Dr Dennis Gross All-in-One Tinted Moisturizer

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Today we take a look at the time saving wonder that is Dr. Dennis Gross (formerly MD Skincare) All-in-One Tinted Moisturizer…

Here at we heart this, we are busy women (and you probably are too). We may range from traveling executives to in-home caretakers to college students, but we all work hard. And we don’t usually have time for multiple steps to look our polished best in the morning. But we know that looking our best has to start with our skin. If our skin is not smooth and even-toned, then the effort put into eyes and lips just doesn’t pay off as it should. So what do you do when you just don’t have the time to apply all those perfecting steps; a toner, a serum, a moisturizer, a primer and foundation (oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen!) Enter Dr. Gross.

If you haven’t already discovered the holy-grail timesaver of a tinted moisturizer, now is your time! And who better to trust with choosing the right product for you than Dr. Dennis Gross? We recently expressed our adoration for this famed dermatologist, with his skin transforming Alpha Beta Daily Peel. I feel confident in Dr. Gross’s products as he not only still sees his patients on a daily basis, but has been involved in cancer research with some remarkable institutes. He has combined his years of patient care, knowledge, and research to formulate products that use high concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants, and botanicals to enhance penetration and performance.

Dr. Gross’s philosophy is that less is better in terms of what to put on your skin. That is why in the formulation of his All-In-One Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 he has combined a moisturizer with a tint and sunscreen (eliminating the need for multiple layers of product on your skin.) People StyleWatch and InStyle Weddings raved about the All-In-One, saying “It’s not hiding skin; it’s perfecting skin.” I would wholeheartedly agree!

The All-In-One has enough tint to smooth out skin and hide imperfections (goodbye foundation!) It also absorbs quickly and hydrates only where your skin needs it, making it the perfect lightweight moisturizer. Added to all this there is protection against UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays and skin aging free radicals, for quite the powerhouse product! The All-In-One softens the skin, while tightening and firming it to give a smooth look and radiant glow. There are six beautiful shades to choose from to compliment any skin tone any time of year. All shades are completely natural looking and create polished and healthy skin that is comfortably nourished, yet well protected and perfected.

Our lucky review team tested the range of tints. (Some of us even shared ours with other testers to see how the range of colors worked with our skin.) So, what did you think, review team, and readers who’ve used this? Does it eliminate some steps in your busy morning routine?

Buy these at Sephora. And if they don’t carry your shade, check Dr. Gross’s website.

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  1. I was the lucky tester of Dr. Dennis Gross (formerly MD Skincare) All-in-One Tinted Moisturizer in the Medium/Dark color. I’m very fair in the winter, but this color will be perfect for summer, when I trade in my full winter foundation for the sheerness of tinted moisturizer.

    Like you, Melinda, I am so impressed with everything about this product: the color, the texture, the targeted hydration, the serious sun protection. It really does seem to moisturize only where I need it without making my less-dry areas shiny or oily.

    Even the price isn’t too outrageous when I think of the various drugstore brand tinted moisturizers gathering dust in my makeup pile; sometimes cheap is, well, cheap! $44 is a small price to pay for a product that will make my skin luminous while protecting it every day.

    5 stars for Dr. Dennis Gross and this wonderful product!

  2. This is super! I received the new and improved Dr. Dennis Gross, Mdskincare All-In-One Tinted Moisturizer sunscreen SPF 15, in Light- Claire. Say that in one breath! If you don’t normally wear foundation, this no-nonsense moisturizer is made for you. My skin is fair but has redness and can be blotchy- and of course on the dry side, so this sheer, self-adjusting formula delivers moisture only where skin needs it most, making it ideal for all skin types-mine being quite sensitive. It is very softening, hydrating, and has a perfect amount of color to cover my ruddiness. The fact that this also has SPF 15, it’s great- especially since I’m finding myself outside more then usual with all the gardening we’ve begun recently.. It’s perfect for those low-maintenance days when you don’t’ want to wear any makeup but want to look great. In a nutshell, this is a spot on moisturizer with the added benefit of a skin-smoothing tint and sun protection. I always get compliments on my “perfect” skin whenever I wear this and now can’t live without it. Perfect for everyday use! It’s worthy of finding a home in my stash! I give this four stars.

