Does Crème de la Mer really work? A review…

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It’s the kind of email that dreams are made of. “Dear Stef, Would you be interested in reviewing Crème de la Mer on we heart this?….” After making sure I was indeed awake, I responded with a hearty yes (of course). What beauty site wouldn’t want to feature this legendary product? I felt like a skin fairy godmother knowing I was about to give our dry-skin team members the testing opportunity of a lifetime. Because from what I knew, La Mer is only for drier, mature skin. Or was it? So, before we delve into my misconceptions, just what is it about this creme that has inspired such a feverish cult following?

It all comes down to The Miracle Broth. This mix of sea kelp with an array of vitamins and minerals, oils of citrus, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa and sunflower is at the heart of every La Mer moisturizer. Think Miracle may be a touch over stated? Perhaps not. It was formulated by a NASA scientist, Dr. Max Huber. He suffered a horrible accident when a routine experiment exploded and left him with severe chemical burns. Looking to lessen the scars, he began his research. 12 years and 6,000 experiments later, Crème de la Mer was born.

The results Dr. Huber experienced with his burns are the same you can expect for your skin; softer, smoother, firmer, with signs of aging and pores both becoming noticeably less visible. Dry skin looks better, sensitive skin feels better. If that isn’t miraculous, I don’t know what is! And it all begins when you warm the crème between your fingertips or in your palm (this is a very important step to applying the product, don’t skip it!)

But what about those of us that don’t have dry or sensitive skin? How about me, whose skin breaks out at even the mention of a product with oil in it? Well, it turns out in addition to the the original formula, La Mer has 3 other moisturizers and ALL contain their signature Broth. We received a couple of full size items, along with samples of the following…

Crème de la Mer – The Crème de la Crème, if you will. Devotees are known to not let anything else touch their face. But be aware, in addition to their signature ingredients, it does contain several heavy duty emollients; occlusive moisturizers which cover the skin with a waterproof film through which water cannot escape. This is not for everyone, but it can be a dry girl’s savior. (1 oz-$135)

Moisturizing Gel Cream – A lighter gel version of the original, for those who may find it too rich, or for summer months when dry skin gets a bit of a break. (1 oz-$135)

Moisturizing Lotion – Even lighter still is the lotion. Same concentration of ingredients and benefits of the original, but for skin characterized as Normal. (1.7 oz-$190)

Oil Absorbing Lotion – And finally, the product for me and those like me, those who shudder at the word oil in any ingredients list. As with the others, you’re getting the same amount of Broth, but you’re also getting an oil free product that actually absorbs it as well. (1.7 oz-$190)

A couple of us even got to try the Eye Concentrate a super luxurious cream that fights wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, which honestly, had me from the first look at the the silver-tipped applicator it comes with. (1 oz-$165)

But why so expensive? Several reasons, all having to do with meticulous care and time. These products are filled by hand, a nod not only to tradition, but a process which sustains the integrity of the ingredients. Also, the sea kelp that is the base of the Broth is harvested only twice yearly. And finally, the 3-4 month process of fermentation that develops the Broth to it’s full potential. All add to the price tag, making it a product that’s not for everyone. I’ll admit, I didn’t want to like La Mer for this reason alone! Did I really want to be hooked on a product that cost this much? Too late, there’s no going back now that I have tried it, wallet be damned. (Make sure to read the comments to see my further thoughts on the line.)

Review Team, let us know your thoughts on the concentration you received. Can you see why La Mer has a cult-like following? we heartsters, if you have an added opinion on the line, please let us know!


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  1. Just like Stef, I thought I was dreaming when I saw Creme de la Mer in my pack! In such a cute little package (though probably still $300 worth of product- haha!)! I had the eye concentrate as well (but no applicator to be found?). It was in a perfect travel friendly size so I decided to really give it a good test and take it on my trip to France with me. It was a triple whammy: dehydrating airplines, jet lag, sun exposure (at the beach and on a sailboat!). Creme de La Mer did NOT disappointed. I loved how I could just feel my skin drinking in the hydration from the cream. My eyes were depuffed, smooth and hydrated for my entire trip! The cream is pretty thick, so I was a little worried about grease-factor for a moment, but I think even my eyemakeup stay put better with the Creme.

