Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner 

While I’ve been accused of being a beauty hoarder, I am not often considered a beauty snob. There’s nothing better than finding a fantastic product, worthy of a department store counter, in your local drugstore aisles. My most recent happy discovery is the Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

As a lifetime fan of Dove products (you’ll always find a bar of their classic White Beauty Bar in my bathroom), I was excited when I was asked to test a duo of Dove shampoo and conditioner. While I had a lot of faith in Dove, I was also curious to see if their new Daily Moisture formula, could meet my multi-personality hair requirements.

I have very fine and fairly thin, long straight hair. It is also dry, especially after a summer of sun, water, wind and frequent washings. I wish I could get away with every other day washes, but since my hair is so flat and fine, just a touch of oil can make my style look limp and greasy. So I need to make sure my shampoo is gentle enough, and my conditioner lush enough, to keep my dry locks hydrated – without weighing my hair down.

Closer look of Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Enter the new Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner system. Both products in this coordinating duo contain the Pro-Moisture Complex that promises to go “beyond the surface to hair’s cellular level for weightless, beautiful results without excess residue.”

Housed in clean, steam-lined white bottles with blue graphics, this Dove duo fit right into my bathroom theme. Even better, they fit well into my hair care routine.

Closer look of Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo description in the container

The Daily Moisture Shampoo has a full, creamy consistency that lathers well and really seems to hydrate my hair. Even with the lush lather, it rinses quickly and completely. The scent is bright and sweet with a fruity hint in the shower, and once dry, fades to a fresh clean scent that softly lingers throughout the day.

Meanwhile, the Daily Moisture Conditioner has rich and thick consistency that glides through my wet hair depositing moisture along the way. Again, it rinses cleanly and leaves me with tangle-free tresses that don’t fight my wide-tooth comb.

Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

I’m also a fan of the simple flip-top lids, that make it easy to handle in the shower. The conditioner has its lid on the bottom of the bottle, so even when I’m showering ‘blind’ (without my contacts or glasses) I know I have the right product without reading the labels. Plus, I’ll be able to squeeze out every last drop when I reach the bottom of the bottle.

And reach the bottom of these products I will! The Daily Moisture duo delivered on their promises. They leave my hair feeling super soft, shiny and hydrated without weighing my fine locks down. After a morning shower, my hair stayed fresh and even bouncy all day long. I’ve only been testing a few days, but I think the gentle formula will play nice with my dry hair even with daily washes.

Overall, I’m thrilled with this new drugstore discovery and will continue to reach for Dove when I need some quality beauty on a budget.

we heartsters – what are your favorite Dove products?

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Dove logoDove understands that having beautiful, healthy-looking hair gives you the confidence to feel your best. Whether your hair is dry or damaged, Dove has a tailor-made solution for your hair care needs. After just one wash hair is shiny, healthy-looking and full of life. Thanks to Dove, you can look and feel beautiful from the inside out.

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  1. I’ve been hearing a LOT about Dove products lately. My knowledge only extends to their deodorant line and that’s it. I have a lot of catching up to do. These hair products sound great!

  2. I’ve seen these on the shelf and wondered how they performed. Thanks to your post, @tyna , I’m going to pick them up pronto! I already love Dove’s body wash.

  3. I still love Dove’s original facial bar. I’m a huge fan of their Nutrium shower wash (talk about luxurious!). It’s wonderful to know that the hair care doesn’t weigh hair down. Thanks for the great review, @tyna!

  4. I don’t use the hair products but I do usually have Dove in the house. I love their Body Wash…and it’s so inexpensive!

  5. I like a lot of Dove products and definitely want to try the Daily Moisture line. My all time favorite, though, is the Pro-Age Cream Oil Body Lotion. It’s like this super-luxe lotion that feels so oily and rich going on, but then it dries down very lightly and gives your skin a subtle sheen. And it has this really singular, delicious scent, too.

  6. I haven’t tried any of Dove’s hair care line so I can’t wait to give these a whirl. I too have thin, sometimes oily hair and I’m glad to hear this shampoo works well with finicky hair.

  7. I love that the shampoo opening is on the top (you use it first) and the conditioner opening is on the bottom (you use it last) – I think that is so smart! It may not be why they do it, but I love not having to read a label in the shower.

  8. Alyza Rae says:

    I use this shampoo and love it too! It’s just the right amount of moisture for my thick hair and has gradually reduced my oil levels.
    I also love Dove’s beauty bar soap and their deodorants. My favorite thing about Dove is that they do almost everything in an unscented version for sensitive skin.

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