When is Sunscreen more Skincare? When it's from Dermalogica

When is Sunscreen more Skincare? When it’s from Dermalogica

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Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery Broad Spectrum SPF 50

I’m one of those lucky folks that can get a sunburn on a cloudy day in the winter. I am extremely fair and the sun is kinda out to get me at all times. So, I use sunscreen religiously! When my favorite sunscreen was discontinued recently, I was happy to try Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery with SPF 50. This product is a combination moisturizer/sunscreen that helps hydrate, improve the appearance of your skin AND fight aging. Yes, please!

Let’s break for a mini-sunscreen lesson. Do you know the difference between a physical sunscreen and a chemical one? Chemical sunscreens change UV rays into heat, then release the heat from your skin. A physical sunscreen is an actual barrier that sits on top of your skin to deflect the rays away from the skin. Those sunscreens that leave a white cast on your skin? Yep, those are physical.

This Dermalogica formula contains two chemical sunscreens: Avobenzone (3%) and Octinoxate (7.5%). One the skincare side of things, there’s a patented Polypeptide combined with glucosamine and soy (which helps stimulate collagen production, helps fight free radicals and helps prevent the signs of aging), white tea polyphenols (to regulate the formation of enzymes that can reduce collagen, elastin and other proteins necessary for youthful looking skin) and tripeptides, yeast extract and phytoestrogens (to enhance skin firmness). It also contains no artificial fragrance or colors.

This advanced technology is not your mama’s sunscreen, y’all.

I was excited to try a product that managed to be both sunscreen and anti-aging skincare. Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery retails for $69 for 1.7 fl. oz., which is a little rich for my blood for sunscreen, but when you realize that you are paying for anti-aging benefits beyond the usual sunscreen, I find the price tag completely justifiable. Housed in a sleek pump bottle, with a see-through side window so you can see how much product is left (genius) two pumps of product gives me the nickel-worth’s amount of sunscreen recommended for covering your face and neck (Pro tip: Don’t forget sunscreen on your hands. You’ll thank me later!)

Let’s hear it for the peek-a-boo side!

The herbal fragrance is light and delicate and fades quickly–I am extremely sensitive to the smell of some sunscreens and this one was very pleasant. The product smoothes on evenly and my skin appears a bit plumper immediately afterwards.

On top of being very fair, I also have extremely sensitive skin. Some sunscreens trigger a horrible blister-like rash for me. I’ve used sunscreens designed for BABIES that have sent me to the hospital. This product triggered no allergic reactions in me whatsoever. I also tend to breakout with many sunscreens and after 2 weeks of use, I had no new breakouts. Over time, this made my skin feel softer. The few fine lines I have seem to have plumped up a little bit. Best of all? No sunburns! Hooray!

Have you tried and loved Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery Broad Spectrum SPF 50 yet? Do you wear sunscreen every day? Let’s hear about it in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “When is Sunscreen more Skincare? When it’s from Dermalogica”

  1. This looks excellent–it makes so much sense to have great anti-aging ingredients in something you have to wear everyday. (And oh my gosh, you poor thing with those allergic reactions!)

  2. I have not tried this sunscreen, but I’m a new fan of everything Dermalogica, so I’m sure it’s as fabulous as you say. I agree with @amity — it’s so smart to combine skincare and sunscreen!

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