RevitaLash Review: Does RevitaLash work? (+ Before and After Pictures)

RevitaLash Review: Does RevitaLash work? (+ Before and After Pictures)

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A look at RevitaLash’s mascara, primer & Revitabrow conditioner!

Does Revitalash work? Check out these before and after photos from We Heart This and decide for yourself if you need Revitalash. The original RevitaLash formula wowed our testers, both with its performance and the touching story behind its creation. If you missed the original review, here’s a recap:

RevitaLash was developed by Ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff after his wife Gayle’s breast cancer fight left her once-lush lashes fragile and thin.

Inspired by Gayle’s recovery, Dr. Brinkenhoff set out to restore her lashes and we all benefited from his research with the launch of RevitaLash.

Now it’s time to welcome RevitaLash ADVANCED, a new, improved version of our favorite lash conditioner.

Joining the latest formula is a range of equally exciting products designed to enhance the brows and lashes safely and effectively.

The RevitaLash line is used and endorsed by a list of celebrities longer than my arm (or my lashes, come to think of it), and now that I’ve tried it, I understand why.

We’ll get to my RevitaLash review in a moment and take a look at some before and after photographic evidence of Stef’s lashes, but first let’s check out all four products the team received from the RevitaLash line:

Does Revitalash work? Check out these before and after photos from We Heart This and decide for yourself if you need Revitalash.

RevitaLash Advanced: 

The updated version of the company’s original product, contains a proprietary blend of ingredients, including peptides and botanicals, designed to both beautify and nourish the eyelashes.

RevitaLash ADVANCED is both dermatologist and ophthalmologist reviewed, non-allergenic, and extremely effective in clinical studies.

The scary possible side effect associated with the original formula (possible permanent darkening of the iris) has reportedly been eliminated with the new release.

Does Revitalash work? Check out these before and after photos from We Heart This and decide for yourself if you need Revitalash.


This is a similar product to RevitaLash designed for use on the eyebrows.

What’s worse than brows that have been damaged through over-tweezing or waxing?

Not much.

RevitaBrow, with a formula that includes peptides, botanicals, and a Prostaglandin, is designed to strengthen, condition and nourish the eyebrows, leaving them fuller.

One swipe of the applicator daily on a clean brow is all it takes for healthier looking brows within four to eight weeks.

Does Revitalash work? Check out these before and after photos from We Heart This and decide for yourself if you need Revitalash.

Does Revitalash work? Check out these before and after photos from We Heart This and decide for yourself if you need Revitalash.

RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara 

This mascara has a clump-free formula for building thicker, fuller lashes. The brush is designed to separate and define the lashes for “an eye-popping finish.”

Perfect Primer  

RevitaLash’s newest invention, this matte mascara primer comes in a blue hue designed to enhance and intensify both eye color and whatever shade of mascara you’re wearing. It also moisturizes eyelashes to help prevent breakage and provides a smooth base for mascara.

It contains an anti-bacterial agent to keep the tube free of contaminants, and, like the mascara, comes with an specially designed brush that picks up every lash.

Does Revitalash work? Check out these before and after photos from We Heart This and decide for yourself if you need Revitalash.

I tested RevitaLash ADVANCED and RevitaBrow.

I started using both on the same day, and the results crept up on me in a sneaky kind of way. I was constantly checking for changes and not really seeing them.

How long does it take for RevitaLash to work?

Then, about three weeks into testing, I was putting on mascara and noticed my lashes looked somehow better. I can’t say that I saw new growth, but my existing lashes definitely seemed thicker and longer. I also noticed I was losing fewer lashes, which made me very happy.

A few days later, as I was putting gel on my brows, they seemed more substantial – not that there was more hair, but that the hair I had was thicker, if that makes sense.

My brows were already full and dark before I started testing, but RevitaBrow makes them look more abundant and well-groomed.

After a solid four weeks of use, my results for both lashes and brows are subtle but undeniable.

Lashes look longer and thicker; brows appear more lush and healthy. I’m not sure how many more weeks of use I will get from each product, and these conditioners involve commitment; if I stop using them, the progress I’ve made will be reversed.

But if you’re desperate for longer, fuller lashes, here’s your answer.

Not convinced?

Let’s take a gander at co-founder Stef’s RevitaLash ADVANCED results!

RevitaLash Before And After Pictures

Does Revitalash work? Check out these before and after photos from We Heart This and decide for yourself if you need Revitalash.

Does Revitalash work? Check out these before and after photos from We Heart This and decide for yourself if you need Revitalash.

Stef says that these images were “taken three months apart, with near daily use. I forgot to apply about once or twice per week.”

Pretty impressive, no?

One Final Update:

In the two months or so since I originally wrote this post, I have begun to see more length in both my lashes and brows. The lash growth is the most impressive thing. I feel like I’m wearing makeup even when I’m not, and I’m more confident without mascara then ever before in my adult life.

As for my brows, the individual hairs are thicker and I actually had to trim a few long, crazy strands that sprouted like weeds. Yes, this is powerful stuff and if you stick with the regime, you will see results!

