DIY: T-shirt to Lacy Tank

DIY: T-shirt to Lacy Tank

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How to get turn a plain white tee into a super cute tank top!

lace on a white tank top with words DIY tshirt to tankphotos: mackenzie for we heart this

Spring is here and we all know that means pulling out those warm weather clothes that have been in hiding all winter.

A white t-shirt is the perfect lead into spring – but what happens when that t-shirt has embarrassing yellow stains under the arms?

We all have this problem, but this year, instead of tossing that shirt into the rag pile, let’s make a new, cuter tank out of it that will last all through the summer!

T shirt, lace, scissors, and pins flat lay

Supplies Needed: 

a t-shirt
lace or another fabric
needle and thread or sewing machine (not shown)

white t shirt cut into a tank top

1. Cut off the sleeves as well as the sides of the shirt. I tried to cut all the yellow stain off so it ended up being about two inches from each side.

white tank top with lace next to it

2. Cut two pieces of lace that is longer than the side and wider at the bottom than the top.

white tank top with lace on top of it

3. Pin the lace and t-shirt together making sure the top edge of the lace lines up with the bottom of the armhole.

Make sure you only pin the t-shirt to the front edge and not through to the back as well.

sewing machine sewing lace

4. Sew straight down edge. Repeat on the rest of edges.

white tank top with lace on the sides

5. Lay the shirt flat and cut a curve on the bottom edge.

white tank top with lace on the sides

6. Cut the collar off the shirt to create a scoop.

woman wearing white lacy tank top with denim shorts

7. Throw on your new and improved shirt over a colored tank and enjoy all spring and summer!

Finally, there’s no need to stick with just your white tees. Feel free to recycle any and all old tees with this simple DIY!

we heartsters – Do you have any projects or problems you would like to see me tackle in an upcoming DIY?

Let me know in the comments!

girl posing wearing a lace tank top with the text easy DIY lace tank tutorial

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12 thoughts on “DIY: T-shirt to Lacy Tank”

  1. Cah-yooooute! I’m terrible at altering teeshirts, I always cut the arm holes too loosely. I should practice on some Goodwill shirts and see what cute lace-y creations I can come up with! Thanks @mgelina !

    1. The practicing with thrift store t-shirts is a great idea Amanda @mandalemm – I’m not the best at sewing and crafts so I like to have a practice run or two!

  2. First of all, can I say how much I love you owned up to the embarrassing white tee with yellow spots problem? It’s one of those issues almost everyone has, but hates to talk about it. Heh – damn yellow pits ruining nice tees.

    Love this way of recycling those shirts since you can get another season or two of wear out of it before it goes into the rag pile. Thanks for another super cute and smart DIY!

  3. I love it! I never know what to do with my daughters old white shirts. Now her and I have a new sewing project. Thanks for the clear directions.

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  5. This is a brilliant idea. I’m getting ready to put together my first couple, so this was a great inspiration. Thanks very much for this!

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  7. You can use fabric glue also if you’re not into sewing. Also can do old concert tshirts. Or smaller shirts you love but want more flowy.. even adding to the bottom to make it longer. :)

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