Ding dong - Avon review

Ding dong – Avon review

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With so many beauty companies in the mix today and all of the outlandishly priced products on the market, we sometimes overlook the moderately priced standards that should always have a place in our beauty routine. Today we are taking a look at Avon, a brand that has been synonymous with beauty for generations.

Their great prices, vast range of products and friendly, non-intimidating style have made quality beauty products accessible to everyone. I bet your Mom, Grandmother and even your Great-Grandmother had a number of their products in their arsenal – and you should too! Avon has been a mainstay for years, because they are constantly moving forward with new formulas, fashionable colors and up to the minute beauty break-throughs at a consistently great price. Today, you can order all products online or if you prefer, you can still buy directly from a trained Avon representative for that one on one experience.

We received a number of current Avon products for the we heart this crew to review. We’ll be reading reviews from the wht team from these Avon lines:

liiv botanicals – Avon’s premiere natural beauty line for the body and face. Simply and elegantly packaged, these products are infused with active plant extracts and are preservative, dye and fragrance free.

Advance Techniques– Avon’s new line of salon quality shampoos, conditioners and style aids for bouncy, glossy hair at a price you can afford.

Skin So Soft – a true Avon classic (the scent of the SSS Oil always brings me back to high school summers) that’s branched into body washes, firming moisturizers, self-tanners and more!

My appreciation for Avon goes far back. I lived with my single father during my junior and senior high school years, so I never had a vanity of Mom’s makeup for exploration and experiments. Trips to the drugstore were just that – go in, pick up what you need and leave. No leisurely strolls though the make up aisle dreaming of the possibilities. And to be honest, I was intimidated by the beauty world in general.

My first make up purchase? Avon, of course. I somehow got my hands on one of their small, square catalogs and the seeds of a lifetime of loving makeup and beauty products were planted. I read and reread that booklet, until my dad finally took pity on me and said I could pick two products and place an order with our neighbor (a local Avon lady). I purchased two eye shadow compacts (a bright teal that would be right in style today and an orangey yellow that did my complexion no favors) and wore them to every single school dance in 8th grade. While I had a lot to learn about choosing colors, application and blending, I’ll always love Avon for introducing me to the world of beauty. Anyone else discover makeup and more from the Avon brochure?

Ding dong! Avon calling with a great summer heat wave sale! Stock up on new discoveries or classic favorites!


13 thoughts on “Ding dong – Avon review”

  1. I tested the Advance Techniques Volumizing Mousse – mousse! I have not used mousse in years, and not because I didn’t like it, companies just seemed to stop making it. Back in the day mousse was a great volumizer, so I was pretty excited to test it out. Mousse is still a fun product to use – is it weird I love squirting it out? The Advance Techniques mousse is super light and airy and has a fruity sugary scent that’s not too heavy. I used a medium size puff of mousse on damp hair and then blew it dry. The mousse added some nice bounce and swing to my hair! I have fine, straight hair that can be too slick to hold any shape – the mouse adds just enough texture to my hair without weighing it down. One warning – you don’t need a lot of this product – it’s fun and feels so light that you can accidently over do it. But once I had the amount pinned down, I found myself reaching for this every morning, so it’s a definite must try for those with fine hair.

  2. Mousse is fun! I almost went for that, but went with the Dry Ends Serum instead. I have not had my hair cut in way too long and my ends are getting a little straggly. The Advance Techniques serum says it nourishes and smoothes dry ends, so it sounded great. The serum has a pump bottle that dispenses the clear, gel-ly like serum. I liked the smell – sort of citrusy and sweet that smelled great in my hair. I just rubbed a drop of two in my palms and ran through the ends of my dry hair. It makes an instant improvement in the shine factor of my hair and helps hide frizzy ends well. Like Corinne, I found that it’s easy to over do – so start on the small portion size and add more if needed. Overall, I was impressed with the effectiveness of this smoother compared to some more expensive brands.

    I admit I can be a beauty snob sometimes, so I’m always excited to find good, drugstore priced lines. I’m looking forward to trying other Avon products! I always hear about the Anew line being really great – has anyone tried anything from that line?

  3. I have a soft spot in my heart for Avon for it was my entree into make-up. At age 14 and 15, my grandmother would give me the lipstick samples her Avon lady would ply her with. For all of my adolesence, I wore Pavi Elle (sp?) roll on cologne. When I turned 16, I finally gathered up the guts to buy a red lipstick. (My grandmother never checked what my order was, she just took the cash and catalog number.) It was flattering and my family didn’t freak.

    To this day, I still use Avon so I was extremely pleased to try out out their liiv Botanicals line. I`ve been using liiv botanicals Vitalizing Face Serum for about 2 weeks each morning after my regular moisturizer. My skin feels tighter after I use it, and it feels smoother and clearer. I can’t say it reduces lines because mine aren’t prominent, but my skin does look more radiant!

  4. Oh wow, those Avon lipstick testers were awesome! My grandmother always gave them to me to play with. Why don’t all companies make those? Such a good idea.

    I got to test the Advance Techniques Intense Repair treatment, 4 little 15 ml tubes that you use once a week for extra conditioning. They were…ok. Smelled nice, made my hair soft, but really, no more so than a regular conditioner. I’ve used some super-charged (expensive) treatments before and this didn’t really measure up. Sorry Avon lady!

