Davines De Stress Yogurt Shampoo & Conditioner

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Relax. Breathe. The clean, refreshing scent of a grassy field awaits you. Carefree. No stress. Allow yourself a few minutes vacation, a chance to experience invigorating revitalization, and all within the comfort of your shower. Soothe that stressed scalp. (I bet you didn’t even realize your scalp was stressed-out, huh?) The best description I have for the Davines Well Being De Stress Muesli Yogurt Natural Tech Shampoo and Creme Conditioner combo is it’s like your scalp is running through that green grassy field, carefree and happy.

Ok, scalp fantasies aside, I LOVE these hair care products. The Natural Tech line from Davines was created with the intent of curing common hair and scalp conditions (such as stress) with natural remedies loaded into the hair products. This merging of nature and science, an aromotherapy/biotechnology combination provides a fantastic experience for most any hair type. As promised, I found this line treats your scalp as well as your hair, which is a welcome change in my routine. I can literally feel the calendula extract soothing my scalp.

These products are packed full of other nutrients and minerals as well. And, I know you were wondering about the muesli in the De Stress Muesli & Yogurt Shampoo ($17). Well, muesli has wheat proteins and hop extract, and they provide fertile ground for healthy hair to grow.

I must admit, I am having a slight love affair with the De Stress Yogurt Conditioner ($19). My preoccupation is a bit abnormal, I’m sure. I may have conditioned my hair twice the first night I tried these products. And then I may have “accidently” put face wash in my hair, which forced me to do the whole wash/condition process again. (Rinse and repeat three times, isn’t that the rule?) I know I should never use that much product at once but it is just so creamy and smooth. I love the fresh scent and yogurt texture.

*Cups hand to ear* Oh, do I hear someone asking how long this fantastic scent lasts?

Good question! You will be pleased to know that you may find yourself unable to stop sniffing your refreshed strands for hours afterwards (try to keep it to a minimum in public, okay?). Yep, you are looking at one satisfied reviewer- with healthy, bouncy curls to prove it!

Did I mention that the shampoo and conditioner totally deliver on their promises and still manage to attain the ideal of ‘sustainable beauty?’ The company strives for a harmonious balance between nature, science, people and products. In my opinion, that balance has been achieved. If you’re looking for more, Stef wrote a great piece about the earth friendly practices of Davines earlier for wht.

There’s lots more exploring to do, as the shampoo and conditioner are just a tiny fraction of the long list of fantastic products from Davines. You’ll probably want to check out their styling products as well – you know I have! Might I suggest the Defining System Shaping Gel ($28)? This versatile styling gel contains both setting agents and hydrating substances that work together to shape and control hair while preserving moisture and sealing split ends. This non greasy gel, enriched with vegetable – cellulose polymers for super shiny hair, can also be used as a setting lotion. It’s just one item from the Davines Defining System line which boasts 16 hair styling aids and finishing products all enriched with natural nutrients and promising shape and control.

All in all, I recommend the entire Davines line to hair care product junkies – you will be thrilled with the vast selection for every hair type while being assured of a quality product no matter what you choose.

Check out the entire line at Davines.com.

Please check the comments for the we heart this review team’s thoughts and experiences with the Davines De Stress Yogurt Shampoo & Conditioner and the Defining System Shaping Gel.

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  1. I tried the shampoo and conditioner and was pleased with both. My scalp needs major de-stressing thanks to a mild-yet-irritating scalp condition, and had hoped for miracles. Unfortunately, no miracle obtained.
    Both shampoo and conditioner do, however, smell nice (I thought more like a banana yogurt parfait than green grassy fields, personally) and left my hair soft and shiny. The conditioner is super light which should be good for my fine, oily hair. But, for me, the conditioner is a little too light. My hair is long and I need something richer for my fried ends–and to act as an overall detangler. In the end, I used this conditioner close to my scalp, and I used a richer conditioner on my ends.
    Most people should love this duo. Unfortunately, I have issues with my scalp, my hair texture and its oiliness, all of which make me necessarily particular with my shampoos. Davines De Stress Yougurt Shampoo and Conditioner I like, but don’t love. And for me that’s saying a lot. 4 stars.

  2. The DeStress shampoo and conditioner had me at first sniff. It’s really light, yet fragrant. And, didn’t smell like anything edible or flowers, and I found that really refreshing (both literally and figuratively!) I think Katie’s grassy description is spot on. And the scent does stay with you too.

    Now, my scalp is fine. I’ve never felt like it needed any destressing. But I did think the set felt really soothing. Really gentle, yet my hair felt super clean afterwards. I agree with Sherri, I did feel like my ends needed a bit more conditioning. But as a daily shampoo and conditioner (with a deep conditioning product used once or twice a week), my hair is really happy with this. Plus, because it is lighter, my hair seems to have a bit more volume.

