7 Different Types of Lips and the Correct Way to Put Lipstick on Each

7 Different Types of Lips and the Correct Way to Put Lipstick on Each

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Did you know there are 7 different types of lips?

And for each type, you need to follow a particular way how to make them look flawless.

When applying makeup, it’s important to have a certain awareness of facial features. This helps you know how to accentuate them through the proper application of makeup.

For example, how you apply makeup on your eyebrows will largely depend not just on your eyes and brows. Rather, it has a lot to do with your face shape. Or in the case of the highlighter, to know where it goes, you need to identify the high points.

graphic of various types of lips

True enough, some rules may be bent a little, depending on the circumstances.

But at the end of the day, knowing these tips and tricks can help you a lot. Take them as your guide to help you look the most flattering version of yourself.

As for lip makeup, it can be customized. Depending on your lip type, it can be suited down to the last detail.

In fact, professionals reinvent their makeup style to suit certain types of lips.

So if you’re looking to customize, adapt, and restyle your makeup to accentuate your lip type, then this post is for you.

In this article, we will identify the 7 different types of lips.

And as we familiarize each type, we will also talk about how to apply lipstick for each one. Learn the best ways to achieve the most flattering look.

Identifying the 7 Types of Lips

Heart-shaped, full, thin, top heavy, bottom heavy.

You’ve probably heard of these terms.

These are just some of the adjectives that best describe these different lip types.

1. Heart-Shaped Lips

graphic of heart shaped lips with text beneath

Did you know this is the most desired type of lip for makeup lovers?

Check out Taylor Swift. The pop star is known for the gorgeous shape of her lips.

Heart-shaped lips are commonly associated with the tip of Cupid’s well-defined bow.

Heavily identified with romance, heart-shaped lips have a noticeable dip at the center of the upper lip. You can still see this dip even without lipstick or lining.

It’s not necessary that heart-shaped lips have a heavy lower lip. You can see it in Taylor’s lips.

As for her signature look, Taylor usually uses matte red lipstick on her overdrawn pout.

Do you have heart-shaped lips?

Here’s what I would suggest to further enhance the shape of your lips.

First, draw a line in the center. You can use a white pencil for this. Alternatively, you can use a creamy nude shadow.

The white pencil or creamy nude shadow acts as a primer. It helps intensify the red matte color of your lipstick. This creates a fuller and more distinct heart shape of your lips.

2. Full and Perfectly Proportioned Lips

graphic of full lips with text beneath

You’re probably thinking about who has perfectly proportioned, full lips.

Well, I’ll give you an example.

Check out Rihanna’s lips.

She has them naturally full and perfectly proportioned.

Her lips are best described as having well-balanced top and bottom lips. To complete this well-defined look, her bottom lip is uniquely positioned, which is protruding distinctively.

Do you want to achieve the same fullness that Rihanna has with her lips?

Here’s what you do.

You need to balance out the lips. Use subtle pink for this purpose.

Or alternatively, you can make your lips the focal point. To do this, I suggest you use bold-matter lipstick along with a lip liner. This will help draw out attention to your full lips.

However, if you feel that your pillowy lips are too distracting, here’s what I suggest.

You need to balance them out and take the attention away from them. Think of it as taking out the focus away from them and to the rest of your face.

So you can use nude colors for your lips. By using shades that are close to your complexion, your lips will blend with the rest of your face.

You can also use blush to create a flushed look for your cheeks. This will tone down the distraction that your lips are giving. Or perhaps enhance your eye makeup look so it will call more attention.

3. Top Heavy Lips

graphic of heavy upper lips with text beneathAs the name implies, this type of lip has a heavy upper lip.

The first celebrity who has this lip type that comes to my mind is Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

She is a Victoria’s Secret model who appeared in one of the Transformers movies. And she’s the better half of action superstar Jason Statham.

Rosie is quite known for her top-heavy pout.

And unlike Taylor’s heart-shaped lips, Rosie’s doesn’t have that peculiar dip that creates the Cupid’s bow look. The top part of Rosie’s lips is thicker and fuller compared to the bottom one.

Now, this may seem like a tricky lip structure to work on. Because the idea is to balance out the weight distribution of the top-heavy lip. But it’s doable.

Here’s what you do.

To help you avoid overdrawing, begin at the middle of the upper lip. Then just trace the natural shape of the lip.

Next, apply different shades of your lipstick to your upper and lower lip. Choose a bright color for your bottom lip while a slightly darker one for the top lip. By doing this, you can create an illusion that both upper and lower lips have a balance shade. This also makes your mouth appear proportioned.

Not interested in applying different shades of lipstick? You can use a little white pencil at the middle of the lower lip. This creates a fuller look. Alternatively, you can use an eyeshadow.

Or you can just underline your top lip right below the natural shape of your lip. Then just finish this look by filling in the outline you just created.

4. Bottom-Heavy Lips

graphic of heavy lower lips with text beneath

Can you think of a celebrity who has this type of lips?

I can give you one.

Check out the famous pout of one of the stars of the popular reality TV show.

It’s Kylie Jenner.