  5. I was excited to try out Avon. They’ve been such a staple for years, and somehow I have never tried them out. So when I got the Liiv Botanicals vital night moisturizer I was anxious to see what it was like.

    I did a little reading up on the cream and found it is both dye-free and preservative-free. Two bonuses!
    I have only been using it for a little over a week & I will say it’s very moisturizing, but does have a bit of a tingle/burn sensation around the eyes. The sensation fades after about 10 minutes, and it’s not too bad, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

    Besides the slight tingle I found it to be very hydrating. You don’t feel like you have heavy cream on your face, yet it acts like one. Overall, very impressive!

    It’s regular price is only 15 dollars, and it’s on sale now for 9.99!
    So I’d say it’s well worth that to give it a shot.
    I don’t know about seeing less wrinkles in 3 days. I’m not really too wrinkly :) But I think you would have to use the whole regiment to judge that. Which I may end up trying.

    You can’t beat it price-wise, and if your looking for hydration on your face, this cream does the trick.

  6. We had an Avon lady as we called her come to our house growing up. Oh how I loved browsing through the catalog and picking out stuff. I always got the bubble bath and my mom passed down the lipstick samples to me too. It was my first makeup and I still have a soft place in my heart for it.

  7. I received the SKIN SO SOFT Fusions Soft & Sensual Dual Softening Body Wash. At first I was flooded with fun memories of some of the glass figure cars filled with Avon cologne or aftershave that my husband received every Christmas from his Aunt Carol from New Jersey. Yes she’s a serious Avon rep! I would get a pretty pendent and perfume. We would chuckle and say as we opened our gifts.. “what perfume did you get this year.”

    For $3.99 (on sale now) SKIN SO SOFT Fusions Soft & Sensual Dual Softening Body Wash Cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes! Softness is the focal point in my opinion of this product and it really holds its moisturization- is that a word? They claim that after 1 day of use:* 84% of women agreed that this product wraps skin in lasting moisture that doesn’t towel off. After 3 days of use:* 88% of women agreed that this product leaves skin feeling sensually soft and irresistible to the touch. I think that it has a really pretty fragrance to it too!
    The other product I was really interested in is the ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Grey Root Touch-up . I will let you know what I think of that next!

  8. It’s funny that I received the Skin So Soft Fusions Dual Softening Body Moisturizer in Soft & Sensual, because I was about to buy some SSS lotion to ward off the bugs that torment me when I’m on my deck. Years ago, I remember using Skin So Soft to ward off bugs during a camping trip and loved that it was just a simple lotion and not some chemically bug repellant. Anyhoo, I was excited to try this. First impression: the scent smells like a floral with maybe an aloe undertone. Not really my cup of tea fragrance-wise. I prefer fruitier scents or very light florals mixed with a fruity scent. This stuff smelled a little strong for me. The lotion itself is very moisturizing. It contains two phases. Phase One Skin Silkeners (Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba) make skin soft and radiant while Phase Two Skin Fortifiers (Sweet White Lupine and Glycerin) retain moisture for skin that stays soft longer. Sadly, I think the old formulas of Skin So Soft contained citronella and this does not, so no bug repelling properties here. It did moisturize nicely, though. Unfortunately, the floral smell lingered for what seemed like forever. So, if you love floral scents and soft skin, this is probably the moisturizer for you.

  9. I loved the lipstick samples when I was little! I used to “borrow” them while my grandmother was napping. I haven’t used Avon in years though. It kind of scares me that they make the same smelly perfume my grandmother wore way back when(It smelled like grandmothers). Although, I do like their sister company, Mark.

  10. Aww, sweet story – something tells me your Grandma probably knew you were swiping the samples but let it go. Little girls are naturallry curious about makeup!

    Mark is pretty fun – lots of good colors and formulas!

  11. I’m a 45-year old man who now is an Avon Independent Rep because of my 30+ year love affair with Avon. From my first pimple, I started with Avon’s facial scrubs and oil-removing pads. I then began daily moisturizing when I was 20 with the cheapest moisturizer Avon had. Now, I’ve moved into the ANEW line to fight off expression lines.

    Thanks to 3 decades of dedicated skincare has given me virtually perfect skin; no crowsfeet, barely-there expression lines, and a fairly toned jaw line.

    Thanks, Avon!

  12. My first piece of makeup was from Avon and it has been years since I shopped there but recently I gave them a shot. I was very pleased with my order!
    I got the Magix Face Perfector which is basically a face primer. Now I am very lazy with my makeup application. I save primers for special occasions but I have been using this one everyday. It has an SPF of 20(yeah!) and it doesn’t do that little beady thing that some primers do on your skin. It’s only $10 but you can usually get it at a sale price. I highly reccomend this.
    The Extra Plump Lipstick is also a winner. It actually plumps your lips! It feels like lip blam (which I love) because it has a menthol like core.
    Also their new eyeshadow quad is beautiful. It look so similar to the Chanel ones and the colors are rich and beautiful.
    Ladies, don’t hesitate to give Avon a try again!

  13. The Magix Face Perfector is pretty much magic. I have oily skin and by recommendation of another friend, I tried it to stop the shine. Bingo. I wear it alone or under moisturizer.

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