the shadows lacked. MAC promises 12 hours of wear on these, and while I can’t attest to that, I can say that they stained my arms after swatching them! They’re creamy and non drying, especially for an extended wear product. A really great formula.

Pro Longwear Lipcremes Swatches Red Dwarf, Approaching Storm, Warped Speed

Red Dwarf is a deep berry creme. Approaching Storm is a brick red creme. It reminds me of a more opaque version of Full Body, one my favorite LE MAC lipsticks. Warped Speed is a silver shimmer. (Is it just me or have there been a lot of MAC silvers this year?)

Two Cremesheen Glass with two different shadesNarcissus, Japanese Spring

I like the formula of Cremesheen Glass a lot. They’re a creamy and non sticky, with the same vanilla scent as Lipglass.

Cremesheen Glass SwatchesJapanese Spring, Narcissus

Both of these shades look like they could have been pulled from Quite Cute. Japanese Spring seems to be the same bubblegum pink lilac that is in the Azalea Blossom Blush and Interior Life quad. It has a creamy, milky finish and is rather sheer. Narcissus is a beautiful magenta purple that I was convinced my warm toned skin couldn’t pull off, but could! It’s creamy, opaque and all around lovely.

Here is the complete shade list of the launch…

Aurora – Pinked taupe (frost)
Circa Plum – Frosty dirty mid-tone lavender (frost)
Nebula – Dark greyed brown with pearl (frost)
$20 U.S./$24 CDN

Pro Longwear Lipcreme
Warp Speed – Light silver
Red Dwarf – Blue-pink
Seasoned Plum – Mid-tone lavender
Approaching Storm – Deep rose
$17 U.S./$20 CDN

Cremesheen Glass
Borealis – Pale grey pink with iridescent pearl
Japanese Spring – Pale dirty pink
Narcissus – Dirty eggplant
Richly Revered – Deep brown plum
$18.50 U.S./$22 CDN

Powerpoint Eye Pencil
Engraved – Rich black
Grey Utility – Uniform grey
$15 U.S./$18 CDN

Eye Brows
Fling – Light taupe ash blonde
Stud – Deep rich blackened brown
$15 U.S./$18 CDN

Eye Shadow X4, Interior Life Quad
Stratus – Light pink (matte)
Interior Life – Mid-tone grey blue (veluxe pearl)
Bruised Sky – Dark lavender-y grey (satin)
Heather Belles – Dark charcoal/carbon (satin)
$38 U.S./$45 CDN

Blush Ombre
Azalea Blossom – Light cool pink Vintage Grape Mid-tone violet pink
$26 U.S./$31 CDN

Nail Lacquer
Hyperion – Light grey blue green (crème)
Endless Night – Pale grey pink with iridescent pearl (frost)
Blueblood – Deep eggplant (crème)
$15 U.S./$18 CDN

How about it readers, what here speaks to the heiress in you?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. There are things I really like about this collection, like the Ombre blush, but I feel overall the colors are too weak for me. Being pale I don’t think the blush would look good on me. I feel like more could have been done for someone as creatively styled as Daphne. More duochrome colors and a little more shimmer or glitter.

  2. Hmm, I probably don’t have the patience for the pigment, and the shadow quad sounds disappointing. But all of the lip, cheek and nail shades appeal to me, so I’ll be checking them out for sure.

  3. I have the weakest nails ever! And I can say that MAC is the only nail lacquers are the only ones that not only stays for a whole weeks but also strengthen my nails! Totally recommend it!

  4. What is up with MAC’s awful quads?? My hubby got me the Evil Eye palette and it takes so much work to get any color payoff. This is why Inglot’s my new fave!!

    1. I love MAC, but I never look at their pre-made quads. I just buy the single eyeshadow pans and put them in a MAC 15 pan palette instead.

  5. @stef, I like the looks of the pigments too. I’m not an artist by any means, but I know I’d have tons of fun playing with these.. Japanese Spring has my number! I also like the nail shades- they are eye catchers! I’m glad to hear that the products seems to strengthen Anna’s nails.. I have weak nails too.. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. Wow those influences are pretty intense! :) I’m feeling this collection. The nail polishes are gorgeous (individually and together as a set). Hyperion is so up my alley, but I’m sorry to hear you had issues with streaking. I don’t think I’m the right skin tone for the ombre blush, but it was a hit during its original release so it’s cool to see it back out!

  7. The Nebula pigment is really pretty, but I’m not into pigments (last night I spilled pigment all into my makeup bag. Not fun to clean up). I like to wear all sorts of colors, but personally I feel that this collection is much too cool for my skintone. Maybe it’s because it seems like all cool colors, and all together it’s a bit daunting for me.

  8. I just saw this collection this weekend at Macys and I was hoping I would see a WHT review soon. I love the nail colors, of course, and almost picked up the light blue. After seeing the swatching I’m thinking I might have to go back for the Narcissus cremesheen. Its almost the same color as my hair right now! Red Dwarf is looking interesting as well, looks like an easy to wear red. Sadly non of the powders are catching my attention, they feel like beautiful neutral bases, which I just can’t bring myself to spend more money on right now.

  9. Just saw this in person.. Most of the line is really pretty. I liked the lipglass, Narcissus and Japanese Spring are sooo shiny on and smell great too! Was not impressed with Warped Speed lipcream. Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre actually was very pretty on.. You can use a big brush and see how much you want to put on.. It’s suprisingly beautiful on. The Pigments were super cool. One of them (Nebula)was so cool it wound up all over my arm! It has a unique color I fell in love with! Very cool and Fun, so go check them out!

  10. That blush looks so pretty in the pan… I’m tempted to break the bank for it…Although I’m not much of a blush wearer. I’m also tempted by the lipsticks, I’m on the hunt for a perfect long wear lip color and so far L’Oreal is in the lead, but these aren’t that much more expensive if they truly last.

  11. Narcissus is gorgeous! I love purples and berries! And both of the pigments are beautiful! Who wouldn’t love a plum and a taupe? Perfection!

  12. I’m SUCH a sucker for ombré blushes, and this one is beautiful! Ms. Guinness is such a fantastic beauty, and while I would have expected something a little wilder from her I love the simplicity of this collection and can see how it fits her vision perfectly. And Narcissus? Mine. Now. MAC, here I come!

  13. snapdragonz08 says:

    Ohhhhhhh Stef, you might just convert me yet! I’ve never been much of a girly girl, but the way you write about the shades of MAC…..


  14. I love this collection. So wearable and pretty. The ombre blush is divine and the pigments look great wet and dry! I don’t know where to start, but I will start collecting this collection asap!

  15. I am now wanting a lipstick called “Red Dwarf”…as if my husband doesn’t have enough reason to mock the shade names of the cosmetics I wear… :)

  16. I now am the proud owner of Red Dwarf! It is THE BEST LIPSTICK EVER. It’s definitely my new favorite. It’s more of a muted berry shade than an actual red and would be flattering on pretty much everybody. You can put it on lightly for a touch of color, or put on a heavy coating for a a touch of retro glamour. Best thing about this? It actually stays put! I can go the better part of a day without needing to reapply this. Once you put it on, it wears like a stain and only gradually wears off as you eat & drink. I am in love. I want to stock up on this now :)

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