DIY Faux Fur Vest Tutorial

DIY Faux Fur Vest Tutorial

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Why pay for the season’s hottest accessory? Make your own!

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Whether real or fake, fur has been a big fashion statement this winter. We saw it on the runways and almost every other day, you’ll see someone wearing fur on the street. I know that I’ve been dying to have a fur vest to wear this season!

As the new year begins, make a fashion statement by stitching up this easy DIY Fur Vest.

Faux Fur (I used a piece that was about 24” x 52”)
Measuring tape
A needle and thread or a sewing machine
A vacuum cleaner

1. Lay the piece of fur flat and cut up the center about half way. You can use a measuring tape or you can just estimate.

Tip: Cutting faux fur gets messy because it sheds once it’s cut – hence the need for the vacuum cleaner. Every time you cut it, shake it out to get rid of all the extra pieces.

2. Fold the fur in half, right sides together. Starting from the open bottom edge, pin both sides together a little more than half way up.

Tip: Use a few more pins than you think you need. Fur can get a little slippery sometimes.

3. Using your needle and thread or sewing machine, sew a straight line up both sides where you pinned (see arrow in image) – a little more than half way up the material.

4. When sides are sewn, lay flat again and cut a curve that starts at the folded top edge and ends right above the sewn sides. The folded edge will be the shoulders. I left about 3” on each side.

Tip: Cut a little less off than you think you should – then try it on. You can always cut more if you want.

5. Wear your fur vest with your favorite long-sleeved tee or sweater all winter long!

we heartsters – are you dreaming of a Fur Vest of your very own? If you have any questions about the sewing, feel free to ask – there are no silly questions!

DIY Faux Fur Vest Tutorial

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16 thoughts on “DIY Faux Fur Vest Tutorial”

  1. Super cute and simple, I love it. I also love that you are caring enough to add “vacuum cleaner” to your supplies list! You don’t know how many a project I’ve started and then realized too late that I was NOT prepared for the giant mess the project made of my living room. YAY for practical DIY-ers!!! :-)

  2. First, gotta love the vacuum cleaner tip – I’m a fan of hand vacs for these sort of projects.

    Second – how cute is this?! And while it involves sewing (how I wish I inherited my Mom’s skills with a needle) I think I could handle this.

    I received a brown faux fur vest this fall on my NYC makeover – it’s cute and all but it was $120 bucks!

    I love that this DIY lets anyone create their own of-the-moment fashion piece (cause let’s face, you’ll only get a year or two at most from a trend like this) to wear all season for a fraction of the cost. And you look adorable in it at the end of the post!

  3. @mgelina –This is a great DIY. I like the faux fur tend. I have two vests that I get a fair amount of use out of because they are versatile. Plus, they are so much more fun to wear than a traditional coat.

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  5. Thank you for your Faux Fur tutorial. My question is how much of the fur to purchase. There was no mention of what size you were and how you figured the measurements, which is what I need. Thank you.

    1. Hi samanatha! Faux fur varies in price depending on the quality and type but I think it’s anywhere from $6 – $12 a yard at my discount fabric store. @kirstengail how much do you usually pay?
      For sizing, I made my vest about a size Large. To figure out your size, you can lay a t-shirt on the flat fabric to figure out width. Just remember to cut wider than a fitted shirt so you have room to sew the seams! I would leave about an inch or so on each side. You can always make it smaller but never bigger! Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions! :)

  6. i pinned this a while ago and just found a yard of faux fur at the thrift store! cant wait to make it!! thanks for the idea! once i have pictures of mine, ill post your link on my blog :))

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