DIY: Fall's Hot Accessory - Leather Fringe Purse

DIY: Fall’s Hot Accessory – Leather Fringe Purse

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Bring Fashion Week to your home ~ Create this must-have bag!

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Autumn is almost upon us, New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and we’ve all got fall style on the mind. Today, I have the perfect DIY to add a touch of runway worthy fashion to your fall wardrobe. Even better it will barely cost you a thing and may recycle a bag that is bound for the yard sale pile.

Who doesn’t love the leather fringe bags that have been spotted all over the fashion world recently? I know I do! That’s why this week, I wanted to take a once loved, now sort of tired, purse and make it fabulously fringy.

An old leather purse
Some pieces of leather
A pair of sharp scissors
Strong adhesive – I used Amazing Goop”but if you have E6000 (mentioned in earlier wht DIYs) that will work also
Measuring tape – not shown

1. Start by figuring out where you would like to place your fringe. Measure that area to determine the size of the leather that you will need.

2. Time to make the fringe! I wanted two rows of fringe on the edge of my bag. Cut the fringe on each side of the leather, leaving a space about ½” down the center. The width of the fringes is your own preference; I went back and cut mine thinner later.

3. Once all of the fringe pieces are cut, fold the piece in half and put a line of glue in the space that you left. Tip: Read your glue instructions in order to get the best adhesion.

4. Lay the glue line where you want it on your bag and press down making sure the surfaces are flat together. Repeat this step with more pieces if needed.

5. Let dry overnight (at least).

6. Enjoy your fashionable new bag!

we heartsters – do you have a closet of old bags that could use come new life? How do you update old, but good pieces to keep in style?

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7 thoughts on “DIY: Fall’s Hot Accessory – Leather Fringe Purse”

  1. I love fringe. And I think it’s one of the only trends that carries into every decade (think about it, it really is!) Love this @mgelina – it’s super simple, repurposing at it’s easiest. And cute to boot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, what a cute and simple idea! I imagine this would work well with other leather products like jackets, etc. This time of year my local Goodwill is BRIMMING with cheap leather goods that need some sprucing up. Thanks for the inspiration @Mgelina !

  3. Oh yea @mandaleem – there is a surplus of leather goods at all the thrift stores lately – people always go to it in the fall. I have to keep my eye out next time I’m thrifting – I would love a shopping tote type of bag with some customized fringe! Awesome DIY @Mgelina !

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