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Now, everyone knows about wht’s love affair with British beauty products, but how about German ones? I can only name one Teutonic brand, but it’s a highly respected, holistic one – Dr. Hauschka, founded by the eponymous chemist more than 40 years ago.

We got an amazing mix of goodies to sample, including a Soothing Mask, Fresh Deodorant and their Neem Nail Oil Pen. But two products dominated the box, with multiples for a lucky few of us to try…

Intensive Treatments are a 28-day skin boot camp, recommended for use 4 times a year (seasonal, to help your skin adjust to the changing conditions) or for when your skin may need some extra care. Ranging from 01 (to calm and clarify acneic skin under 25) to 05 (to balance and fortify menopausal skin) they are a cross between a toner and a mist and are loaded with healthy ingredients.

We also received an array of their Body Oils, in delicious, natural combos like Lemon Lemongrass and Moor Lavender. I tested the Almond St. John’swort (not a typo, this is how they named it ~wht).

The container and packaging – a glass bottle in a box (recycled, of course!) – aren’t the trendiest, granted, but in my view that’s often a good sign: The company has spent its money where it counts – on the ingredients. In this case, as well as St. John’s Wort (said to calm and fortify) and sweet almond, the list includes hops. According to the website, “We are all familiar with the soothing action of beverages containing hops (e.g. beer or evening tea).” Not sure what kind of “evening tea” they’re drinking, but I want some!

I must admit, it took a while for the product to grow on me. The sweet almond scent is distinctive yet subtle, and you can practically feel the health oozing out of the bottle as you pump it into your hand. However, as open-minded as I was to replacing my regular body lotion with a body oil, it was a few days before I got used to slathering this on regularly. To start with, it just feels weird, like you’re basting yourself with cooking oil. (So if you already use an oil, even if it’s just Johnson’s Baby Oil, you’re one step ahead, and will take to this one more quickly.)

But I’m glad I persevered. Although I primarily used it to soothe my dry and sensitive skin (which it did), within a few days I was smearing it all over, addicted to the subtle sheen it leaves on the skin. Go on: Try it on your décolletage – but also try to avoid getting it onto that LBD you’re planning on wearing. Indeed, although the oil sinks in quickly, you should allow as much time as possible before dressing – or even going bed – lest you end up with an oily patch.

For me, the jury’s still out. This is the kind of beauty product you know is better for you than that laden-with-petrowhatsits lotion you’re currently using, but yet it’s still an effort to switch over. And, at $28.95, it’s not exactly cheap to do so, either. But it is indeed a high-quality item.

One last thing, which may help sway your decision: Be sure to check out their website. The company may have been founded in the 1960s, but it’s not stuck in the past. The site is full of fascinating facts and tips, including, shock horror, the suggestion that we should ditch our night creams, along with 6 other facts that will change your skin.

Review Team: let us know what you thought on the Dr. Hauschka body product you received. And any other holistic fans, what product should we check out next?

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  1. I don’t usually use body oils either (unless it’s in a bath), but I’m pretty happy that I gave a go of it this time. I received the Rose Body Oil, said to “harmonize and nurture the skin & senses.”
    Harmonize? Not quite sure…I was still a little bitchy in the morning. Nurture? Yeah, it sure felt that way.
    You see, first of all, I found the packaging attractive in its simplicity. The “Dr.” in “Dr. Hauschka,” however, made me wonder if I was gonna take some medicine. but I digress.
    Suffice it to say that I found the scent true to its name, smelling just like a rose should. In the past that meant “grandma” to me, but now, at 40 it seems to mean sophisticated and European.
    The naturalness and relative subtlty of the scent didn’t trigger any migraines.I didn’t smell awash in rose petals, just a light lingering scent I could only detect in a breeze.
    The best part was the routine I got into that made me appreciate the oil itself. After showering in the morning I would throw towel in a turban around my head, then–before drying off– I would slather some oil and on my shoulders, elbows and legs, rubbing well. The oil leaves a nice sheen so skin doesn’t get that ashy look. Applying while wet seems to help lock in moisture. I haven’t worn shorts or a short skirt without the Rose Oil since I got it.
    Is this oil better for your skin than any other oil? Baby Oil? Almond Oil? Jojoba Oil? Vitamin E Oil? I really don’t know.
    What I do know is that I liked that rose scent more than I thought I would, and baby oil just doesn’t smell like that.
    I’d buy it again just for that reason.
    I’m gonna give it 4 stars. Summer wouldn’t be the same without it. I’ll up that to 5 stars if winter makes me feel the same way.

