DIY Jewelry: Grommet Cuff

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Create these rockin’ cuffs in just minutes!

DIY grommet cuff

This DIY Jewelry project makes a hip, homemade, last-minute gift, or a brag-worthy accessory for your cute self. Even better, once you have all the supplies in hand, it is, literally, a five minute project – start to finish!

DIY grommet cuff supplies


Leather cuff
Leather hole punch
Grommet punch
Fine-tip marker

DIY grommet cuff


1. Create your grommet design, by experimenting with placement of grommets on the cuff. With a ruler, double-check that your design is centered on your cuff, in length and width.

DIY jewelry

grommet cuff

2. Without disturbing the grommet design, carefully make a dot with marker inside the center of each grommet hole.

leather punch

jewelry making supplies

3. Set your grommets aside. Take the leather punch and make a hole where each ink dot is. Be sure the size of the punch hole coordinates with your grommet size.

DIY grommet cuff

4. Now that your design is punched out, push a grommet through each hole. (The image above is how the front and back should look.)

leather punch

5. Use your grommet tool to flatten and finish each grommet.

leather punch

A peek at how the backside of the cuff bracelet will look, once finished.

leather jewelry

How easy was that? Now go rock your bad-ass bracelet!

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  1. I love this project idea and am totally copying your bronze leather one–so cute and will be great for fall!

  2. These are so cute, I really like the gray one!

  3. I swear, this do NOT look DIY AT ALL. I’m loving it, what a great gift idea! Definitely pinning this for later…

  4. These are so cool–they simultaneously manage to be punk rock-ish but sweet. Totally making one!

  5. Wendy Carter says:

    Where do you get the cuffs?

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