DIY Sweatshirt with Leather Shoulder Patches

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DIY Fashion Sweatshirt with Leather Shoulder Patches

There’s nothing more comfortable than a cozy sweatshirt. But comfy and cozy doesn’t have to mean your outfit is low on style. Update a basic sweatshirt with this simple No Sew DIY Sweatshirt to make an on trend piece with Leather shoulder patches.



Piece of leather
Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue
Paper and pencil
White chalk or eyeliner



1. Flatten out your sweatshirt with the shoulder and the area you want to cover with your patch facing up. Lay a piece of paper on top and trace the area where you want your leather patch to be.

Tip: When you have it double-check with a ruler to make sure your lines are straight.

2. Cut out your paper pattern.


3. Trace your pattern on to the backside of your leather using your chalk or white eyeliner.


4. Flip it over and trace it again for the other side.


5. Cut out your leather patches.


6. Lay your leather patches out with the back side facing up.


7. Put your leather/suede glue all over the back of the leather and using your brush spread your glue evenly across the back of your leather patches.


8. Place your leather patches onto your sweatshirt. Smooth them out flat and make sure they’re exactly where you want them. Let dry.



A basic crew neck sweater suddenly looks chic and on trend when you add leather shoulder patches. And the best part is there’s no sewing involved, for those of you (myself included) who don’t have a sewing machine that can sew leather.

Tip: Handle with care! Make sure you hand wash this sweatshirt, or just spot clean as necessary. (The bottle says the glue can’t be washed.) You can also check with your dry cleaner.



This DIY also looks great as black on black or with a contrast of black on gray. Leave me a comment and let me know how yours turns out!

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  1. I like to do my own DIY, and this one is absolutely easy and fun to do, thanks for sharing !

  2. This is really cute, fashionable, and totally doable! I’m dreaming about putting the patches on and adding some spikes…

  3. This is an awesome DIY. SInce I work from home, I practically live in yoga pants, tees and sweats. Love that I could wear this all day and not have to change to run my errands! And I really like how this gives a simple gray sweatshirt such an edgy feel.

    FInally – I ADORE your haircut!

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