  2. Dr. Hauschka to the rescue! I received the Intensive (spray on) Treatment 04 to test. I don’t say this often or lightly, but this product is made for me. Yes, for me, and anyone who’s getting up there in years whose skin is not what it used to be. I love this line and trust its claim from previous products that have been put to the test.. This Intensive Treatment 04 is another welcomed product let me tell you! It is formulated to meet exactly the needs of my skin – oh my skin is showing its age! Sniff sniff. My skin is NOT the same as it was even 5 years ago. It’s lacking balance and of course its missing some of the nourishment it once had. Oh, I hate having dry aging or better said mature skin. This program is a 28-day treatment that you will want to try out. I use it twice a day after cleansing I spray my face with about five squirts once in the morning and I put moisturizer on afterward and once in the evening alone.. (they recommend this). I am tempted to use it more but I don’t. I want to see if this is really works. So far, I’m very pleased. I’m almost done with my treatment (about I week left) and I can see my skin is smoother It’s also hydrating and soothing and is acting younger. It looks hydrated and feels great. My biggest concern is that my skin is tired looking and unbalanced and this meets the needs. It looks much better on all fronts. I so needed a boost from Dr. Hauschka! I love this line.

  3. Dr. Hauschka is one of those brands that I’ve always associated with serious, natural skincare, and I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve seen it referenced in various articles on beauty and skincare. So I was delighted to receive their Blackthorn Body Oil (helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks) for review. I’m not proud, but certainly not ashamed, to have a few little stretch marks (I’m a woman…lots of us have ’em!).

    I too, am not used to slathering oil on my body, but the promise of fading stretch marks certainly compelled me to use this every day after showering for over a week. I applied the oil on my stretch marks (Shhh! I’m not telling *exactly* where they are, ok?) and hoped for the best.

    On my first application, appearance-wise, I think that the oil made my little stretch marks even more pronounced. Uh oh. I checked them every day when I woke up and I didn’t really see a change. The only thing I’ve noticed so far is that immediately after applying this oil, the oil itself makes my stretch marks look more obvious, but as the oil soaks in, they’re back to normal.

    I can’t say that I’ve noticed a decline or fading in my stretch marks in the past several days, but since this product, and brand, are so respected, I will continue to use it and hope for the best. As for the fragrance, it’s not my favorite but it’s certainly not unbearable. It’s got an earthy, slightly medicinal quality to it, which actually makes me feel like I’m doing something really good for my skin when I use it. However, the natural fragrance in this product (I can’t pinpoint exactly which essential oils I’m smelling but it’s definitely a combination of several) does compete with other fragrances, so be sure to let it absorb before you apply perfume).

    So far, based on my time using this product, I’ll give it 3 stars.

  4. Yeah, the oil definitely takes some getting used to! And I will reiterate that you should leave a long time before getting dressed: That lovely sheen on your legs means the product hasn’t entirely sunk in!

    Some spas offer Dr Hauschka treatments (check the website – http://www.drhauschka.com). Now that would be gorgeous – all those soothing scents (whatever they are!) lulling you to sleep.


  5. I received Dr. Hauschka’s Moor Lavender oil to review, and I was pleased with it. I had associated Dr. Hauschka with just facial skin care, so I was quite surprised to receive the body oil. I have always toyed around using bath or body oil, but the slickness have always bothered me. Either my body feels too slick and shiny or my bath tub. I didn’t have this problem with Dr. Hauschka’s.

    I first used the Moor Lavender oil on my 4-year-old daughter. She had a bad cold complete with a fever, sniffles, and a cough. The Moor Lavender oil has a very strong smell, but it is more pleasant than the odor of Vick’s Vapor and lavender has been known as a sleep aid so I massaged the oil into my daughter’s back and chest. It relieved the congestion a bit in her nose, and it did help her fall asleep despite the coughing. (Now, I am sure this wasn’t designed for this purpose but I do recommend it.)