  3. I tried Dr Dennis Gross All-in-One Tinted Moisturizer (formerly MD SKincare) in dark, and I was quite surprised by how well it worked. I had never used a tinted moisturizer before, and didn’t have much hope that it would moisturize or match my skin tone. Boy, did Dr. Gross prove me wrong!

    The moisturizer was thicker than I expected, but it melted right in as I blended with my fingers. (Other times, I used a foundation sponge because I have issues touching colored makeup with my fingers.) I got great, even, almost flawless coverage without looking untouchable. I also didn’t need concealer under my eyes.

    Even when I blew my nose, the moisturizer pretty much stayed in place the whole day. My nose did get a little shiny but the rest of my face remained relatively semi-matte.

    Warning, the scent is a little unpleasant but it fades very quickly.

    I can see myself buying this product again in the future when I run out.

  4. Like Melissa, I also am pretty fair in the winter time and tested the Medium/Dark color. I wasn’t expecting it to look good at all on my light skin, but it surprising still looked fabulous! Erin kept saying that too, even under the fluorescent lights in our classrooms how nice the color looked and natural and that I just had a healthy amount of color – so that is thrilling to hear in the yuck of winter. Erin and I switched colors for awile too, since she tested the Medium. That is a little more my shade I suppose, and if I was choosing a color myself in the store, Medium is probably as dark as I’d ever pick out. But I have to say, since I’m forced into owning the darker color now by virtue of testing it, I am thrilled to have it! I never would have picked it out myself and I would’ve missed out – it’s a beautiful, natural and healthy-looking shade and really does cover my skin almost as well as any foundation I’ve ever tried! I agree with you Melissa, that it is absolutely worth the prict tag when you consider the lesser brands stacked up in the usused pile add up to more than that anyways. My nose, like yours Rakisha, also got a little shiny by the afternoon, but mine always does too, no matter what I use.

    I am very impressed with how well this covers imperfections, yets blends in so nicely – I can’t feel it at all after it dries. I do need to let it dry though, before brushing my teeth…I always end up with a little color on the towel since I brush right after this step!

    I did not notice a scent at all, Rakisha! Did anyone else notice that??

    I agree too, Pam about it perfecting skin – it really does give a nice glow!

    I can see myself buying this over and over – and even in this darker color! 5 “glowing” stars!!

  5. I just noticed that my profile picture makes me look like I’m lying about my fair skin! That’s a poor quality picture – the lighting in my dark room is terrible – I really do have quite fair skin!!

  6. That’s funny melinda because if you look at my profile picture which i’ve been meaning to change you wouldn’t take one bit of advice or trust anything i say! Me and Tyna were laughing about how many people think this is really me. Its not, its brett michaels!
    Well, on to my review… I love tinted moisturizer and i love this one even more then any other that i tried! Mainly because it has the spf in it. that is so important because its always sunny in SoCal! I got the light to medium and the tint was perfect! blends in right away and really evenly. It doesn’t dry out my skin or make it flake in any way. Huge fan and i’ll upgrade to the medium dark once the summer comes and i might go out in the sun.

  7. Hilarious Winnie! I admit when I first saw your profile pic way back when and before I looked closer – I thought it was you, too! I think it’s because Brett looks sooooo feminine in it! And I agree with your review too, in that the moisturizer does not dry out my skin or make it flake either. I hadn’t thought of that, and it’s so true – you can’t feel it on your skin at all – it really is another great product from Dr. Gross.

  8. Bronwen.. that’s Brett Michaels.. haha!! Awesome!
    I didn’t know who it was.. I knew it wasn’t you.. but the fact it’s him is hilarious :)
    I have to give this one a try.. I love my Laura Mercier, and the Tarte one, but Dr. Gross is so known for good skincare, I would really love to try this.. adding it to the gotta try list right now.
    Great review Mel!!

