The Easiest Valentine's Day DIY EVER

The Easiest Valentine’s Day DIY EVER

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Get ready; here’s an easy Valentines Day DIY that may also be the cutest you’ve ever seen!

These sweet repurposed matchboxes can be used as party favors, gifts for children to give their friends, or just a little token for co-workers or your sweetie. Best of all, you can make 10 of them for about the cost of one card.


  • matchboxes
  • small candies (M&M’s fit perfectly)
  • assorted paper and embellishments; ribbon, stamps, stickers, etc.
  • markers
  • ruler
  • scissors or X-acto knife
  • double sided tape

Step 1: Cut a piece of paper 2″ high (the width of the matchbox) and about 4″ long (enough to wrap all the way around).

Step 2: If you plan to stamp or embellish the paper in any way, do so before you wrap it around the matchbox.

Step 3: If you’re filling with candies, dump out the matches and save them. Or, color the matchsticks red with a marker if you’d like to give them to an adult.

Step 4: Make little cards with customized notes for the recipient or with general sayings if you are giving them as favors.

Step 5: Apply tape to the box, then wrap the paper around each (leaving the strike edge uncovered on any ones that will contain matches) and tie with ribbon if you’d like.

Step 6: Accept the praise for the most adorable Valentine’s gift ever!

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