    I massaged the oil into my calves and feet, which were tired from working all day. My feet did feel refreshed, but I did find the smell overpowering. I will use it again but not regularly. The scent is just too strong for me to consider buying a bottle once my review bottle is empty.

  6. I chose to test Intensive Treatment 03 (though I DO love oils as body moisturizers, so it was hard to pass those up!) 03 is said to “calm and strengthen hypersensitive skin.” My skin has been a bit out of whack lately, really pimpley this summer and a bit blotchy. Strengthening sounded like a really good idea to me. Plus, I also like the idea of a product that you only use 4 times a year. A skin pick me up. I’m not a huge fan of mists, but I LOVE toner, so I just thought of it as a spray on toner.

    The ingredients list on this (and all Dr. Hauschka products) is amazing. It reads like some sort of natural herb bible. Rose water, witch hazel, mineral salts, nettle, essential oils…uh-oh. My face does not like oils! I know with most natural products, it’s hard to get away from them. But from a brand as good as this, I was willing to give it a try. Plus, the spot light ingredient had me so intrigued: Kalanchoe; a succulent plant with anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic, pain relieving and wound healing effects.

    This is super refreshing to use (I see now why people like mists). The rose water makes it smell amazing and I do think that my skin is calmer (I’m on week two). And the oil? The wonderfully natural and good for you oil? I’m sad to say, oil and my oily skin are still not friends. It leaves a slightly slippery feel to my skin after use that I just can’t get used to. Darn it.

    It’s a really lovely product, if your skin likes oils and craves the moisture that they provide; you’ll love this. But me, oil and my skin just don’t mix, no matter how gorgeous and natural they are.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Kérastase review =-.

  7. The ladies of WHT know that I like to bike and try to work out so I think that is why they gave me the Birch Arnica Body Oil. The bottle says it revitalizes after physical activity and that it’s best to use after a good workout. I’m really glad I got this oil to try because I have been slacking on my workouts, and this gave me the motivation that I needed.

    So I dutifully worked out and after my shower I used the oil. It has a nice smell, very refreshing, citrus and mint. Once I put it on it had a warming effect. Which was really nice to help sooth those achy muscles. It also keeps them from tightening back up and causing injury later on.

    I would defiantly recommend this oil to any one. Even if you don’t work out, the warming effect is nice to sooth sore muscles or lower back pain after a long day at the office. And the smell will perk you right up and rejuvenate you.

    It also has a ton of great ingredients. The two in the name Birch and Arnica had me at hello. Here is what Birch does for you, it’s useful to fight against muscle soreness and bruises and Arnica has wound-healing, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory properties, which supports skin regeneration and has a soothing action. Both of these are beneficial for me because I bruise like a peach.

  8. I tried two of their products…the Neem Nail Oil Pen and the Ouch! Aid Arnica Compresses. I’ll start with the nail oil pen first. I’m one of those that has very dry cuticles. I always seem to get those pesky ones that hurt and get irritated. This pen is wonderful for softening them and keeping my nails healthy. I love that it comes with additional applicators and it’s super easy to store and use. Also, won’t leak like a lot of nail oils that come in bottles do. Can’t tell you how many bottles I’ve had that no matter how tight you close it, the oil still seems to escape and get all over my nail bag. Love that this is in a pen form and can be thrown in my purse or left in my nightstand and is super easy to apply.

    The Ouch! Aid Arnica Compresses have been used and tested several times already by my family members. Right after I got these, my daughter fell down and had the biggest goose egg on her forehead. I was scared to death because it was seriously the size of an egg! I immediately ran to find these compresses and applied one to her bump. I was happy to say that the bruising was not nearly as bad as it could have been and the swelling quickly went down. Arnica is something I’ve used on bumps and bruises since having children and I think all moms need to have some on hand. It does wonders to reduce swelling and bruising. I love these little compresses because they are super convenient. Each one comes in it’s own little package…perfect for having on hand in a first aid kit. These are a must have for any mom with small kids.

