drugstore makeup must haves: COVERGIRL The Super Sizer mascara

COVERGIRL The Super Sizer mascara and Intensify Me! liquid liner swatches and review

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The two newest eye products from COVERGIRL have me batting my lashes with love. My long lashes at the end of a near perfect cat eye lined-lid, to be exact. I’m not sure which I love more, The Super Sizer mascara or the Intensify Me! liquid liner. But I do know this – I’ve just met two additions to my drugstore makeup must haves list.


Both take the traditional products and add small twists to the applicators that make all the difference. Well, that and being fabulous formulas too.


The Intensify Me! liquid liner looks like a typical liquid liner pen on the outside, for the most part. The addition of the indented center does makes it remarkably easy to hold and control, but that’s the not the stand out feature. It’s all about the tip, or paddle I should say.


Rather the customary pointed felt tip, Intensify Me! has a flat, wide and rounded applicator that honestly, I had my doubts about at first glance. But those doubts quickly disappeared.

Use the thin side for the inner and outer edges of your lash line, than rotate to the wide side to make a thicker line in the center of the lid. You can draw a continuous thin line first, then beef it up with width of the applicator. Or, with a bit of practice you can twirl the applicator as you apply: thin, thick, thin.

covergirl-Intensify-me-eyeliner-swatches-3applied with the thin side, the thick side, and finally, starting thick then twisting to end thin

The formula is long wearing, but not so much so that it’s hard to remove. I get all day wear with no smudging. Intense Black is the rich, inky black you want in a liner.

covergirl-Intensify-me-eyeliner-swatches-4liner shown with no mascara


The Super Sizer mascara starts with my mascara applicator of choice, small plastic bristles (it’s also a flexible wand.) The placement of the bristles is where things get interesting.


At the base of the wand the bristles are so tiny, they’re nearly non-existent. But in two clusters of rows, the bristles get gradual longer as they reach the tip. The take away is that the mascara packs onto the tiny bristles and the longer bristles seamlessly pull it through the lashes. The longer bristles can either feather your lashes at the outer edge of your eye, or bulk up the small lashes in the inner corner.

The wand reminds me a lot of Benefit’s Roller Lash which I also really like (minus the hooks/barbs that their bristles have.)

They say if you twirl The Super Sizer as you apply you’ll get even better application. I just couldn’t get the hang of the twirl method here (versus my mad twirling skills with the liner.) The good news is that I really didn’t need it. The formula gives me no clumps, super long length and the perfect amount of volume (which for me is not a ton, I prefer length to volume.) Like the liner, it’s long wearing but not hard to remove.



That’s just one coat of mascara. Pretty impressive, no? A second coat applied before it dries produces even bigger results.

I’ll just go ahead and say this too: it’s my new favorite drugstore mascara.

we heartsters – do either of COVERGIRL’s latest products have you batting your lashes too? Tell us in the comments.

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