DIY Halloween Decorations: Candy Corn

DIY Halloween Decorations: Candy Corn

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Candy Corn decorations

Halloween is such a fantastic holiday. There isn’t too much pressure, there’s no gifts to purchase, wrap and exchange, and it’s always fun to see all the great costumes. But, are you short on Halloween decor this year?

Here’s a quick DIY Halloween Decorations tutorial that will add some festive pieces to your house and is both inexpensive and easy. In fact, these candy corn decorations can be made with three simple folds and a little spray paint to create a darling tablescape!

Candy Corn DIY

Old books – covers removed (Romance novels are the perfect thickness)
Newspaper or cardboard box
Orange spray paint
Yellow spray paint

Tip: Old paperback books can be acquired very cheaply at thrift shops. My shop was selling certain books for a quarter a piece, and the fifth book was free. If you are unable to part with any of your books, look for similar deals at second-hand shops and yard sales. If your book is on the thicker side, you can break the book apart and use it for two candy corn decorations.

how to make a Candy Corn

1. Remove the entire cover from the book. Take the right corner of the first page, and fold down in a triangle. One side should line up with the left edge of the book.

halloween decorations

2. Fold from the right, again, in the same fashion. This fold will elongate the triangle, and some of the paper will hang over the length of the book.

inexpensive halloween decorations

3. To correct the overhanging paper, fold this small corner upward, so that book can stand up properly. That’s it – 3 triangular folds, on each and every page, no glue required.

DIY halloween decorations

4. Once the entire book is folded, adjust pages so that there are no large gaps between pages. The book will stand on its own.

make your own halloween decorations

5. Now, it’s time to paint. Lay down some paper, or a flattened box, as a work surface. Start by spraying orange spray paint, in a line, along the center. Holding the top of your cone, turn your piece, and spray, to achieve full coverage. Place on the work surface and allow adequate drying time.

6. Paint the bottom yellow stripe in the same manner as the orange, central stripe. Overlap the colors, so that no white shows between the orange and the yellow stripes.

easy halloween decorations

Place these DIY Halloween Decorations in groups of threes for a sweet table decoration. Create larger candy corns from hard back books to create a variety in heights. Sprinkle some real candy corn around your decorations or place in a vase nearby and you have a festive holiday decoration!

Candy Corn decor

DIY christmas decorations

Warning: This DIY can become addicting. You may find yourself folding pages and crafting Christmas trees next!

we heartsters – how did you decorate your home for Halloween this year?

All photos: Rachel for we heart this

Rachel is a stay-at-home Mom that never seems to be home. She’s a military wife, mother to The Danger Boys and a self-proclaimed craftaholic that enjoys photography, knitting, baking and all things handmade.

12 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Decorations: Candy Corn”

  1. This is toooooo cute! I think it’s up there with knitting.. I bet I could do a bunch of these while watching a scary movie.. I was thinking a Christmas Tree would definitely work too! I love this post @rachelshay!

    1. Irene – YES!!! It is sooooo super easy, you can even do it while you’re drinking coffee, or wine with friends! I find repetitive motion activities relaxing. I’m a knitter too!

  2. What a unique, clever idea! The fact that they look like candy corn makes me love them all the more, @rachelshay !

    I didn’t do a lot of Halloween decorating this year, just a whole bunch of pumpkins on my porch and a few bats on the door.

  3. So cute! I had forgotten until I saw this post, but I used to do this when I was little—we’d turn Reader’s Digests into Christmas trees! I really like he idea of the varying heights, it’d make an awesome centerpiece!

    We have not decorated at all, mostly because the baby will rip anything down that I put up! We still plan on doing a little to the outside though…even if it’s only putting some cobwebs on the bushes!

    1. I remember those days! One year we didn’t even put up a Christmas tree, for fear that the precocious toddler’s would pull it down on themselves! It gets better!

  4. So cute! Too bad I don’t really Halloween-ify my house anymore (it takes way too much energy that I don’t have anymore.) I used to make stuff like this when I was a kid!

    1. Christmas trees! I want to have a forest of them on my side table! Different color schemes, different decorations…such fun decorating little trees with odds & ends!

  5. Super cute as always Miss @Rachelshay! I’ve been lazy with the Halloween decorations this year (meaning, I didn’t put any up!) but this one has me thinking of the possibilities for Christmas? A row or two of different height tree would look smashing on my fireplace mantle!

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