Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel review

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It gives me great pleasure to present to you one of my top three Holy Grail skincare products – Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel (formerly MD Skincare, $80 for 30 applications). Believe me when I tell you, I don’t use the term lightly. As a beauty reviewer for close to four years, I have tried A LOT of skin products. Lots of really amazing skin care. But this is, hands down, one of the products that has shown the most improvement in my skin. And therefore, a product that my cabinet is never without. I think it’s safe to say that every compliment I get on my skin, I can chalk solely up to this (it’s my hardest working HG).

The beauty of this product is that it handles every skin woe I have and gives me visible results instantly. Honestly; results with just one use. Plus, this two-step process takes only two minutes a day! So, what do these little pads do? Pull up a seat and I’ll tell you…

Step one is the powerhouse, the upper cut to your skin’s nastiest habits (more on those in a minute). Besides the combination of five Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids (each chosen to provide specific benefits), you’ll also find more soothing, yet powerful ingredients like Green Tea extract. To see the entire ingredient list, check out the entire website dedicated solely to this product.

Step two neutralizes all of the hard work that was being done in the previous step. Coming in at just the right time to break up the fight, so that even though the product is strong, it’s just strong enough. Plus, it leaves behind some good ingredients that will continue to help and soothe your skin till next use.

What does it fight?

  • Aging – it smoothes the appearance of fine lines and instantly firms.
  • Acne and oil – problem skin is sent running by controlling excess oil, minimizing enlarged pores and lessening scars.
  • Dullness – It brightens by removing dead skin cells; improving clarity and eliminating dullness.
  • Redness and Sensitivity – As powerful as it is, it also helps calm and soothe any skin irritation you might have.

Why do I love it so? Because it does exactly what it promises. My skin glows after every use. Literally glows, it looks so bright and healthy. It clears up any pimple that may be rearing it’s ugly head and helps to heal remnants of any that may have snuck in (along with diminishing previous damage). And despite the word “daily”, I only use 2-3 times a week and still see results. If my skin does start to act up, I increase usage and it quickly steps back in line.

I’ll wrap up this love story with a tale I told on one of my guest posts at Makeup and Beauty Blog, where I listed this as one of my top five favorite exfoliators. The best facial I ever received was with an esthetician who had skin so clear and bright that she looked like a nightlight. When I asked her secret, she told me about this very product. She said she recommended it to everyone, regardless of age, skin type or concern, for noticeably better skin. I bought it and have never looked back.

Somehow not sold? Try the Ten-Day supply and see for yourself ($28).

Review Team; are you sharing my love of Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel? (We tested the travel packs, my preferred packaging.) Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone what I think about this product–I LOVE IT. I’m generally low maintenance in any routine, so multiple steps are usually out: wash, moisturize, done. This is so easy, though–jump out of the shower in the a.m., tear open pack #1 rub all over, tingle for a minute, open pack two, rub all over, done. It’s super easy in that you don’t need to even search for a cloth or a sponge or even a cotton pad. No mess, no fuss.

    It’s disposable-ness makes it extra sanitary, too (if you’re a germophobe). And how easy would this be to travel with? No bottles to worry about spilling (or TSA confiscating).All this amazingness and I didn’t even get to the results…amazing as-close-to-perfect-as-my-skin-has-ever-been results!

    Really, I’ve had no blemishes (I’m prone), redness is greatly diminished, texture is smooth and pores appear smaller. So, speaking of the Holy Grail, this (along with another new product I’ve tried recently) is mine, too. The only unfortunate thing about the Alph Beta Daily Peel is the $80 per month’s supply price tag. I started using them daily, but switched to 2 or 3 times a week and though my skin looks best right after application, it hold up well enough at the less frequent rate. But really, what price perfection! DEFINITELY 5 stars!!!!

  2. I’ve used these and absolutely LOVE them. In fact, I’m thinking I need to get more of them soon because I’m out at the moment and my skin is paying the price. They are pricey, but well worth the money.

