Is The Perfect Blush Just A Click Away?

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Ellis Faas Blush – Swatches and Review

Imagine a world where a perfect flush is just the click of a pen away. Imagine that perfect blush is a universally flattering pop of color with just the right amount of shimmer that blends like a dream. Lucky for us, Ellis Faas imagined the same thing!


As some of you may know, Ellis Faas is a photographer/makeup artist that has created a line of cosmetics that is inspired by the colors that naturally occur in the human body, delivering products that flatter each and every skin tone. The line is housed in sleek, silver bullet-like click pens (except for their compact powder and bottled foundation).


There’s no need for separate applicators or clutter, just a need for streamlined beauty at its most luxurious. This line is a favorite of mine because it’s truly foolproof. Best of all, it’s cruelty-free. As Ellis Faas claims “these gorgeous products are only tested on supermodels.”

Tip: As with all Ellis Faas products (and most click pen cosmetics), store this point-side down. It helps cut down on the clicks needed to dispense the product, saving you time. (The more you know!)


As a blush-o-phile (yes, I made up a word, but I’m going with it), I was excited to test two of the four shades of Ellis Faas blush ($32):

S301 – shimmering peachy nude
S302 – shimmering rosy coral


The blush itself is the consistency of an opaque gel with a pearl-like shimmer. The applicator tip is a small brush (an update from their former slanted, sponge tip) which is really only used to deposit the blush; you use your fingers to blend it.

ellis-faas-blush-swatchesEllis Faas Blush in S301 and S302

I will say that I do feel their color descriptions are a tad bit off. I’m not sure if the blush appears differently on different skin tones, but I did not feel the shade descriptions truly matched the blushes. S301 is described as a “warm, dusty pink”, but it appeared to be a peachy nude with a hint of bronze on me. While S302 is described as “fresh coral”, I found that this appeared as more of a rosy nude shimmer on my pale skin.

ellis-faas-blush-swatchesEllis Faas Blush in S301 and S302 – blended

Both are still very natural and flattering on me. There is no discernible fragrance, which is nice as I hate anything too perfume-y. The wear time is excellent: I got a solid 5 hours on my oily skin, which is fantastic for a liquid gel formula. Also worth noting: this didn’t cause my sensitive skin to breakout. Huzzah!


    Designed to flatter every skin tone and delivers
    The shimmer imparts an ethereal glow without being over the top
    Blends easily and then sets quickly without staining fingertips or leaving streaks on cheeks
    Extremely portable and perfect for touch ups and travel

I wish there were more shades to choose from (four is not enough blush for this girl)
Shade descriptions are a little off

we heartsters – have any of you lovely ladies tried blush from Ellis Faas? Has anybody tried the S304 shade (Mulled Wine) and if so, do I need it? Chime in and enable me, loyal readers!

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

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  1. Those look pretty amazing, how do they fare on skin with large pores?

    1. I have medium-sized pores–if I’m wearing foundation, they kind of disappear enough. These blushes didn’t seem to dissolve my foundation or sink into my pores-these aren’t greasy, so if you do a good job with prep (primer if you use it, foundation, concealer, etc.), once you apply these, they seem to sit on top of everything else. I will say that a little trick I use if I have a blush that does seem to accent my pores is to dust a little translucent powder on top of the blush and it makes my pores look smaller. Or, if you are using a cream blush, use the same shade of powder blush and dust that on top–the blush will last forever and also hide your pores a bit.

  2. These look really awesome. What’s the setting time like–are they pretty malleable, or do they set right away?

    1. These are very light and I have a solid 20-30 seconds of blend time before I start to mess up the makeup under it. Then they’re pretty well set :)

  3. I have not tried the blushes, but I have loved the Ellis Faas products I have used (or tested when I came upon a display). Always really nice formulas and the click pen feels great and works well (I’m generally NOT a fan of click pens, but the EF ones are just cool).

    Loving the coral-y pink of S302 – it’s the hue I always go to fist in blushes and this one is soo pretty. And I’m excited to see them listed online at Sephora – are they in stores too? How have I not noticed that?

    1. I don’t have them in any Sephora stores near me, but if you check the page for these blushes at their website, you can search the area code you live in to see if they’re available at a store near you. That feature is the most enabling thing about Sephora’s site because I love to swatch things before I buy them :P lol

  4. I’ve only tried Ellis Faas mascara and loved it so I’m looking forward to trying these… I really like the two swatches shown, I’ve never used a blush wand quite like that either…. Intrigued!

  5. These looks a very practical blushes for busy girls, thanks for sharing!
    I do agree, four shades aren’t enough, wish there were more options.

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