DIY: Faux Fur Collar

DIY: Faux Fur Collar

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Stay warm while looking cute with this no-sew project

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Winter accessories are all about keeping you warm in the cold, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look stylish, too. This DIY project is right on trend with the luxurious faux fur that’s been spotted trimming everything from accessories to clothing.

This Faux Fur Collar is a versatile accessory – perfect for dressing up an otherwise plain coat or jacket, or maybe even a chunky cardigan. It’s also a unique alternative to your usual basic scarf. Best of all, this project is a no-sew one, making it simple enough for anyone to do.


Faux fur fabric (about 35 inches long by 5 inches wide)
Scrap fabric of your choice (35 inches long by 3-5 inches wide)
Silk ribbon of your choice (about 40 inches)
Fabric glue
2 or 3 heavy books

1) With the back side of the faux fur facing up, place the strip of ribbon in the middle (lengthwise). Double check to make sure there’s the same amount of ribbon extending on either side of the fur.

2) When you have the ribbon correctly positioned, add a thin line of fabric glue onto the backside of the fur. Place the ribbon back down and press lightly.

3) Add another line of fabric glue along the ribbon.

4) Place the scrap fabric on top, right side up. This will be the interior of your fur collar. Gently press down to secure; if needed, fold in the top and bottom edges of the interior fabric.

5) Add a line of glue along the exposed back side of the faux fur, taking care to not add too much. It might be easier to do this one small section at a time.

6) Carefully fold the edge of faux fur.

7) Lay down a book to keep the fur in place. Finish adding glue to the remaining length of the scarf, adding books as you go.

8) Repeat the process on the bottom. Add a line of glue and fold over, section by section.

9) Move the books so that they cover the entire width of the fabric. Keep this in place overnight to ensure that the glue is completely dry.

10) Trim the ribbon to the desired length. (I’d recommend trying it on, tying it in a knot and figuring out what you’d like to do from there.) I cut my ribbon at an angle for a nice finishing touch.

Hope you enjoy this DIY and stay warm and fabulous all winter long!

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19 thoughts on “DIY: Faux Fur Collar”

    1. Haha I’ve noticed a lot of WHT ladies aren’t the sewing type which is why I made it no sew. Normally I’d sew it but I wanted to make it versatile enough for anyone!

      (I think it’d look great sewn though, so if anyone wants to sew it, I say go for it!)

    1. There’s some differences, but I didn’t even know Grace did one! I’ve personally met Grace, and while the projects are similar this idea stemmed from me having tons of faux fur and a friend suggesting a scarf or hat. I decided to do a collar since I kept seeing them on polyvore. Normally I would sew, but given that many WHT readers don’t sew, I decided on a no sew version.

  1. Agreeing with everyone else – one of your best DIYs to date – and that’s really saying something. I love that this can be worn with a ton of things, different styles and colors and taken on and off as needed. Clever!

    I need to decide on a color if I make this. Should I go with a basic faux fur shade (black or brown) or up the fun with one of the bright furs on the market (hot pink or royal blue maybe?) Thoughts ladies?

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