    I kind of knew I was going to love the shamp and conditioner (I loved the LOVE set when I had a chance to try that, so I knew this was a good line. Oh, if you need a more deep conditioning, try that. Click HERE for my review.) But the surprise for me was the Defining Gel. The word Gel was throwing me off. Flashbacks to every hard-haired guy I ever dated back in the day, and to scooping my hands into a big vat of Dippity Do! But it’s really more of styling serum. No crunch, just softly held definition and sleeker ends. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. It’s pricey, but the bottle is huge and you only need a tiny bit.

    These products get a solid 4 stars from me. If they made a deep conditioner, it would be 5.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel review =-.

  3. I am really liking the sound of this line. I have a stressed scalp – even now! I will give it a shot.. I currently use Aveda’s Scalp remedy/treatment.. always looking for others to help to the trick. Great post! Thanks!

  4. This sounds so yummy! I don’t give much thought to my scalp (I’m too busy fighting with my curly, unruly hair) but I bet mine could use some TLC! I’ll have to add this to my “get a hold of soon” list. (Which is growing daily…)

  5. I have wondered about Davines products…I read about them all the time in my Glamour and Marie Claire. I’ve heard the Davines for Wizards styling products are amazing, so the only thing holding me back at this point has been the price. I may have to give their shampoo a try after my Fekkai is out, because my scalp does get really dry in the winter, and from blow drying and straightening all the time!

  6. I tried the Defining System Shaping Gel – and I know what you mean, Stef – I had 80’s flashbacks, too – Dippity Doo for ballet recitals, the boys with Brill Cream or w/e it was! And I agree, it was surprisingly not the gel we (getting) oldies are used to! Maybe they need to change the name from gel…or is this coming back in and we are on the cutting edge here at WHT?! Anyways, I used it in a few different ways and was impressed with all results. The way it worked the best was when I wore my hair in my quick and easy 5 minute up-do. I put a small amount all through my wet hair, combed through and then scrunched (there’s another 80’s word for you!) some soft curls. Then I just twist it all in a pile on top and clip it. I wasn’t even expecting the gel to work so well with this (usually I use a curling lotion), but it went up quickly and easily – had more body in the look than I’m used to, dried into soft and pretty curls – not hard and wet looking – and stayed all day without hairspray! Since this is my go-too look for quick mornings, the $27 price tag is worth it to me for this – it made the look even quicker, easier, and prettier. It smells really nice too – light and fresh.

    I also used it as a styling agent when I blew my hair dry and flat-ironed it – I don’t think that’s what they intended it for, but it worked quite well. The hair held the layers separately pretty well. It did feel a little heavier, but held the style more in place all day. It also helped a bit at holding down fly-away hairs.

    This also helps to keep fly-away pieces tames when just putting hair in a pony tail, too.

    Overall, I am very happy with this product and don’t mind the price at all for my favorite style. 5 stars!

  7. This sounds like a great product. My scalp gets pretty itchy (not in a gross way) during the winter. I bet this might help it feel better.

  8. I had such a great laugh picturing myself secretly sniffing my hair at every opportunity! These products sound great. I’ve put them on my growing (thanks to wht) “must try” list!

  9. Erin- I LOVE Fekkai. I can honestly say that the quality of these is equivalent to Fekkai. What kind of Fekkai do you use? I’ve been through them all…so I could give you a comparison.

    I am sooo into this conditioner! Even though some of you need more condition, I love the gel-like texture. It is perfect for my curls to not be weighted down but still be conditioned.

    I’m glad some of you like the gel, because it didn’t work for me. It had a bit of stiffness that I just can’t handle! I need to be shiny and smooth without anyone knowing I used product. :)

  10. I’m not a full time reviewer, but I did get the Destress Shampoo and Conditioner as well as a gel (thank you Tyna and Stef!) so I’ll share my harrowing experience.

    Note: Everyone has different preferences, allergies, hair types and skin types, so you may not experience the kind of reaction I’m about to describe. This is probably considered an extreme reaction and very unlikely others will experience.

    Unlike most people, I have a huge allergy against scents along with hyper-sensitive skin. Migraines, asthma attacks and/or skin reactions are pretty normal with me. A shampoo and conditioner for me needs to degrease my OPEC oil reserve fine hair yet leave my hair conditioned with some volume. It also has to be light enough to use every single day and not leave my hair oily as it’s oily enough on its own. Obviously, it also needs to not give me migraines, close my airways or create rashes. It’s a very tall order. For it to be a keeper, it also has to beat my Aussie Cleanse & Mend shampoo, Aussie Aussome Volume Conditioner that I use daily and have been for YEARS.

