Easy DIY Projects: Eyelash Flats

Easy DIY Projects: Eyelash Flats

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Listen up, beauty mavens; add this to your list of easy DIY projects. Eye makeup lovers will especially appreciate this one. Not only is it inexpensive and totally customizable, but it encompasses the feminine and fun nature of beauty products.

Made with faux leather scraps, this project uses simple shapes to make “eyelash” embellishments for a basic pair of flats. They might look complex, but it all comes down to circles and triangles. Don’t believe me? Keep on reading to see how you can make them!



  • Flats (or heels!)
  • Faux black leather*
  • Fabric scissors
  • Gel pen
  • Tea candle
  • Hot glue gun or strong craft glue (such as E6000)
  • Spray paint
  • Ruler

*If you’re buying faux black leather at the fabric store, ask for ¼ yard. This will be more than enough for this project. Or, you can take a chance at the thrift store for faux leather pants or shirts.


1. Using the gel pen, trace the tea candle on the faux leather. Do this at least four times. You will need a total of four circles. However, I often suggest making more than you need just to be safe.


2. Cut out the circles with the fabric scissors. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect.


3. Head outside and spray paint the circles. I used a light blue shade, but you can use whatever color you like (or have on hand). 

It’s also important to protect your work surface. Tarp, scrap newspaper and old magazines are all great materials to use. I mean, unless you want a polka dot driveway. I won’t judge!

 Leave the circles to dry completely. Double check the can’s instructions for specific drying times.


4. Once dry, cut the bottom ¼ of each circle. Use the ruler or eyeball it.


5. Cut out five triangles from the remaining faux leather. Each triangle should measure ¾” long and 3/8” wide.


6. Take the circle you just cut and turn it over. Add a line of hot glue along the bottom edge.


7. Place the triangles onto the glue, faux leather side facing down. For a more natural look, fan the triangles outwards as you add them.


Tip: Add the center triangle first. Work outwards from there, adding triangles on each side. This will help you position the triangles evenly across the circle.


8. Repeat Steps 4-7 three times.


9. Using the strong craft glue, adhere two “eyes” to one shoe.


10. Repeat with the second shoe.

Once dry, your new flats are ready to rock. If these don’t say flirty and fun, I don’t know what does.

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we heartsters, what color would you use for your “eyeshadow”? Let us know in the comments below!

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