    I mean, for the extra couple hundred dollars…you really do feel that much more hydrated. I’ll be really interested to hear about the rest of your experiences with the face products! Creme de la Mer, I’m on Board!

  2. I was the lucky recipient of the Oil Free Lotion, as I mentioned in the post. As I also mentioned, I was kind of hoping I wasn’t going to like this! Terrible, I know. But I was hoping that maybe the hype was just that, and I could save myself having another $100+ product on my must-have list. Well, no such luck. The Oil Free Lotion is incredible!

    First, and most exciting to me, this lotion eats oil. Literally, gobbles it off your skin. It’s amazing and it happens right in front of your eyes. It has been a miracle these last few disgustingly hot weeks in So. Cal, where my skin has looked like a oil slick before applying.

    In addition, it’s La Mer! And it’s so much more than just the name. Right off the bat, the lotion has a light floral scent that’s really delightful. The whole ritual of warming it before you apply really makes you feel like you are about to put something really special on your face. And you are! On top of absorbing oil, my skin just seemed to drink this in, and felt amazingly hydrated afterward. Not a surface hydration either, from within. This is a real advance for me (and a lot of oily girls), moisturizers usually make me more oily and just kind of make my face feel slick, so I usually skip them. This seemed to balance my skin, it’s rather amazing!

    I am so excited to use this in the winter months. Because if it works for me in summer (when very few do) I imagine this is going to be really incredible then.

    Let’s talk price a moment. Yes, it’s expensive. But honestly, if a product works for me I find a way to buy it. If I pick up 4-6 other products off my vanity that DON’T work (and believe me, I have way more than that), I could have easily bought the La Mer. Start a La Mer savings fund, throw in a few bucks a week. You can have it in a few months. After your necessities, of course.

    I also got to try an eye concentrate sample (Katie, we only got a couple of applicators, and Tyna and I scooped them up like they were money, sorry!) It’s as incredible as the Oil Free Lotion. It is rich, but somehow light. It smells amazing and seems to do everything you want an eye cream to do: depuff, hydrate and lighten. The applicator? Well, it looks like a little magic wand. I think it may be, it feels super cool on your skin and using it keeps you from sticking your dirty paws in your cream. Genius!

    Oh La Mer, how I heart thee. 5 big, shiny golden stars.

    .-= stef´s last blog ..Jo Malone Kohdo Wood Collection review =-.

  3. A few years back someone gave me Creme de La Mer. I had heard so many things about it being this miracle moisturizer that costs a zillion dollars. So of course i was totally psyched to try it, but also resistent because what if i feel in love, i couldn’t afford the $1,200 an ounce(don’t quote me on the price but i’m almost positive it was something along those lines). It was so rich and heavy i just used it along my eyes, and even after a couple of times i couldn’t get used to it. In a way i was happy about it. Well, then i received the Moisturizing Lotion and was told this is supposed to be a lighter version of the original. Ok, now i’m in love! This moisturizer isn’t too heavy and not too light. it’s just right! My skin looks instantly healthier and it absorbs immediately. My skin feels soft and smooth and its perfect for the summer. It soothes anykind of sun you get on your face and leaves a smooth even finish. Ok so now my next question is, does anyone know how much this costs? I need to know because i’ve cleaned out the sample i got and need more now! This is perfect if you find the Creme de La Mer to be too heavy.

  4. I was ecstatic when I received Crème de la Mer’s, Moisturizing Gel Cream to review and was glad I did. I have heard how amazing this line is but currently it’s sweltering hot in Southern California. No face in the universe likes extreme heat and we are in the middle of a heat wave straight from the depths of Hades, which makes this ultra light gel cream a very timely and welcomed product. My sensitive skin loved this and it proved to work very well, especially in hot weather. I know it would be wonderful when it’s not hot too! I bet some of you will relate to my story. I was super hot from working in the garden on Saturday, and close to overheating- Red in the face- you know the tomato-face look. So, I was glad to take a cool shower and after I used this instead of my usual facial moisturizer, which was just too heavy – this was perfect, much lighter being in gel form. My skin felt hydrated and refreshed, plus it was soft to the touch. What I didn’t’ know was this has what the company calls the “miracle broth” in it. What is that? It is a special concoction made by Dr. Huber (aerospace physicist) and is known for its healing properties. Along with this broth, there is Crème de la Mer’s exclusive Lime Tea that is also in this, sea kelp, a natural humectant, minerals, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa and sunflower. I learned that these mere ingredients only turned miraculous after they went through a 3-4 month bio-fermentation process. WOW! I’m borrowing a term that my husband (Brew master) uses in his brewing techniques. His working title is and he is truly, The Reverend of Divine Fermentation. So, now we have another little miracle happening with La Mer, talk about “divine fermentation”. My face loved this and all I used was a small amount to cover my face, neck, and even used it under my delicate eye area. Good stuff, I give it 5 stars. My only beef is that this is not as affordable as I hoped. However, worth it and I will be getting it again when I can afford it!