    First, let’s address the scent. The shampoo & conditioner smell a lot like the old Aussie formula for Aussome Volume (i.e. like Hops–which smells really grassy- and Yogurt) only more saturated. The first time I used it I had a migraine, so I thought that my migraine being worse the next day was just my migraine being a pain. I loved that it gave me a teensy bit of volume and soft (not as much as my Aussie conditioner though) so I wanted to give it a second chance.

    A few weeks later and no migraine in sight, I tried using the products again. The next day I was home in bed with a vicious migraine for days. Having changed nothing but the shampoo and conditioner, the scent was definitely at fault. I noticed my head was itching more than usual too so I had rinse it out with my Neutrogena shampoo I use weekly to make sure all the product was out, then switch back to my Aussie routine.

    I don’t know if anyone else had this problem, but the shampoo bottle cap was a pain to open for me. The bottle doesn’t have a notch so I was left with either prying the cap open or undoing the cap with slippery fingers.

    I think the shampoo and conditioner are better suited for people trying to be sustainable and aren’t as allergic to scents as I am. For me, it’s not worth it to have “green” tresses if I’m going to have a constant migraine that leaves me incapacitated and unable to eat for days, even with strong migraine medication.

    I haven’t actually used the gel yet. I’m too scared of another reaction. It’s sort of just sitting near my other hair products I use occasionally gathering dust. I don’t actually need gel as I’ve got naturally super shiny (a pro to oily hair), super healthy straight hair that doesn’t frizz and very little flyaways. I’m a brush, put up in a ponytail and go girl so the gel doesn’t make sense for me to use. I haven’t had the chance to give it to my brother (pomade and hairspray addict) to try. I’ll try to report back with what he thinks of it when I get the chance to give it to him.

    I’d say people who aren’t as sensitive as me to scents and want to go green should try this. Proceed with caution if you have hyper-sensitive skin and are scent-sensitive like me. I’m giving them a 2/5 stars (-1 for debilitating migraine, -1 for the skin reaction, -1 for the scent).

  11. Oh Katie, had we known you were so sensitive to scents we never would have gave you this to review. It seems like you should def. (and probably usually do) stick to what you already know works for you. Sorry it couldn’t be Davines!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Cooking 101 – Marinara Sauce =-.

  12. Oh no, Katie! I’m so sorry that happened. :( I’ve also been dealing with a major allergic reaction – went the the ER this weekend! Allergic reactions are the worst. I’m glad you know the cause though- so you can def avoid it.

    P.S. You wanna send me your conditioner? Hehe… ;)

  13. Stef–It’s okay! Don’t feel too bad! I’m not allergic to all scents, but there are some that just kill me. Mints, eucalyptus and wheat/oats I’m not allergic to which is strange; florals, orientals, fruity and candy-sweet ones send me to bed. So, I’m not allergic to EVERYTHING, just some things. I think it’s the hops actually (which accounts for why beer gives me rashes if it’s on my skin). Before Aussome Volume was reformulated, I had issues with that one too. Aussome Volume smells a little more like cherries now and not so much like hops!

  14. Thanks Katie! I use the “Fekkai Salon Technician Color Care”. I would be interested to see how Davines stacks up with it, or if Davines makes a similiar color care version!

  15. Poor, poor Katie! I feel for you because I get bad migraines too. Sometimes it seems like everything is a trigger! Do you take medicine for them?

  16. Katie, thanks for the warning! I tend to be sensitive to scents but more specifically scented products that also include oat or wheat proteins (I have Celiac disease). Maybe I’ll do a drive-by smelling and see what happens before I think about buying it…

  17. Irene–I do take medicine for my migraines. I have a triptan that I take when I feel one coming or I have one. If it gets really bad or the triptan doesn’t work, I’m allowed to take 1/2 a Vicodin every 6 hours. My main triggers tend to be scents, flashing lights or anything “hypnotic” (y’know the swirling color wheel thing that spins on TV. Not Wheel of Fortune. I love WoF), sudden changes in atmospheric conditions and stress. I’ve gotten the hormone ones pretty much eliminated, but it does seem like everything triggers them! It doesn’t help I’m Epileptic too so some migraine meds are out.

    Katie–Oh, poor you! I hope it wasn’t too serious! Do you know what triggered it? Is it just me or do I feel like I’m talking to myself?

    Amanda–Oh, that must be so difficult to live with. I had a friend with Celiac Disease and she also couldn’t have anything with lactose in it which made me feel so sorry as I love grains and cheese; I can’t imagine being allergic to it as I use grains for so many things from eating to soothing rashes. The Davine’s I have (the well-being one) does have wheat protein in it so that may not be an option for you.

    At least some good comes out my trying it out. It’s so interesting to find I’m not the only one with scent sensitivity! I feel like I live in a world of perfume-a-holics sometimes.

