Dr. Brandt skincare - review

Dr. Brandt skincare – review

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dr. brandtI’ll admit, I’m a fool for a product with a Doctor’s name in it. Not that I’m the kind of person to run off to the Doctor’s at the drop of a hat. Please know that this is being written by a woman who recently walked around on a broken foot for 2 days before she finally made an appointment. But I’d never pass up a visit with a Dermatologist! Of course, if I was seeing a Doc every time I had a skin woe, I’d be broke. Hence, my love of products that are developed by Doctors so that even when I can’t afford to go, I feel like I’m getting my very own house call.

One of my most trusted lines? Dr. Brandt, of course. The very first at home microdermabrasion product I ever tried was his Microdermabrasion in a Jar and it’s still my favorite to this day. As a matter of fact, I think it may have been when my devotion to Dr. named products began!

And rightfully so, he’s a leader in the skincare field. What began with the Doctor using natural ingredients to fight the growth of cancer, these items; Green tea, vitamin A, and vitamin C would become the building blocks for his future skincare line. Today, he is one of the most sought after dermatologists in the world—seeing up to 50 patients a day! If a less natural approach is your thing, Dr. Brandt was also at the forefront of the injectable skincare movement, being actively involved in the FDA trials that led to the approval of botox, hyaluronic acid, and collagen injectables.

We’re staying on the more natural side of the spectrum, with the items we received being filled with active botanicals, though still cutting-edge (though not literally cutting, or poking, as the case may be). Best of all, every product scientifically formulated to deliver maximum results, no appointment necessary!

Our Review Team will be weighing in with their thoughts on the following items:

Blemishes no more, spot blotter & concealer – We love a multi-tasker. This beauty both covers and fights blemishes, can be used day or night, inhibits bacteria growth, absorbs oil, and prevents more oil from forming. Sounds like a pimple’s worst enemy!

Lineless, lines no more – Seems like your wrinkles days are numbered too. This works to plump wrinkles, filling them in from the inside out to visibly minimize folds and lines. But while it’s plumping, it’s also has a collagen-stimulating action so that you aren’t just masking your wrinkles for the day, you are working to lessen them over time.

Blemishes no more, intensolution – Find toners that fight blemishes to be drying? Not this one! Even though this is maximum strength it will never leave you flaky. For use wherever on your body you might dealing with breakouts.

Microdermabrasion body exfoliating cream – Scrubbers unite! Those in love with dermabrasion for the face now have a high quality, professional grade for the body too. Oh, when I think of all the dry spots I have on my body that could use this, my ever-loving scrubbie heart beats quickly…

How about it, anyone else loving these house calls? Let us know your thoughts on the Dr. Brandt skincare line.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Brandt skincare – review”

  1. I chose the Lineless, lines no more to test. Because really, with a name like that, how could I not? I love the applicator. I believe it’s called a doe foot in the lip gloss world, minus the sponge tip. I kind of liken it to a tiny inversed plastic spoon. All you do is pump it and out comes the product, no dirty fingers in a jar. A world of advice, pump gently and pump with the applicator placed on your face, it has a tendency to spurt a bit.

    This does plump wrinkles! Plump, not erase. Don’t expect miracles. It lessens their appearance. I like using this for special occasions when I want to look better than usual. You know the occasions I mean. But here comes some more advice, use sparingly. Less is def. more in this case. Too much product will cause it to flake and that is never a good look.

    I haven’t noticed any long term effect on my lines yet, and honestly, it hasn’t replaced Microdermabrasion in a Jar as my favorite Dr. Brandt product. But I do recommend it for a temporary wrinkle aid.
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  2. I tested Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion Body Exfoliating Cream. I’m a huge fan of body exfoliaters (my shower is crammed full of them) and this one had some really great points and one bad one. First of all, love the packaging – a simple black tube that rests lid side down in the shower (so the product pools at the bottom – you get every last bit of it out!) that is simple and easy to use while showering. The product is truly a cream (not a cream that turns to a gel or foamy when wet) that is chock full of the finest scrubbies I’ve ever experienced! I have heard that the finer the grain of the exfoliator the better job is does and I am becoming a believer. I swear the cream feels almost like soft sandpaper (or a kitty tongue) when you rub it over your skin – it is in no way painful or uncomfortable, you can just really feel the fine scrubbies going to work. It rinses clean and clear away and left my dry skin totally free of dead skin and rough patches. The creamy consistency was also moisturizing. The cons? Well, it’s a little costly – but is especially good for those with sensitive skin, so may be worth the price. Secondly, the scent – I can’t place my finger on what the scent is – but I did not like it at all. So much so that I cannot use this fabulous product. But, I realize this is a highly personnel opinion, so I encourage you to give it a sniff the next time you are at Sephora – if the scent is cool with you, you couldn’t get a better body scrub.
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  3. I can attest to the wonders of the Microdermabrasion in a Jar–it is a fantastic product. It is a very mighty scrub! I’ve also used their Pores No More products and enjoyed them, especially the cleanser. That being said, I tested the Blemishes No More Spot Blotter & Concealer. I’m going to lead off by saying that the product had a great consistency and had enough coverage to mask the spots, however, the single shade offering was way off. The product only comes in one shade and that is dark orange. I am a pale girl and this concealer is ridiculously dark. I wasn’t even able to wear this in public, no matter how much I tried to blend it out, so I settled for wearing this at bedtime. I can’t really say if this completely blotted out oil because I think too much time passed while I slept to accurately judge it, but in the short term (about 2 hours), it does somewhat help keep oil at bay. Blemish-wise, I noticed it reduced the inflammation and redness in my blemishes and they did heal faster than if I’d left them alone. I think this could be a great product if they offered a better shade selection *hint hint*.

  4. I could not wait to review this product. I received the Blemishes No More Intensolution. I’ve been using it everyday for about 2 months now. I’ve always loved the idea of toners, but found them to be to much like rubbing alcohol and dry my skin out. Which sometimes is good but not good for everyday. Right away i noticed a difference with Dr.Brandt. it has more of a cooling effect on my skin. My skin tingles, and not just when i put it on but for awhile after. My skin feels really clean and tight but not a drying tight. As far as blemishes are concerened it didn’t do much for stopping them or making them go away faster, where i did notice a HUGE difference was with blackheads. I know its gross but when you live in a city filled with smog, pollution and ginormous brush fires that fill your air with smoke, you get them. Using the Dr.Brandt Intensolution has decreased the amount of blackheads i get by a lot! Especially in the warm months this has been a life savor! This is my first Dr.Brandt product but i will continue buying this. Besides feeling great, for me it worked!
    The packaging is really cool. I agree with Tyna. i love the sleek black tube like container it comes in. My only problem with it, its a screw top, which is sort of a pain when you’re just getting out of the shower and stuff. I”m always afarid i’m going to knock it over. But i haven’t yet.

  5. I’m a sucker for a brand with a Doctor’s name on it too! Mainly because I have learned over the years how effective these products usually are, as doctors tend to ignore the fluff and concentrate on the results. And results are what it’s all about, baby!

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