  5. Bronwen, I added the prices to the post. Good idea.

    It’s funny, La Mer does have a huge sized jar that sells for One Thousand plus dollars. But if if you look at the price (1 oz for $135) it’s not the most expensive product I’ve ever bought, that’s for sure!

  6. I too, was secretly hoping (or rather, expecting) that this product wouldn’t work for me. I’ve heard about La Mer products for years and years and I remember the first time I saw the prices I just thought, “Um, no.” But then as the hype grew and the stories of its excellence persisted (remember the one about famous actresses purchasing La Mer by the case for thousands and thousands of dollars? Or how about the one about the famous actress who slathers her entire body twice a day in the Moisturizing Cream?) I sort of knew in the back of my head that La Mer products probably did have some sort of magical qualities. But my budget and my beauty philosophy of only purchasing affordable beauty products has always stood in the way of making a purchase.

    So let’s fast forward to a few weeks ago when I saw this little box of La Mer arrive at my doorstep. It was like staring down a life-long nemesis while knowing you’re too weak to defeat it. Needless to say, I found myself cleansing my face that night and thinking, “OK. The time has finally come.”

    I received The Moisturizing Lotion (for normal to dry skin) and I have to say that what hit me first was the fragrance. I don’t know what I was expecting this magical potion to smell like, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed by its nice, light, floral scent. The next thing I noticed was the texture. It wasn’t unlike other facial lotions I’ve used in the past (white, not too thick, not too thin) so I applied it to my face and hoped for the best.

    When I applied this product to my face, it almost felt like applying water to your face. I’ve got to say that it’s one of the most refreshing skincare experiences I’ve ever had. In fact, it was so moisturizing that I wondered how, or if ever, the product was going to go from sitting on top of my skin to actually penetrating my skin.

    After applying a thin layer of The Moisturizing Lotion to my entire face and neck, I promptly went to sleep.

    I woke up the next morning and WHOA. The magic is real, folks. My skin was the softest it has ever been, yet it was not greasy or oily either. HOW? WHY? WHAT THE??? My skin is *always* oily when I wake up, but after using La Mer it just felt…silky. And plump. And cushiony. And amazing.

    I applied La Mer Moisturizing Lotion again that morning after taking a shower and I was shocked at how much better my usual concealer and powder foundation looked on my skin. I almost giggled to my self thinking, “Here I am using drugstore makeup on my face on top of LA MER!” but wow. Just wow. It was as if I had used some sort of magical primer before applying my makeup that morning. And just like a magical primer, La Mer actually made my makeup last longer on my face, it applied smoother and overall just looked a whole lot better on my skin than it normally does.

    For the reasons above, I’m left with no choice but to give this product 5 stars. The price still stings a lot, but relatively speaking, just open up a Bliss catalog and you’ll see dozens of products with wild claims that now cost almost double the price of La Mer. When I have some extra money saved up, I will definitely purchase this because I FINALLY have confirmed, for myself, for that this product is magical, and it works.

  7. I must be living under a rock because I have never heard of La Mer. Or maybe I have but just knew that I could never afford it so it just went in one ear and out the other. So unlike the others, I didn’t know what to expect, or even know just how wonderful this product is when it came in the mail. So when I opened the little box and looked at the Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream I thought, humph, will I really like this? And the answer is, yes I do! it’s like a little pot of magic!