  18. I have to try this line.. sounds right up my Alley. I’ve been curious about it since Stef’s post here. https://weheartthis.com/2009/04/22/davines-and-ion-studio-earth-friendly-hair/

    Now my curiosity is further peeked!! I definitely want to try this combo out..my scalp takes abuse with bleach so I think it would thank me for it :)

    Katie, that stinks it gave you a migraine. I have a friend with super scent sensitivity.. it drives her crazy because she loves scents and can’t enjoy them. I wonder if this line has any unscented stuff?

  19. I was not a tester of these Davines items, but I did get a good look at them during the distribution. As noted, the Styling Gel bottle was huge – and heavy – not a trick of the eye with packaging – you get a lot of product for your buck. I can’t wait to try out Stef’s bottle – I liked gels back in the day, they were just too crispy!

    I too have been a FF fan for years and agree with Katie that the Davines is equivalent to Fekkai in quality (I regularly use the Glossing S&C or the Full Volume S&C) and they have a bunch of unique, fun formulas I’m just discovering. Right now I have a shampoo from the Alchemy series and I heart it. I have undyed dark brown hair (and I’m starting to get some grays – ack) I didn’t feel like coloring my hair, so when my newly blonde (naturally brunette) neighbor offered a full bottle of Alchemic Shampoo in chocolate, I of course said Yes Please! First things first, the scent is NOT chocolately (which I like, I’m not a fan of foodie scents in beauty) it’s more like a sweet, herby syrup – it’s very subtle and grown up. Oh and the bottle is a beautiful brown glass with a very 50’s graphic label. And the shampoo totally kicks ass!

    This pigmented shampoo adds subtle color to my hair (enough to help hide the stray grey hair or two until I see it and pluck) and wells as tons of sleek shine. My hair is fairly healthy but this adds a gleam of light and shine that I usually only have after a blow out. To top it off, the shampoo DOES NOT STAIN – I have had zero issues with stained fingers, or a smudgy forehead at the hairline and not a single stain on in my tub on my (brand new) white shower curtain. Sadly, I am not using it with the matching conditioner (I’ve been using remnants of FF bottles) but I am chomping at the bit to try it. I hear the Alchemic Red shampoo is fabulous for redheads as well. I need to try something for Wizards as well – maybe the mousse?
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..10 organizing tips to achieve your dream closet =-.

  20. I will check this line out. I know it’s a great line from other products by Davines. this really does sound great! Thanks again for the post. Very imformative, to say the least!

    Katie, I have found Relpax (another triptan) really helps when I know a migraine is coming.. but do the same with a 1/2 vicodin to ease the pain if they are really bad. Sometimes Nothing helps. Just PRAY it goes by and doesn’t linger..

  21. Davines is truly fab. I agree with Tyna, it’s right up there with Fekkai for me. I’ve had 2 big hits so far with the 2 divisions I’ve tried.

    Tyna, what is up with the Wizard line anyway? I find it scarily interesting. Who doesn’t wanna be a Wizard?

    To the headache sufferers (from scents or otherwise): someone should start a forum post on migranes. Perfect time too! I’m sure there are things that some people do that may help others, and you can continue the discussion…

  22. Katie-How did your curls do with these products? I have curly hair like you and need good, solid products to avoid tangles, dryness, and frizz?

  23. Hmmm, migraine sufferers unite in the migraine thread on Chick Chat!

  24. I have to send my friend to that forum.. gotta get her to sign up at WHT first.. she’s not such a computer girl but if there’s info there I’m sure she’d be into reading it :)

    And as for Davines.. if it’s comparable to Fekkai than I am totally getting it..I already bookmarked the site.. now time for some impulse shopping !!

    Any product good for your hair and scalp that smells good too.. I’m there! Impulse buying on Amazon.. I totally want this little package for $49 Any Long Hair readers check this out!!
    Davines MELU Shampoo LITER

  25. You’re bananas Sherri!
    But I WOULD like a shampoo that did smelled like a banana…

  26. Erin- I think the Technician Color Care conditioner is def thicker than this conditioner. If you are used to the heaviness of that conditioner, this will be a bit lighter. However, I think it’s like switching from a cream-based moisturizer to a serum. Same impact, different feel. I prefer the lighter conditioners (and serums/moisturizers!). I think gel-like products do it for me. :)

    Kellie- I think this was great for my curls! It did not weigh them down at all. They were bouncy but felt really clean. It felt like I deep cleaned my scalp and strands. I loved the feeling of the conditioner- I felt like it sealed my strands really well so there was less frizz. I really haven’t noticed less frizz at my scalp though. I should pay attention to that and see what I notice…

  27. Maybe the banana scentl is like the bitter almond aroma of arsenic…only some can smell it.

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