Do you want to try RevitaLash too? Grab it here!

Revitalash Review

RevitaLash Pros:

  • Extensive safety studies have determined that these Ophthalmologist-developed products are extremely safe
  • No darkening of iris with RevitaLash, which now “keeps your blue eyes blue”
  • Can be used with contact lenses
  • Products are easy to apply
  • No prescription needed

RevitaLash Cons:

  • Expensive 
  • With the lash and brow conditioners, you must keep using the products to maintain your results.

Do you have a RevitaLash review to share? 

Let us know in the comments!

20 thoughts on “RevitaLash Review: Does RevitaLash work? (+ Before and After Pictures)”

  1. Wow, @stef , your lashes look amazing! I’m curious, do you plan to continue your daily lash treatments when the product is gone?
    I’m extremely happy with my results, and I’m so mad at myself for not taking “before” pics, too.
    5 stars for Revitalash ADVANCED and RevitaBrow!

    1. I absolutely will buy this again when I’m out. I had two people working on me recently (a MA and an esthetician) ask if I had extensions! But the MA also said to make sure to take breaks while you’re using it too, or your lashes get a bit unruly. She actually said to just use it on the outside lashes once you’ve reached a length you’re happy with. But honestly, can your lashes be TOO long?

  2. I have been using Revitalash for over a year. I love it. My lashes went from being really, really short and thin to being a serious asset. I can’t suggest RevitaLash enough.

  3. I am amazed by your results, @stef! I especially see it in the lashes, but I noticed your brow is coming in nicely as well! wow! I have a few bald brow spots from over tweezing that I would love to fill back in, and every gal wants a thicker lash line.
    Great review @Turboterp, I would love to try Revitalash and Revitabrow!

  4. I’ve tried the original formulations of Revitalash and Revitabrow, and they’re both AMAZING. I was super skeptical testing them, but they’ve done wonders for my lashes and brows. Seriously, cross my heart and pinky promise, Revitalash and Revitabrow really do work. I’d give them 10 stars if I could. They’re expensive, but it does more than mascara can, and it costs less than things like maintaining lash extensions. And a 6 month supply tube really does last 6 month, even if you continue to apply it every day. AND OMG IT’S ON SALE AT DRUGSTORE.COM for $65!!! That comes out to less than $11 per month for long gorgeous lashes! I am headed over to that website right now to buy a tube. I’m totally obsessed with these products, and am glad to see the new formulations are even more effective. @Stef, your lashes look fabulous!!!

    The primer and mascara are good, but not great. The primer works really well in terms of lengthening and volumizing my lashes without clumping (even lower lashes!) but the mascara is a little tricker to work with to avoid slight clumping. The brush design is not my favorite. They’re a powerful duo together, but I have to take off a star because of the price and the effort needed to get the results. Four stars for the mascara and primer.

  5. Wow – some pretty impressive results from both @stef and @Turboterp! I have always been leery of trying RevitaLash as I have very light blue eyes and I didn’t want to mess with them. But know that I now the new formula does not have that side-effect, I can’t wait to lay my hands on a tube. Long, lush lashes here I come!

  6. That’s an impressive after shot. I’ve been curious about Revitalash but deterred because of the price. However it looks like it might be worth it!

    1. It’s totally worth it. When all of the lash products first came out, I was absolutely certain that the results would be ever so slightly noticeable at best, and that it was just another snake oil scheme to make money. But I’m on my second tube (just bought my third from and still love it. A six month supply is on sale for $75, which is about $12 a month. Which isn’t bad. It is a lot to shell out at one time, but the tradeoff is worth it. I’d skip a few lattes every month to have long lashes that are REAL! Also, if you’re a new customer to, there’s a $10 off $50 or more link on ;)

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  11. Wow do I need these….especially for my once lush brows…I don’t know what happened to them, but they got a little thinner when I hit 30. It’s a sad state of affairs, y’all…

  12. So yeah, this is a RevitaLash and RevitaBrow can’t be anything but a 5 star review – those pictures don’t lie! It was interesting too, for the first 2 months I was really skeptical. They kinda sorta looked like they were growing, but I wasn’t sold. But that third month – I swear it seemed like one morning I looked at them and BAM! I was especially impressed with the growth on my eyebrows. You can see my bald spot is way less noticeable.

    I also got to try the primer and mascara, which I like alone but not so much together. The bright, brilliant primer is fun to wear alone (and hooray for not being white!) and provided decent length and separation. But when I applied the mascara on top I really fought with clumping. Again though, alone the mascara was good. But in all honesty, neither really blew me away, not like the growth products.

    But RevitaLash and Brow? You will NEVER regret this purchase!

  13. This really works. My eyebrows did not extend far enough to open up my eye. After using this for a month,every night, WOW! I had grandpa brows and had to make an appointment to have them shaped and trimmed.

  14. Hi, i have lost my eyebrows due to alopecia and its been 2 years now. Just wanted to clarify before i start using Revitabrow, once the eyebrows are grown, should we keep using it forever to retain the eyebrows or can we stop once the eyebrows are grown. Kindly revert

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