    Everyone has pretty much told you what it looks like and how it smells so I won’t go into that. But I do have to agree with nouveaucheap. I put it on before I applied my drugstore make up today and I look pretty dang good! I’m not going to lie. My makeup has never looked this good, I’m flawless. And it’s basically because this lotion hydrates and smoothes my skin. Making my makeup go on with a new kind of ease. Usually my skin is dry, flaking, itchy, and feels tight. But the Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream is so hydrating and refreshing that it wakes your skin up and brings it to a new potential that it didn’t even know it could achieve! My skin has always thought “I’m dry so I will itch and pull her face really tight.” then I put the cream on and it began this new way of thinking, “Ooo la la! I’m smooth and silky, let me roar!”

    So in a nut shell…..My skin needs this….I will have to start a savings fund just so my skin will love me and want to roar so more! ;)

  8. I got a chance to try the “understudy” of Creme de la Mer–La Mer Moisturizing Lotion ($190 for 1.7 oz). When I received the sample in my box, I too was excited to try it. I was almost nervous, like it was an error that it I received it.

    Now, honsetly, I did not give La Mer a fair chance for I have only been using it for a few days. Since doing reviews for WHT, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to my face lately. (Hey, I’m a pretty good looking lady if I do say so myself.) Hence, I’m now more cognizant of any changes a product may make–good or bad.

    On the plus side, it does not make my skin feel oily or greasy. Although it absorbed quickly, I didn’t feel like I hadn’t put enough product on my face. A little goes a very long way. It felt light on my hands and was scent-free. (Since my 2006 pregnancy, I’ve become more sensitive to the smells in products. My nose was so sensitive when I was pregnant, every beauty product has to be absolutely fragerance free.)

    On the negative side (yes there is one), I couldn’t find anything extraordinary about it. I really wanted to.

  9. Ok. Me too, me too, me too: I’d heard about La Mer and that movie stars and royalty use nothing but. With the price tag, I could see why. La Mer is something to dream about using when your rich and famous–slathering the cream all over your face after your Evian bath.

    When I saw this in my tester bag…what a treat! I received the moisturizing lotion. Truth be told, I don’t know how accurate my review can be with a .17 ounce tube. I used it very sparingly over a couple of days. It felt nice and light with a pleasant scent, but it was gone after my second application. I think it could have been gone with the first application if I had used it as probably intended. It seemed to work really well: my skin was soft and calm.

    I usually do use moisturizers with seaweed (though not of La Mer’s expense or reputation): Mario Badescu and Alba are two favorites. There is definitely something to the seaweed/oceanic minerals-thing.

    Bottom line: I can’t afford La Mer. I am an obsessive, impulse shopper, and know that promising to limit purchases so that I can give my allegience to one won’t work. Can a sex addict be in a monogomous relationship? Can an alcoholic refuse all drink but Cristal or Louis XII? This is my point.

    La Mer moisturizing lotion was quite nice, but (with my .17 ounce tube) I didn’t bear witness to the miracle. I’m sure it must be the best of all seaweed enhanced lotions and creams, but for now I’ll stick to my $20 jar of Mario Badescu.

    On another note, La Mer is free to entice me with a full-size version if they think I’ll be a convert. (What? There’s no harm in trying!)

    I’ll give 4 stars due to expense only. Thanks to La Mer and WHT for the opportunity!

  10. I could just say ditto!! :) Everyone has said so much of what I want to say, but I’ll say it anyway! I was afraid to try this like most because of the price-tag. I thought.. oh Lordy, watch I’m going to fall in love with it & of course I did!

    I do have dry skin, and sensitive skin so something that has been known as a calming drink of water is what I’m always looking for. I tried the Moisturizing Gel Cream and it felt exactly like a drink of water. So soothing. After a week my skin, which tends to get irritated very easily, was looking smooth and acted less irritable! I knew my skin could maybe go a step further, so I went to a Dept. Store with a La Mer counter and got a sample of the famous miracle Creme too, and went back and forth between that and the gel. My skin is loving both products.

    I know the reality is going to come as my samples dwindle and I’m going to have to start the fund. The lady at the counter was so helpful and described how little you actually need. She said the 1 oz. jar lasted around 2 mo. if you use it at night only, which is plenty to see results.

