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Dr. Jart Pore Medic Collection – Review

Does your skin long for a special treatment with quality ingredients? My face is screaming for some pampering. Time is one of my major factors in seeking professional treatment. But, the practical side of me always takes over. Instead of planning and paying for a spa treatment, my inner voice always says you should just buy quality products and enjoy using them.


That way the products can become a part of my regular beauty regime, not just make a fancy guest appearance. The Headquarters of we heart this must be clairvoyant as well as beautiful, because I got some amazing Dr. Jart products to review that fit that bill.


The Dr. Jart Pore Medic collection is right up my alley. This is designed for combination to oily skin targeting “pore circulation management”. I know that sounds fancy but it all boils down to is tightening pores and preserving skins elasticity by reducing oil production. Every product is formulated to diminish pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Dr-Jart-Pore-Minish Cleansing Bubble cleanser

It all starts with a good cleaning, bring on Pore Medic Pore Minish Cleansing Bubble ($32). Dr. Jart promises this face wash will clean deeply, unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. These are big promises (especially to someone who just started a new job and is under a lot of stress).

Dr-Jart-Pore-Minish Cleansing Bubble cleanser

Happily, this fabulously foamy wash delivers. My skin agreed whole-heartedly and flourished with this cleanser despite the lack of sleep and long hours I am working.

Dr-Jart-Pore-Minish Mist

The Pore Medic Pore Minish Mist ($30) is a dual phase toner with a unique formula that is easy to use. All you have to do is shake the bottle to mix its powder and liquid components together. Then spray on the face to both absorb excess oil and tame shine. This mist also does double duty – you can use it set make up too.

Dr-Jart-Pore-Minish Mist

Dr-Jart-Pore-Medic-Purifying Mask

You don’t need to go to the spa for a fancy mask. Pick up the Pore Medic Purifying Mask ($30) instead. Each box contains five masks – over a month of treatments for half the cost of a spa visit.

Dr-Jart-Pore-Medic-Purifying Maskwht Writer Lipgloss and Spandex modeling the Purifying Mask

Each packet contains a sheet mask with pre-cut slots for your mouth, eyes, and nose. Made from a from a thin cotton fiber each mask is pre-soaked with a serum formulated with natural extracts like orange extract, Korean plum extract and green tea. This is the first time I have tried a mask like this at home, but it’s now one of my favorite things. It’s so simple it is almost goof-proof and my skin was visibly clearer and brighter.

Dr-Jart-Pore-Medic-Derma Home Peeling

Next up, the Pore Medic Derma @Home Peeling Kit ($42) which contains the Thermal Crystal Scrub and the 60 Second Bubbling Peel. This two-step kit is infused with quality ingredients like Lactic Acid (AHA), Salicylic Acid and Vitamin E to soften the skin and I couldn’t wait to test it out.

Dr-Jart-Pore-Medic-Derma Home Peeling

Dr-Jart-Pore-Medic-Derma Home PeelingDerma @Home Peeling Step One

I first apply the thermal crystal scrub (step 1) this creates a warming sensation. The beads in the scrub are very gentle, yet it removes dead skin cells. It also has a thick, almost vaseline type feeling to it.

Dr-Jart-Pore-Medic-Derma Home PeelingDerma @Home Peeling Step Two

Next, comes the 60-second bubble peel (step 2) applied right over the scrub. A creamy foam immediately forms. Once I rinse everything off, my skin is so much smoother and brighter looking.


Once skin has been pampered with a great wash, toner and mask, it’s time to prep it for makeup with the Pore Medic Pore Minish Primer ($32). Nothing smooths out your skin like a primer, and Dr. Jarts’ version does a nice job in creating a great canvas. Pore Minish not only minimizes enlarged pores, reduces shine and fill in imperfections – it also helps makeup last longer.


Good Quality Ingredients
Alcohol and Paraben Free
Easy to Use

Not for all skin types

We all can’t wait to see what the good Dr. comes up with next!

we heartsters – Have you tried Dr. Jart? What is your favorite at home spa treatment?

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Holly is a Midwestern gal living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She loves gardening, animals and is a skin care junkie. Holly is always on the quest to try something new or old and live the best life possible.
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    Holly is a Midwestern gal living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She loves gardening, animals and is a skin care junkie. She's always on the quest to try something new or old and live the best life possible. skin tone: NW 20 skin type: a true combo; normal, dry and oily favorite beauty product: skincare

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  1. The cleanser Pore Medic was by far my favorite item in this group. My skin really responded to it despite the stress I am under.

    @lipglossandspandex – Great picture with the mask on.

  2. I really like the idea of the cleanser, the mask, and the primer. I might ask for a sample of the cleanser on my next trip to Sephora.

    1. Dima – you know, they actually don’t have an eye specific product that I could find. Which is surprising!

  3. Dr. Jart+ PORE MEDIC Pore Minish Primer is a great product. I’m grateful that I don’t have HUGE pores but am noticing I have some larger ones on my nose and checks.. I also see lines that need a bit of attention.. This really treats that by minimizing their appearance, it’s like “black magic” the way it works instantly on them. It’s made without parabens, sulfates or phthalates( I’m not sure what this last one is but if it’s unpronounceable you know it’s bad news 99.9% The other ingredient I like I’m a sucker for products with mushroom extracts in them..It really works well to tighten up pores, that’s for sure!

  4. The bubble lover in me LOVES the cleanser! Honestly, it’s the richest bubbles I’ve ever used. Yes, EVER. It cleans really well, has a pretty scent that’s not overpowering – it’s good stuff.

    But I think my favorite product in the collection is the Derma @Home Peeling Kit. (bubble lover AND a peel lover, I am!) Step one feels amazing, with it’s warming and gooey thickness. And the results were def. smoother skin.

    I’m a bit late to the party, but Dr. Jart is quickly becoming one of my favorite skincare lines.

  5. Hey look, it’s my silly face! :P As you can see, I tested out the Dr.Jart Pore Medic Purifying Mask. At $6 a mask, the price isn’t bad. I didn’t really feel like it did much for my skin though, maybe a teensy bit smoother.

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