  3. It’s been a few years since I discovered md skincare Alpha Beta Daily Peel. – (prior to company name change to Dr. Dennis Gross). This product is intensive in a good way! I liked the results- because they were fast and noticeable. I remember being nervous about using them- you know, the whole peel idea freaked me out. But that was quickly remedied! Just be sure to stay clear of your lips and your eyes! Most importantly, I was surprised that my sensitive skin responded so well to it. I say it all the time, my skin is so sensitive! I only used these twice a week. These do a great job in clarifying my skin and controlling the redness in my cheeks. If you buy the travel pack and want them to last longer, take a tip from fugal Irene, you can make them last longer by cutting them in half. Just store the other half in a Ziploc bag. They recommend AM use, but I used them in the evening. It doesn’t matter when you use them. Also, follow the directions carefully. Step1: Apply to clean, dry skin. Swipe Step 1 pad over face, from forehead downward to neck in semi-circular strokes. Avoid contact with eyes and lips. Continue to apply evenly until pad feels dry. Wait 2 minutes. Then Step 2: Swipe Step 2 pad over the face with the same technique as Step 1. Apply until pad feels dry. Do not rinse or use products containing alcohol. Allow skin to dry. Apply moisturizer.

  4. This kind of praise grabs my attention! “Results with just one use”– hello! I will definitely spring for the ten-day supply. Thanks for the tip, Stef!

  5. I have to admit that when I first saw this box in my mail, I thought, “Uh oh.” I have tried so many different AHA and BHA lotions and potions over the years, and none of them have ever worked for me (I either broke out immediately–which I know is common as your skin “purges”, or I just didn’t see any results at all). In fact, I was beginning to think that my skin was simply immune to the magical powers of AHA and BHA. So for years how I’ve just been using a physical exfoliator (either a scrub or tool) to try and get that glow.

    But, I always have faith in WHT and so I’ve been using this product for several days now. And guess what? BELIEVE EVERYTHING STEF SAYS ABOUT IT. I’m not going to bore you with rehashing what she has already so perfectly stated in her review, so I’ll leave you with this: If you are like me and have never truly seen results with AHA/BHA products in the past, put aside your doubts and fears and get this right away.

    I have never in my life (with the exception of when I was 5 or 7 years old, maybe) had such smooth, glowing, and luminous skin! And this is just after 7 days of use. In fact, I noticed a marked improvement after ONE day. And the best part? I haven’t broken out, which has happened before with past AHA/BHA products.

    This is a true miracle in a single-serving, germaphobe-friendly pouch. By far, the best skincare product I have used in the past 15 years.

    Five glowing, luminous stars from me!

  6. I like this product. I love the “pads” makes me think back to the days when I used Noxema “pads” (i.e. astringent) to wash my face. It’s really cool how smooth and bright that they can leave your skin. However, I never thought that it was anything miraculous.

    I am a person who loves a gritty scrub and a clay mask to the same effect. I’d rather spendc $80 on Caudalie Vinoperfect.

  7. You’re a good 10-15 years younger than me, aren’t you Katie? (She’s early 20’s, I’m pushing….for…for…I’m old!) Maybe the miracle is more evident to us old timers!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..My mortifying first period story =-.

  8. I’d have to agree with Stef here…the more “mature” your skin, I’d say the better the results might be with this one. So since I’m pushing…Stef’s age…it’s no wonder this product is ROCKING MY WORLD. :)

  9. It has been awhile since I have used this product. I want to assure everyone. I have sensitive skin and I got great results. For me, it worked best when I used it a couple times per week. My skin got overly dry when I used it everyday.

  10. What a glowing review! Anytime more than one person has such great things to say about a product, I want to try it!

  11. Okay, so WOW, this product is as fabulous as everyone says and then some! I’d tried samples of this daily face peel before where you got a one time use. At that time, I thought the results were nice, but fairly modest. So, when I received this box to test, I figured I’d only get modest results. 7 days into using this and my skin has changed. Normally, I don’t have bad skin, but it could be better. I feel that my pores are a little bigger than I’d like, I have blackheads, I’m just starting to get laugh lines, and I’ve noticed that my skin is starting to get dull. One week into using these pads nightly and I’ve noticed that my pores appear smaller, my blackheads are slowly disappearing altogether, my skin is starting to look luminous, my lines don’t look as noticeable, and I am happy to report that the couple of acne marks that were not fading as quickly as I’d like are now almost gone. One week. I can hardly wait to see what the full 30 days will bring. This is something I think everyone over 30-years-old must try because it is resolving many of the skin problems getting more, uh, mature, can bring. 5 Stars!