    And like Stef I thought, well if I add up what I spend on 10 dollar creams that don’t do much so I buy another, and it doesn’t work, so I buy another… why not just save up and buy something I’m going to use every drop of.

    It is pricey and that is the only down-side. But hey, you only get one face, so why not spoil it :)

    And if all else fails, ask Santa!!

    This is a 5 plus stars from me, each product I tried exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were high!
    La Mer is the Dom Pérignon of Face Cream! :)

  11. Wow I said five stars and almost gave it five smiley faces.. I think I need to chill on the cyber smiles but I can’t control myself!!

  12. I got to try a sample of the La Mer The Eye Concentrate. It was the sample size, so no fun wand applicator, but it’s the actual product that matters anyways. I have heard of La Mer and even bought their Eye Balm a few years ago (it was nice, but I think I didn’t quite need it at that time). I’m in search of my holy grail for eye cream and the La Mer Eye Concentrate is the current front runner in the competition. I’m not yet 32, but I noticed that once I hit 30, I suddenly had dark circles under my eyes and some fine lines that bother me enough that I had to start using under-eye concealer. I’m proud to report that the last few days I’ve been able to skip the concealer. I’ve been using this for a few weeks and only saw faint improvements and then it seemed that suddenly everything was noticeably improved, so I advise sticking to it and giving it a chance to work. My eyes appear less puffy, the under-eye skin is lighter, and the fine lines that have begun to form have smoothed a bit. I will say that yes, the price is a little scary, but so are crows feet, ladies. I received a teensy sample jar and I still have about half a jar left, so the good news is that if you purchase the full-size eye concentrate, it will last a very long time. Now I’m coveting The Moisturizing Gel Cream and contemplating selling a kidney to make it happen. Hey, I’ve got 2 :) 5 stars from me!!!

  13. I tested the moisturizing lotion and agree with Sherrishera – I can’t give it an accurate review because the sample didn’t last a full 2 weeks – which is my bare minimum for a legit test. I only got 5 days out of it and I used it as sparingly as possible. What I did notice echos what Stef said – I also have oily skin skin and now know that I should be investing in the oil free lotion because my nose and cheeks did feel a bit thick for those days. My skin was very soft, though. I did not put any foundation on over it, so I can’t attest to makeup going on better, but wish I’d thought now to at least try that. I do have to say that mine didn’t last as long because I did something unexpected with it…I put it on my newborn daughter’s dry forehead! I wouldn’t just do this, but had heard from a La Mer rep when I was pregnant that if my baby had any skin issues, this was the magic potion…well, it was. Kellyanne had some extremely dry skin (actually all over) but especially on her forehead. I decided to try a small patch of her forehead. That’s the only area that cleared up! And it cleared up in two days! I wish I could give it a full review for myself also – but for a newborn, it’s a miracle =)

  14. I have NEVER been happy to have dry skin before. That all changed the day I opened my tester package and saw the Creme de La Mer staring up at me (the original). I don’t know what I did to deserve this but I’m glad I did it. I got a full size jar to try too (go ahead, call me names!) so I’ve had plenty of time to make an opinion on it. My opinion? One word, Wow! I’ve never had a cream that has reacted better with my skin. Because along with being dry, I’m sensitive too. And when I slather too much or too heavy of a cream on, it only makes my skin worse. This felt like medicine on my face! No odd reactions, just smooth skin. Like a baby’s bottom. Someone said they felt hydrated from within and I have to agree. It feels like it somehow goes deeper than other creams (I know it doesn’t, but it feels like it!) So shoot, now I love it…

    This would be a solid 5 stars from me, if it only wasn’t so expensive. But we’re supposed to rate a 5 star item as one we will surely be buying again. I’m not sure I could swing a purchase of this, no matter what sort of fund I start!

  15. “light floral scent”

    Well, if the price didn’t turn me off, those three teeny words did. I have got to have the most sensitive nose on earth because there is a grand total of ONE scented product that hasn’t left me bedridden with a migraine–Biore Skin Preservation Exfoliator. I can only use certain products from Aveeno due to the fragrance too! It sounded so good too! :sniff: It’s so not fair. I’m having a moment, sorry.

