DRY Soda review

DRY Soda review

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We have discovered our new favorite drink, just in time summer! DRY Soda is a line of all natural, unique sodas that offers today’s consumer a modern alternative in refreshment. I must admit I am addicted to sodas and pops and not so much for the taste; I just really enjoy the fizz. Yet, I am constantly going on “no soda” diets due to the sugars and/or additives found in most of them. Now, I can happily drink as many DRY Sodas as I want, since these lightly sweetened beverages are flavored with fruit, flower or herb extracts, and sweetened with a small amount of pure cane sugar.

After sampling some of their amazing flavors (my favorite was the Lemongrass), I have to say they created some remarkable drinks! Just as it is used in wine vernacular, “DRY” means “less sweet.” I found them so much more refreshing then the average sugary (or sugary substituted) sodas. DRY Soda was founded by Sharelle Klaus, who noticed “a gap in the marketplace for a sophisticated non-alcoholic beverage after years of not drinking alcohol throughout four pregnancies. As a food and wine lover, she grew frustrated with the lack of options available to pair with fine meals.” So, she did what any creative and motivated woman would do and launched her own line of elegant sodas that also happen to be all natural, caffeine-free, kosher, low in sugar, low in calories, vegan and made with the highest quality ingredients.

Planning a dinner party just got even more fun! You will be bowled over by the temping array of flavors and the possibilities they offer. This is not your ordinary brown pop. With seven flavors to choose from (and some pairing suggestions) you will find the perfect DRY Soda to compliment your meal:

Vanilla Bean Calms with the smooth earthy flavor of the Madagascar vanilla bean. Pair with chicken or summer salads.
Juniper Berry Delight the senses with the distinct clarity and herbal spirit of the Juniper Berry. Pair with Portobello mushrooms or mussels.
Lavender A lively herb that offers distinct floral flavor and aroma. Pair with pork or a cheese course.
Lemongrass Bubbles with the refreshing and tantalizing essence of the tropical grass. Pair with sushi, asparagus and ad Asian inspired foods.
Kumquat Awakens the senses with a jolt of citrus and finishes with a delicate sweetness. Pair with salmon or leafy fresh greens.
Rhubarb Captures the sweet complexity and mouth-watering tartness of rhubarb. Pair with hamburgers or winter vegetables.

What I really love about these sodas are their versatility. I enjoy dropping a straw into the modern, long neck and sipping straight from the bottle when I need a little pick me up. When I’m feeling festive but don’t want booze, these are perfect in a champagne flute. Or sometimes, I add some ice into a nice glass and pair it with my latest veggie offerings to add some style and flair to any meal. And, just because they are named DRY, doesn’t mean you have to be! These sodas make a fantastic, flavorful mixer to your liquor of choice. Check out the flavor profiles linked above for their mixology for suggested alcohol pairings and recipes. The Lemongrass Pear Martini is calling my name!

The Seattle based company offers all six of the above flavors for sale online or you can find them at BevMo, Whole Foods and Starbucks. Oh, and keep an eye out for the very latest flavor offering from DRY, just launched this week, Cucumber DRY, which promises to be “the perfect 45 calorie quencher for spring and summer!”

Review team: Now that you’ve tried DRY, are you swearing off brown soda forever? Let us know what flavor you sampled and about any great recipes you created with your DRY Soda.

11 thoughts on “DRY Soda review”

  1. Yum! These sodas are delicious. Really light and super refreshing. The taste is really more of an essence than flavoring. It doesn’t hit you over the head with the taste, you kind of smell it first then subtly taste it. It’s nothing like the traditional sugary soda you’re used to. It’s soda for adults!

    My favorite was lemongrass as well. I paired it with homemade fish tacos and it was really amazing how it well it complimented them. I could totally see serving these at a party or dinner (and I’d never consider serving soda at a dinner.)

    My runner up was the Kumquat, a fruit I’m kind of obsessed with right now. It had a real light citrus flavor, really yummy. I got to drink this one in a champagne glass and I didn’t miss the alcohol at all.

    I plan to always have a 6 pack on hand for any non-drinkers, so they can feel special as well while I’m pouring signature drinks. That is, if I don’t drink them first…

  2. Oh, can I just give a shout out for their amazing design too? Look at those sleek bottles, not covered with a bunch of crappy logos and a ton of text. Beautiful! I think they’d be pretty little bud vases, like 5 in a row on a window sill.

  3. I’ll definitely have to try this! I love the carbonation of soda, but I always feel gross after a can of cherry coke. Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. I’m not a big soda drinker, but I love bubbles so I’ll drink seltzer or use that as a mixer. DRY is that extra something that I’m always looking for. It’s not heavy or sugary and gives you that little kick of flavor that is really delish. I got to try the lavender and I absolutely loved it. It was great plain, straight from the bottle with their cool long straws. And I also mixed it with vodka, with a slice of lemon, and that was great too. Really impressed with this stuff!