  12. I have to admit that this product has caught my interest. Especially with the fabulous reviews! I have oily, acne prone, and sensitive skin with occasional dry patches. I find that it is very difficult to find products that work for my skin! I am very tempted to try this. And of course price wouldn’t be an issue in a perfect world when a product works as well as this reportedly does. But I currently do not live in such a world. So does anyone have any decent alternatives that fit a student’s budget?

  13. Chiming in on the love for this effective facial that couldn’t be easier. This peel had some impressive results with my skin as well. I have combo skin – it’s on the oily side, but is also sort-of sensitive. These Alpha Beta Daily Peels work best for me every few days (which is great for stretching the budget). I love the simplicity of it all, no mixing, not a big time investment and no accessories needed. Just swipe, wait, swipe and done. My skin shows a marked improvement with regular use (and yes, I swore I saw results after my first use as well), my skin is noticeably clearer with less redness and (can it be?) smaller pores. I also love the foil packaging – it’s super simple, cheap (my money is going towards the product that way) and convenient. Throw a set or two in your travel bag and you are set. If there is one time my skin will really benefit from this peel is when I’m away from home (new climates, water, etc wreck havoc on my skin – making it sensitive and breaking out all at once). Love everything about Dr. Gross’ Peel -except the price, a little steep – but worth the cost for my oily, sensitive skin.

    Finally, I’ll add a confirmation that this is truly one of Stef’s Most Favorite (Ever!) beauty items. I’ve listened to her wax poetically about this peel on many occasions!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..10 organizing tips to achieve your dream closet =-.

  14. Kellie–I don’t know of any other “peel”-type products that work exactly like these wipes, but if you’d like some good results (not HUGE like this, but pretty good nonetheless), try using Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cleanser Beta Hydroxy Complex(this is great w/ a Clarisonic which I see from your profile you have). The matching cream is good, too. I think Neutrogena also offers a toner that has both alpha and beta hydroxy acids in it. Maybe do a mix of products to see what works for you? I will say that I’ve never quite had these kind of dramatic results before as I have with these wipes and I’ve used everything, so keep in mind, the suggested products won’t be EXACTLY like these wipes, but your skin type sounds like mine, so you should have some success with those other products. Good luck!

  15. Thanks so much Krista! I really appreciate your thoughtful answer. I will be checking the Olay and Neutrogena out. And if I suddenly get an influx of cash I will try the Peel.

  16. I think my 30 something skin defeinitely needs this! Cell turnover is really getting more difficult and my skin is starting to feel dull. I think I may try the sample pack first and see how it goes!

  17. Kellie, Mario Badescu has a “Rolling Skin Peel” with alpha hydroxy that comes in a tube and costs less than $20. It does a fantastic job, too, but you have to work. You literally rub a layer of skin off by first applying a layer of a slightly gritty paste and using your fingers to rub and “roll” it off (kind of like a mask). I used it once a week and got really good results (and the tube lasts awhile). It’s good to follow with an alpha hydroxy toner.

  18. this is my first time commenting on a blog. that is just how how much i think of this product. i have sensitive skin and am very wary of these type of peel products. but i got a sample in my bag from sephora, and i gave it a try. after just 1 use, i noticed extremely extraordinary results- with no irritation! fantastic product.

  19. I am so GLAD I found this review! I just purchased this product (10 day) and I am eager to receive it and give my own review. Being African American I am Prone to dark spots from acne. My skin can scar badly! I’ve used products from Ole Henrickson and Ren to try and clear the scars. The only product I’ve used that has worked it the Clinique Even Better serum, though pricey it worked in time. Bit in order to make the most of the serum, i only used it on the really bad spots. I’m hoping this New product helps even out my entire face and fast! Check out my blog!

  20. I have started using this product and just LOVE IT!!! My skin feels and looks so much better straight after. I have two questions and wonder if anyone can answer them for me please:
    1. As there are chemicals and acids, is it safe to go in the sun after? That is if it is Summer, would you avoid using it then seeing as you might be at the beach and be exposed to the sun?
    2. What is an ideal moisturiser to use after? Something full of chemicals too or something more natural and soft on the skin?
    Much appreciate your response!

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