  16. Melinda, I spoke in error when I said mine only lasted 2 days. I still have the tiny tube (and the box) that I thought to keep for a while, if just as a souvenir. Silly, I know. But when I read of other’s tubes lasting longer…well, I thought I’d check. There was enough in my tube for last night’s application, and maybe for tonight, too. I’ll have to re-think the size thing, but I still wish it was more so to give an accurate review.

  17. So I’ve heard the same stories about LA MER being some magic potion of radiance and beauty but I guess I thought it was one of those all hype things that the Hollywood people get paid to promote but don’t really believe in products. My mind has been changed and now I’m thinking I should be drinking smart water too and I may have the body of Jennifer Aniston with the skin of Demi Moore. I was the lucky receipiant of the Gel De La Mer, you know for us oily gals. The scent. Is a bit of a turn off, I smell a hint of rose and like Kate Im not a fan, but I can deal with the scent because of the way it leaves me glowing in the morning. I’ve been under some stress lately and my skin despite my best efforts was starting to show. I turned to my WHT stash and had myself a “Me Day”. The LA MER Gel was the cherry on top of my long bath. I applied a thin layer to my face including under my eyes and went to bed. The next morning I woke up, looked in the mirror and was taken back by how fresh my skin looked. Seriously it was dewey without the actual dew and I thought uh oh pimple central will be on me by yhe end of the day! To my suprise no pimples. Just in case though since it had been hot and yuxky I’ve stuck with every other day application, it’s made it last longer and prevented break outs. I so wish this was in my budget along with the eye cream!

  18. I just wanted to follow up that I’ve been using my sample for a little over 7 days and it does have a light scent whereas I said it had none. It’s a good moisturizer just not that good.

  19. I have used La Mer the creme for a while. Words can not express how much I love this moisturizer. I have extremely dry skin and La Mer just soaks in and my skin looks amazing. I also used La Mer on my granddaughter’s cheeks when she was teething. She had red, chapped, bumpy cheeks I applied La Mer 2 times to each cheek and voila her skin cleared up to reveal that beautiful baby skin. I have tried every other moisturizer, Skinceuticals, Clinique, Alba, Olay, Yonka and nothing, I repeat nothing works as well as La Mer. I would sell my soul for a jar of La Mer creme. There truly aren’t enough stars to give to this miracle.

  20. Ladies,

    I have been using Creme de la Mer for 20 years. I will be 50 next year yikes! CDLM is worth the price, Just treat yourself to a jar every year when you get your tax refund. Make it a must to treat yourself. I buy the body creme and use it all over, but mostly on my face and neck. The consistency is lighter than the face creme but the ingredients are the same, a 10 oz jar is about $150.00 and will last you over a year. It works out to be about $13.00 an ounce and very affordable. Buy it online and save the tax and shipping and snooty sales people who will tell you not to use the body creme on your face. I have used both, I prefer the lighter texture of the body creme.

    I also recommend Natura Bisse C+C creme during the day and Creme de la Mer at night. Body creme on both.

    You are worth it!

    1. Hi
      I seen your comment that you use the La Mer body creme for your face. I would love to try this as well. Do you use the same amount or a little more? Please, please let me know as I have extremely dry, sensitive skin and have been looking everywhere for a good moisturizer. I have used philosophy in the past but they changed their miracle worker and i can’t use it anymore without breaking out. Thanks Much!

  21. I want to try this, but I don’t think I’d be a good candidate:

    1. There is no SPF in it, so I wouldn’t wear it in the morning. Or are you supposed to put ANOTHER SPF-containing moisturizing over it?

    2. I use copious amounts of benzoyl peroxide on my face at night, to dry out my excessively oily skin. This is a 15-minute process ( and you can’t put on a heavy moisturizer over it.

    So between those two, there is no room for La Mer :-(

  22. Hope Torres says:

    I have been using Creme de la Mer with the eye cream at night for the last 4 years. As I live in the strong sunny climate of Australia, I occasionally boost my skin with the regenerative lotion, and always use any brand high SPF moisteriser during the day. I am 46, and everyone (including my not very observant brother), makes comments about my lack of wrinkles. As my daughter said to me the other day, ‘this is one cream you have to keep using mum’. It probably isnt for everyone, but it works for me.

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