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Our Green Monday Review of the unique seasonally themed skincare collection.

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Our routines and desires change with the seasons. In the summer I want fresh fruit, sandals, and bright colored clothes. While in the fall and winter I tend towards jewel tones, soup, and thick tights. But how often does your skin care routine change? I know my routine tends to remain pretty constant, so why am I always surprised when my skin bucks at the change of the seasons? As the weather around us changes, so should our skin care.

Elemental Herbology was founded by Kristy Goodger, a spa consultant with over 10 years under her belt. She says, “I don’t believe in the classical skin types as we can all be a little dry, a little congested and so on as skin reacts and changes. It’s seasonal, plus lifestyle and hormonal factors that underpin these changes.” With this belief she created not only a line of skin care products for the face and body but a whole slew of daily, weekly, and special occasion ‘“prescriptions and rituals” to help your ever changing skin adapt to the ever changing seasons. The wht team had a chance to put this unique perspective to the Green Monday test by reviewing two Elemental Herbology products.

Not surprisingly, a company so in tune with seasons and nature is eco-minded as well, using potent levels of botanical, mineral and marine actives that clean and calm in the warmer seasons, and hydrate and repair during the cooler ones. Elemental Herbology believes in responsible harvesting and production and are “100% committed to sourcing their ingredients from the world’s most reputable suppliers.” Additionally, the entire line of products is free of mineral oils, synthetic fragrance and colours, sulphates, PABA sun screens and paraben preservatives (and of course, are all cruelty-free).

Our testers each received the Facial Glow Radiance Peel and the Biodynamic Facial Soufflé intensive hydration and repair mask. I was immediately struck by the packaging. I really love the simple and elegant design. It’s classic and adds a touch of easy class to any counter top. The entire package can be responsibly recycled and all Elemental Herbology packaging components use lipoanimated, SLS-free surfactants that are 100% bio-degradable.

The two products are meant to be used together, and I thought they did a really beautiful job. Following the weekly ritual almost exactly (I’m a sucker for routines and guidelines with products), I began with the Facial Glow ($64, 50ml) which exfoliates gently with tiny micro beads about the same size of a sugar crystal. It has a great citrus scent that really perks me up in the morning and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and cool. This “Radiance Peel” uses apple serum, papaya, orange peel and tangerine to naturally polish away flakes and reveal fresh skin and is bursting with more great green ingredients like vitamins A, C and E, green tea and pomegranate (for protective qualities) and sea salt and kelp (for purification).

Next comes the Biodynamic Facial Soufflé, ($75, 50ml) a relaxing and silky super moisturizing mask. Created to hydrate, plump and calm skin, this lush treatment uses rice bran, shea butter, chamomile, macadamia, jojoba and argan oil to “infuse the skin with essential fatty acids” and increase moisture levels while marine collagen, wheat protein and cocoa helps “stimulate new cell proliferation”, firm skin and increase elasticity.

The scent reminds me of that familiar spa scent; and brings to mind clean white towels, calming music, and relaxing voices. I almost didn’t want to wash it off the next morning. Leaving it on overnight, I awoke to smooth, clean feeling skin.

The real proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Since I started using the Elemental Herbology products my “combination” skin has become, dare I say, normal! The products haven’t helped much with my breakouts or blackheads, but all those pesky flecks of dry skin on my cheeks and around my mouth have vanished. With the increased moisture in my skin I’ve even noticed that the oil production on my face has noticeably decreased.

Whether it’s the delightful scent or the power punch the line throws, I’m a believer – there’s something from Elemental Herbology for everyone. Testers – is this new seasonal philosophy the solution for your skin issues?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. Elemental Herbology surprised me. From its pretty packaging (I love your line about it adding “a touch of easy class to any counter top,” @mandaleem!), I expected nice products. But not this nice!

    The light lemon scent of the Facial Glow Radiance Peel belies the serious power of this product. I couldn’t believe how my skin felt after my first 4 minute treatment: smooth, soft and– yes– red! Luckily, the redness was quickly soothed by the follow up mask, the Biodynamic Facial Soufflé. I was a little concerned that this product would break me out, as it’s very thick and emollient, much more so than my usual summer products.

    No need to worry. No breakouts, just skin that looks and feels great. I’m enjoying the weekly ritual, and would definitely invest in this duo again. In fact, I can’t think of a single reason to subtract a point. Great stuff! 5 stars.