Well, you may think her lips may be a product of flawless makeup application. After all, makeup professionals are well within her reach.

But actually those are her natural lips.

What’s distinct about Kylie’s lips is that they are bottom-heavy. And it’s this quality that she’s trying to accentuate.

Although I kind of noticed how she’s trying to even out her upper lip by trying to make it look bigger. Perhaps this is her way of balancing the pout. It’s a great technique if you ask me.

However, there are other ways to create a balanced look for these bottom-heavy beauties.

First, you can dab cream nude eyeshadow at the middle of the upper lip. What this does is add fullness. At the same time, it gradually blurs the lip line. So this results in the blending of the lower lip with your complexion.

May I add that you might want to steer clear of gloss? This will give the appearance as if you were stung by a bee.

5. Thin Lips

graphic of thin lips with text beneath

Emma Watson is the first one that comes to my mind when we speak of thin lips.

Because of the little space and dimension in both upper and lower lips, they appear equal and balanced.

Here’s a neat trick when applying lip makeup to the thin pout.

Start with overlining it. You can use a pencil for this purpose.

Then smudge the edges. You need to blend it with the natural shape of the lips.

By following the two foregoing steps, it will be a good idea to use matte lipstick. Or you can use liquid lip colors. This will give the illusion of having fuller, more plump lips.

And if you want to add extra plumpness to the overall look of your lips, here’s another trick.

Go for a lighter shade of lipstick for your lower lip.

To finish it off, add a dab of lipgloss in the middle of both the upper and lower lips.

6. Wide Lips

graphic of wide lips with text beneath

Has someone commented that you smile “ear to ear”?

Then you probably have wide lips.

Just like Anne Hathaway, who enjoys receiving compliments for her beautiful wide smiles.

So what does this mean if you have wide lips?

First, there is a likelihood that your smile will be the dominant feature of your face.

Also, having a wider set of lips means it can overwhelm your facial features.

So here’s a quick tip to even out the width of your lips.

You need to overline your lips with your lipstick. By doing so, you are making your lips look bigger. You can stick just overlining the lower lip. This adds weight to your mouth.

Wondering what shades to use for overlining?

Choose nude colors. Preferably those with matte or soft textures. This will look chic and not distracting when applied to your lips.

I also suggest highlighting the other features of your face. This shifts the focus away from your lips. Perhaps flushed cheeks or smokey eyes will do the trick of balancing out your lips.

7. Small and Round Lips

graphic of round lips with text beneath

This is the opposite of wider-set lips.

Small and round lips tend to have limited width.

However, they seem to have a protruding pout that’s significantly noticeable.

From what I’ve gathered, my friends love the natural pout that comes from having this type of lips.

Want to accentuate your small and round lips?

This is quite easy.

Just make sure you use flattering textures for your makeup. Choose the glossy or shimmery ones. I also love the frosted lipstick and tints for this type of lips.

On the other hand, the darker shades aren’t very flattering for small and round lips.

The darker the shade, the smaller the lips appear.

So just stick with the bright shades and glossy undertones. These are perfect for accentuating small and round lips the right way.

Additional Trick for the Different Types of Lips

You know there are other tricks and hacks to make your lips look fuller and plumper.

One of them involves alteration using fillers.

There have been a lot of misconceptions.

Contrary to what you probably heard, not all lip fillers are intrusive in nature. Or permanent.

Case in point: hyaluronic acid fillers.

Here’s why a lot of people go for this option.

First, this type of filler only lasts for about six months. So it’s not permanent in nature.

Second, there’s considerably less bruising. Also, there’s little downtime as recovery is faster with this option.

Third, hyaluronic acid fillers are among the preferred filler options because it make your lips look plump and fuller.

Lastly, you can see immediate results after injecting the hyaluronic acid formula into your lips.

Of course, there’s also the permanent option, if that’s what you’re looking. These include collagen and silicone fillers.

These two options even out wrinkles and facial fine lines, including the lips.

The downside, however, is that the recovery period is longer. That’s because the healing process for these two treatments tends to be slow. Also, these treatments require multiple sessions.

So make sure you consider all the pros and cons between the permanent and temporary options before going in for one.

More Tips on How to Take Care of the Different Types of Lips

Do you have the habit of licking your lips often?

Did you know this habit can lead to its discoloration?

Saliva contains enzymes that actually make your lips drier. So you’re not really moisturizing your lips by licking it. Just use a hydrating lip balm if you feel your pout is getting dry.

Did you know you’re supposed to exfoliate your lips every day?

Just like your skin, your lips also accumulate dead skin cells.

If you’re not exfoliating, this can lead to dullness and chafing. Be sure to exfoliate at least once or twice a week. Then don’t forget to use a hydrating lip balm.

When you’re exfoliating, just don’t rub too hard. Your lips are sensitive, so scrubbing them may result in abrasion.

Lastly, did you know your lips can also use SPF protection?

Just like your skin, your lips are also susceptible to UV damage. So make sure you protect it with SPF-infused lip balm.

What Type Of Lips Do You Have?

I hope this post helped you understand the different types of lips.

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