Dreaming of Summer? Look to the Sea…

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Dreaming of summer with Phytomer Tresor des Mers body oilpress sample affiliate link

And let Phytomer Tresor des Mers lead the way

There is nothing quite as dreary as an East Coast winter. Or even worse, a spring that disguises as winter. I’ve been struggling to drag myself from my cozy bed in the morning. I was telling myself that spring is right around the corner until that darned groundhog Punxsutawney Phil decided we had six more weeks of winter. I need sunshine, people, and I need it now!

That’s why I’m so grateful I’ve been introduced to the latest mermaid-worthy creation from my favorite “plant of the sea” skincare company, Phytomer Tresor des Mers Beautifying Oil for Face, Body and Hair. This golden miracle restored my sunny mood with the very first spritz. Tresor des Mers is dry oil with a satin finish, impossibly light and shine-free. The scent is a truly indescribable combination of everything I love about the sea. It’s like a light, sweet, briny, floral cloud of warm summertime happiness.

This blend of marine and vegetal oils is so easy to use, and it’s a whole-body experience, too. I just spritz a small amount on my freshly-washed face or body, rub it in with hands, then rub hands over my hair to smooth fly-aways and add even more lovely scent. The oil makes my skin glow with a subtle hint of gold. It couldn’t be nicer.

This golden miracle restored my sunny mood with the very first spritz…

Tresor des Mers’ moisturizing power comes from a very cool source: the secret behind this golden treasure is algae! To be exact, Mekabu Oil, an extract of moisturizing Weaving Algae. This ingredient fights dehydration by adding a sort of waterproof seal to the skin, locking moisture in and keeping environmental stressors out.

Besides the algae extract, other active ingredients include

  • Glasswort Oil: boosts moisture circulation while strengthening the lipidic barrier
  • Sesame and Macadamia Oil: provides intense moisture with essential unsaturated fatty acids
  • Buriti Oil: fends off damage from free radicals

As I’ve noted in the past when raving about Phytomer, all of their products contain seawater, seaweed or seaside plants; all of the ingredients are natural; and the company does not practice any animal testing.

So I’m thumbing my nose at Punxsutawney Phil. Even if winter drags on, I’ll just spritz on a little Tresor Des Mers and I’ll be as good as sitting on a sunny beach, breathing in the warm ocean breeze.


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  1. Well this sounds like exactly what my winter-fatigued self needs :) Great post, @turboterp!

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