  9. I tested the Deodorant Fresh. Dr. Hauschka’s deodorants do not contain synthetics, antiperspirants, or antibacterial agents. This one is made with sage and witch hazel and claims to not clog pores or disturb the natural microflora (good bacteria, etc) of the skin. I would say that’s all accurate from my testing period. It smells wonderful! Very fresh and invigorating. It’s light smelling though – not overpowering and long-lasting. However, the part about not containing an antiperspirant is a deal breaker for me, unfortunately. I know this is common in holistic products, but there’s also no conclusive scientific evidence linking antiperspirants and cancer. Until then, I need a very strong one, so this product is not for me. I sweated alot with it – and even on dryer days – in fact it made me realize just how good my Secret Clinical Strength does the job! But, it does smell wonderful. I just have never been a fan of natural deodorants and unfortunately this one did not win me over. I’d love the smell in any other product though! 3 stars.

  10. I tested the Intensive Treatment 05 by Dr. Hauschka. I spend my morning in the pool and my face gets dry and very tight. After my shower, I spray my face and it feels smooth and supple. I find myself spraying even when I’m not at the pool. It so refreshing and cool. I also love the fresh, clean smell. My face looks more even and not as blotchy. 4 stars from me.

  11. I got the St. John’swort Foot Cream to test. I think that is a very strange name! I spent the summer standing in water timing for swim meets and although I’m a bi-weekly pedicure girl, standing in chlorinated water for 2 to 3 hours just kills the bottom of my feet. Everyday I’d have to pumice and lotion and I’d still have cracks. I’m not a vain person so it wasn’t the cracks that bothered me, it was the pain of dry cracked feet. Once st.john’swort foot cream came along my pain was eased. This is a thick cream that is a bit greasy but heavy and greasy is good for the rough skin of your feet. The smell reminds me of Aveda. I am happy to report that my feet are smooth and pain free thanks to Dr. Hauschka!

  12. Suzan: If it reminds you of Aveda it must be good! (And, as much as I love Aveda, its products aren’t always 100 per cent natural, unlike Dr H!!)

    St John’s Wort is an herb that helps with mild depression. I prefer Prozac, personally (just kidding!) And it has fewer side effects!

  13. I received Dr. Hauschka’s Intensive Treatment 01. This product is designed to calm oily, acne-prone skin and claims to quickly reduce inflammation, help balance skin, clear complexion, and prevent acne from returning.

    After an especially oily and pimply summer, a clarifying toner sounded exactly like what I needed. Admittedly, I’m only a little over half-way through the 28 days Dr. Hauschka needs to work his magic, but here are my results so far:

    First off, my skin has finally seemed to strike a good balance between oily and dryness. All the excess oil has evaporated away, but I’m not a mess of flaking skin! My acne, while it has not gone away completely, has improved considerably. Even my monthly skin horror was much less severe than usual.

    Though I’ve had great results so far, I have to say, I’m skeptical as to whether or not my skin will still look this good after I stop using the treatment.

    For now, I’m giving the Intensive Treatment 01 four stars. If my skin continues to behave after my 28 days are up, then I’d definitely bump it up to five (and don’t worry, I’ll come back and let you know)!

  14. I think “soothing” is a little bit of a misnomer for the Soothing Mask. Sure, it does soothe and calm and really sort of relax you! Herr Doktor Hauschka wouldn’t lie! (Although, my skin isn’t particularly sensitive or reddish so I wish I had a more extreme case to report!). But When you read the ingredient list on this lovely spa-it-yourself treatment you’ll wonder why it isn’t called “Super-duper-amazing” hydrating mask! Quince, shea butter, macadamia nut, Chamomile, Jojoba, Apricot, Verbena!

    Now, my skin is normal to combination so this power-packed combo might sound like “grease in a tube” but Herr Doktor’s inGENIOUS addivites like verbena, witch hazel, and buckwheat make it totally balanced and combination/oily friendly! Which is great, because my skin needs the most “soothing” when its that time the month and I’m broken out all over! I am so loving this mask and It will be hoarded in my “A-list” skin care drawer for months to come!

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