  5. I LOVE these. I have tried them all and depending on my mood they have each come in first place at various times.
    Lately the Lavender has been my favorite, so smooth and sweet. There is something about the subtle flavor that is relaxing as well.

    I love how they have descriptions of each soda, and what to pair it with. The soda answer to fine wine. Let me tell you, pair a Rhubarb with a burger and you will be so happy! It has the fizz your used to with soda without that overly sweet heavy after effect.
    I’m like you Rebecca, I always feel gross after a big sugary soda, but I feel 100% great after I drink a Dry!!

    I don’t even really like sodas these days, but I love soda water with lemon and lime. This is like a classier version of that :)

    The detail to flavor and the fact they range in calories from 40 to 60 a bottle. You just can’t go wrong.

    Try the vanilla Dry with some pie and you’ll be in sweet heaven!

    I can’t wait to try the Cucumber!! yum!!!

    5 happy stars from me!

  6. I received Dry Soda: Vanilla Bean to sample. I waited for it to be chilled-because you’re supposed to! I even shared it with my husband (so nice of me I know) and we both really enjoyed it! That soda is awesome! We had homemade chicken salad sandwiches and a garden salad to pair with it. I thought it was very delicate and not heavy like some sodas. It reminded me of seltzer water, which I love! My husband is always good to run things by to critique. I like to have his very honest opinion on things and this was one I knew he’d have an opinion on. He thought was very refreshing and not too sweet. The Vanilla was awesome and lingered until your next sip. Oh, and if you need to buy some, coincidently, I was in Cost Plus Imports yesterday and noticed they currently carry DRY SODA. I was excited to try this out given that I only drink beverages that are actually good for me. I also enjoy VANILLA in a not so normal way! I’m a sap for most anything that has vanilla in it.. including all my favorite desserts! Yes, go get your self a six-pack as soon as you can. Here is the good part about this lovely beverage? Its only 60 delicious calories!
    I’m going to try this recipe (cause I’m ¾ Irish) found on their website with this soda! Check this YUMMMY drink out!!!!
    Twisted Coffee
    3 oz. Vanilla Bean DRY Soda
    1 oz. Irish Whisky
    1 oz. Irish Cream
    1 oz. Kahlua
    Serve: chimney glass
    Garnish: sugar rim
    • Half-fill a cocktail shaker with ice
    • Add whisky, Irish Cream and Kahlua and shake well
    • Strain mixture into prepared chimney glass over ice, add Vanilla Bean DRY and stir
    I’m interested in trying the lavender next!

  7. Yum! I got to try two flavors, Juniper Berry and Vanilla Bean, and they were both delicious! I love the how the taste is so light and fresh. Like Pamela, I found these very similar to seltzer waters – but much better. As if someone added fresh fruit and herbs to the soda (and not at all chemically tasting like every fruit flavored seltzer I’ve tried) The low-cal part is an added bonus. The Juniper Berry is very crisp and herby – like an updated and elegant ginger ale. And I also loved the Vanilla bean – more sweet than the juniper but not in a cloying way. I bet it would make a yummy ice cream float! I’m voting 5 stars!

  8. Pamela that twisted coffee sounds really good…sounds sorta like a Colorado Bulldog (one of my favorite drinks). I’ll have to keep my eye out for these. They sound yummy.

  9. OMG My friend brought me one of these one day which we enjoyed with cupcakes. The Lavender one. SO Good!
    I usually hate Soda, but this is amazing.

    The packaging is so awesome, I love the idea of setting a few up on a window with a flower in each!

    My new favorite cool me down drink, and such a great alternative to a cocktail if your not in the mood to drink. & If you are it seems like the Vanilla would be the mixer of choice. I bet the Juniper Berry with Gin would rock the house ;)

  10. I tried the Juniper Berry and its AWESOME! I LOVE soda! I LOVE flavored carbonated waters! This was so light and the carbonation is perfect! Like Perrier is really good but you can tell that the bubbles are big. with dry soda its like a ton of tiny little bubbles bursting. Perfection! I agree with Stef that the flavoring is more of an essense. Just enough. I think the bottle is great. it represents exactly what it tastes like. Its like the Voss water bottles but the soda version. I will for sure buy this again. i’ve seen it in stores. I really want to try the Lavender one. I think it would be good mixed with booze but i don’t think i’d do that because its just too good on its own. Now i can’t say that i’ll swear off brown sodas because i love brown, orange, purple, etc…sodas!

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