  9. I was also a lucky tester of this fabulous tinted moisterizer and I loved it! It’s lightweight, very natural looking, and adds a beautiful glow of color, without looking fake. I tested the medium which I thought was a perfect match to my foundation that I normally used. As Mel said, we traded for a bit too and I also really liked the medium dark! Mel looked great in it, and it looked like she had a nice amount of warmth to her face, even under our disgusting fluorescent lighting! I would definitely buy this again and like the idea of using different colors to get a more tan look. It doesn’t seem to need to match your skin tone as closely as say foundation, because there’s not a ton of pigment. Overall, it was a great moisturizer, and a mild foundation! 5 huge stars for me!

  10. As much as I love every Dr. Gross product I’ve ever tried (and the Alpha Beta peel is one of top 2 favorite skin care products ever) I was kind of hesitant to try this. I’m a total oil-phobe and the 4th and 5th ingredient are oils (dromiceus and castor oils, more on that later). But I knew if anyone could make them work for me, it would be this company. And lo and behold, they did!

    This melts into your skin and really is hydtrating. I find most tinted moisturizers are really just foundation light. But this made you feel like you really were doing something good for your skin while covering imperfections (and it does that beautifully).

    This apparently used to be sold in a pump (and some of our testers did receive those) but is now sold in a tube. I like that change. I hate not being able to tell how much product is left in a pump.

    Now about that oil. They obviously know what they’re doing. Despite being high up on the ingredients list, this does not feel greasy at all. BUT, dromiceus oil? It’s emu oil. Yep, the bird. People swear by the benefits of the oil, but if you are a vegetarian or a cruelty-free beauty user, this is not the product for you.

    For me, I like this a lot. But the oil-phobe in me still has fears, despite the good effects so far. If this were oil-free, I’d be very pleased and would buy again. For now, I’m a guarded “probably would buy again”.
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..MAC Art Supplies – review and swatches =-.

  11. Stef-I am also an oil phobe! I am not much of a foundation person. So I love the idea of tinted moisturizer. Especially with SPF. Maybe I will cautiously check it out as well, based on your thoughts. It is so hard to find something that doesn’t make you oily or dry you out.

  12. Thanks Christy and Erin =^))

    Kellie, I think it’s worth a try. I also am an oil phobe – I have never bought a moisturizer with oil in it – or have returned it as soon as I discovered it did have it! It really does not slick up the face at all. Like I said above, all I noticed was my nose is a little shiny by the afternoon – but I get that anyways even with oil-free moisturizers. There’s something about this that just works beautifully. Maybe it is that emu oil. From what I can see about it, it’s not going to be curing cancer any time soon, as some have claimed, but they seem to be having excellent results with it penetrating the skin deeper (which our skin is designed NOT to allow!). Maybe that’s why Dr. Gross uses it??

  13. I tested this tinted moisturizer in the light-Claire shade. I thought it would be too light for my skin, but truly it blended in flawlessly. The coverage is beautiful. Like Stef said it just melted into my skin and left me feeling dewy, but not oily one bit. I’ve used a ton of tinted moisturizers and this is one of the most moisturizing ones I’ve used. I would buy this again in a heartbeat! 5 stars from me.

  14. Oh my gosh! I use this product so much, I almost forgot that I’m a tester for it! (How’s that for a rave review?? ) I tested the Deep and I did not think I’d be a fan; I usually only like full coverage products to even out my skintone. But this little wonder is perfect for me on the weekends, when I don’t want to spend a lot of time putting on makeup and want to give my skin a break. It gives nice even coverage and left my face feeling soft. I had a little transfer, but no more than if I used foundation; probably less, actually.
    The oil didn’t bother me, but I think that’s because I’m used to my oily skin needing a bit of blotting in the middle of the day. I reccommend this, 5 stars!

  15. This has become my everyay go-to moisturizer. I love that it has a matte finish, but not dull. Especially since I often make it two layers in order to get a fuller coverage. It has no weird smell like some tinted moisturizers seem to have (ahem Laura Mercier). And best part is that it’s got my daily sunscreen!!! For a little bit of evening glow, I mix in a drop of Fresh Freshface glow and my skin looks like freakin’ Heidi Klum!

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