  2. How soothing does it sound to have a cleasing ritual in tune with the seasons?? Like most people, I have to change up my skincare and makeup routine in the cooler months, but I always forget until most of the way through the season when I go, “Hey, my face looks funny.” Well, DUH, it’s because your skin is reacting to the weather and you’re still using the same products for the summer in the winter…
    So I love the idea of company that keeps that in mind.

    I do have a question, @mandaleem. Does the ingredient list say what the micro-beads are made of?

  3. I am completely believing Elemental Herbology’s changing season changing skin needs philosophy…it is happening as I write. All of the sudden my chin is in summer (pimples and shiny) and the rest of my face is in winter (dry). All was well a week ago.
    I am really starting to watch what I put ON my body as much as what I put IN…so I love how natural these products are.

  4. Great descriptions @mandaleem Especially the smell making you feel like your at a spa :) Both the Facial Glow, and Facial Soufflé smell and more importantly work great. It’s a true power packed, natural one two punch to dull skin. After trying these for the first time I totally noticed a healthy glow. And I am on the dry side so this really seemed to wash away the dry dull surface skin and left my face happily hydrated! I am on the sensitive side, and like @Melissa the first step – the Facial Glow Radiance Peel – left me a bit red at first but like she said the hydrating follow up cools down the skin. I have dropped the time I use the first step for because of my sensitive skin… I only leave it on about 2 minutes and it still works great.
    Five hydrated stars from me :)

  5. This sounds wonderful – I love the idea of a treatment for the proper season – makes sense. Great writeup @mandaleem!

  6. I too tested these products. I have dry skin all year round so I’m always looking for something that will help hydrate my skin.

    This combo was great. Like the others have said, they smell wonderful and really leave your face feeling soft and smooth. I have a dry flakey patch on my chin and the Facial Glow scrubbed those flakes right off. The best part, it didn’t leave any redness in that area and it wasn’t tender either. The Facial Soufflé really complimented the peel, the next morning my face was still smooth and left feeling hydrated.

    Normally after I use a peel my face is left feeling dry and itchy, even after I put on a moisturizer. But this one didn’t do that. Which left me pleasantly surprised.

    I would give this 5 stars but because of the price I’m going to have to go with a 4. I just can’t afford that.

  7. This sounds like an interesting but pricey line. I like the idea of seasonal skin care. It makes sense. I am intrigued. Maybe I will check it out. Great review!

  8. This line makes a lot of sense. My skin definitely changes with the season and I can totally see why your skincare should too. Very interesting concept!

  9. I love that it’s called a souffle. For some reason that makes it even more appealing. These sound really great, especially for those of us who live in areas of extreme seasonal changes.

  10. @Cori and @Christy – I was a little afraid of the exfoliating powers of the Facial Glow, but didn’t experience any redness. I’m glad the redness you experienced was short lived! It really is a powerful product.
    @Lyssachelle , I’m not sure what the micro beads are made of. I’ve looked but I can’t find any details. Sorry! I can tell you that the micro beads are smooth, not rough like some exfoliators, so they don’t damage the skin or pull at delicate areas.

    I’m happy to see that others had the same great experience that I did! It’s an easy 5 stars from me :)

  11. Thanks, @mandaleem! I couldn’t find any info on the site so I was wondering if the box had any info.
    I was only wondering because I’ve trying to avoid exfoilators that use plastic beads instead of biodegradble ones. I’m assuming since this is such a natural product that it doesn’t use plastic either, so I was curious as to what material they did use…

    Anyway, thanks for such a great review! I’m definitely going to have to check these out…

  12. @Lyssachelle and @mandaleem – Elemental Herbology sent us info on what the micro beads are made of! (See everyone? The companies do read these reviews, if you ever have a question, we can most likely find out!)

    From EH:
    “They are made from 100% natural jojoba oil. It comes as a wax and has to undergo some simple processing to make it hard enough for beads. Facial Glow combines this with Bitter Orange Peel Powder for an added really fine granular exfoliation which means that it cleans and polishes your skin to shed dead skin cells very thoroughly but incredibly gently. There’s definitely no plastic involved!”

  13. Great review, @mandaleem! Anything with the words “Facial Souffle” in the title immediately gets my attention! :) Sounds like an absolutely lovely line of skincare products.

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