Current Crush: DUO Dual Sided Body Cleanser

Current Crush: DUO Dual Sided Body Cleanser

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I have A LOT of gadgets in my shower. There’s a pouf, multiples items that scrub and even a plastic oven mitt kind of thing that I paid more than $50 for (also worth noting, I am an impulse shopper.) But I recently received something that replaces ALL of them.

It’s called the DUO Dual Sided Body Cleanser and I’ve never seen anything like it before. Neither have you!


DUO is a round disc with an exfoliating side and a smooth side. But it’s what’s inside that I find so amazing; a solid but flexible body cleanser (think moldable soap). Thanks to this flexibility, the DUO easily contours to your body, cleaning every inch and never running out of lather like some shower accessories I’m looking at you, plastic oven mitt…


Bubble fans; prepare to be wowed. In addition to being plentiful, the lather is rich and lush. I’m seriously impressed by the suds it produces.

When you’re done with your bubbly shower, simply hang DUO to dry from its rubber cord. It lasts for about 30 uses. You know it’s time to replace it when it stops lathering.

a solid but flexible body cleanser
(think moldable soap)

So that brings me to the other thing I really like about DUO, it’s always pretty fresh. I want you to think about your shower pouf for a minute; how old is it? Let me answer that for you, probably TOO old. Did you know that you should throw away your mesh pouf after eight weeks because they’re prone to bacteria? (Yeah, me neither. Also, euw.) The fact that the DUO basically has a built in timer to replace it is very appealing.

Finally, how great is it that there’s a scrubby and smooth side? I love that I don’t need to pick up and lather another item to treat my dry spots, just flip the disc and go to work.

Instant suds!

It comes in three familiar formulas: Olay (with a orchid and black currant scent), Ivory and Old Spice. I’m currently loving the Ivory, while my not so easily impressed hubby pronounced the Old Spice version “Really cool.”

DUO sells for about $9.99-$12.99, you’ll find it everywhere you buy your usual shower supplies. But seriously, get ready for something completely new!

I can’t wait to hear what my fellow we heartsters think of it.

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4 thoughts on “Current Crush: DUO Dual Sided Body Cleanser”

  1. I LOVE this idea! I love a good lather, and my poor skin could really use some good exfoliation. I agree–it can be hard to remember *exactly* how long ago that loofa or scrubby has been in the shower, so I’m stoked that I’ll know exactly when to toss this and get a new one. Stopping by the store tonight :)

  2. Ohhh, I love shower scrubbies like this! I even installed a shower hook to keep everything clean and tidy for them. Awesome–totally checking these out!

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