Easy DIY Projects: Heart Print Chevron Necklace

Easy DIY Projects: Heart Print Chevron Necklace

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When it comes to the month of February, love is in the air…and everywhere you look. And whether or not you recently celebrated Valentine’s Day, you can’t deny the charming touch that heart prints add to an ensemble.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you need to indulge in Barbie-pink hues and glittery red elements (though we were totally feeling Gaga’s red glitter shadow and Gucci suit at the Superbowl!) Thanks to this necklace (one of our Easy DIY Projects), you can create a heart-themed necklace without the V-day vibes. It comes down to choosing neutral colors that match with everything and anything. This way, you can wear it all month, or year, long.



  • Faux leather scrap*
  • Fabric scissors
  • Vellum paper
  • Leather hole punch
  • Heart hole punch
  • Washi tape
  • Large lobster clasp
  • Chunky chain
  • 8-10mm jump rings (3)
  • Acrylic or fabric paint
  • Flat sponge brush (AKA dauber)
  • Jewelry pliers

* Looking for a cheap way to get faux leather scraps? Pick up a pair of inexpensive pants or jacket from the thrift store to cut up.


1. On a small segment of vellum, add a few strips of washi tape. Even if you only plan to create one heart print, it helps to make several stencils at a time. This will allow some room for error.


2. Cut the vellum around each strip of washi tape.


3. Punch a heart in the center of each washi tape strip. Take care to punch in the center; this will leave enough room to prevent paint from filtering off of the stencil.


4. Horizontally fold a piece of faux leather in half. The crease should be on your right hand side.

Remember, the size of your faux leather scrap will determine the size of your chevron bib shape. Don’t hesitate to experiment and see what works best for your style and preference.


5. Using the scissors, cut a slanted edge along the top.


6. Cut another slanted edge, running parallel to the first cut. This step will determine the thickness of your chevron bib.


7. If necessary, cut another slanted edge along the left hand side to trim the leather down.


8. Open up the leather to reveal a chevron shape. You can further trim down any edges if needed.


9. Peel off a washi tape stencil from the vellum and adhere to the faux leather. Again, you can use one or multiple stencils. It’s up to you!

Use your fingers to get rid of any air bubbles. The washi tape should be perfectly flat.


10. Using the flat sponge brush, add a light layer of paint to the stencil.


11. After a few minutes, carefully peel away the stencil to reveal a charming little heart. Leave to dry completely.


12. Using the leather hole punch, create a hole in the top corner of the chevron bib.


13. Open up a jump ring with the jewelry pliers.


14. Use the jump ring to attach the chain to the leather.


15. At the other end, use another jump ring to attach a jewelry clasp.

Repeat Steps 12-14 on the other end of the leather.


And that’s it! Because the color scheme is neutral, this darling necklace can be worn all year round. To personalize your DIY, choose colors that best fit your taste. You can even create stencils in other shapes using different stencils.

we heartsters – do you wear hearts year-round, or just during the month of love?

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