eos Pomegranate Raspberry Smooth Lip Balm Sphere - Green Monday Review

eos Pomegranate Raspberry Smooth Lip Balm Sphere – Green Monday Review

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Our reviewer falls in love for the very first time…with the eos sphere balm

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Being a part of we heart this means that I’m usually pretty close to being on trend. I might be a complete dork in my everyday life, but thanks to the power of the internet (and Stef & Tyna) I rock the latest beauty trends on a regular basis. Yet, somehow, I completely missed the wonder that is eos lip balmicon.

When I received this Smooth Lip Balm Sphereicon to review, I thought it looked familiar; and after doing a bit of research, I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never tried one. That’s because the eos brand has had its praises sung by national beauty gurus and bloggers alike, and now that I’ve tried the lip balm sphere, I don’t know that I ever want to do without it again! HOW did I miss this awesome product?

Maybe it’s because of its innovative design? Instead of the usual stick or pot packaging, eos shapes their balm into a lovely smooth sphere that does not scream, “Lip balm!” but gently whispers it with class. Had I seen this in the stores, I’m sure I might have passed it by as too fancy or expensive for my tastes. However, retailing for $3.49 (and online at drugstore.comicon for just $2.99) , it is not only affordable but downright cheap for the amount of product you get.

The unique package won’t fit into the pocket of a pair of jeans, but is great to throw in a purse and easily located later on. (I’m not the only one who roots around in her purse without looking, am I?) Additionally, the spherical package has a flat bottom so it can be placed within easy reach – on your bedside vanity, coffee table or desk – without rolling away – smart.

I have yet to leave this in my car in the hot Texas sun, but I’m almost positive the lip balm with stand up to the heat; the second ingredient is beeswax and there is very little give to the balm itself when applying it. It has the feeling of a body lotion bar and melts on contact with your lips so there is no goo or mess to gunk up the screw-top lid. I’m in love with its shape, but if the sphere isn’t your cup of tea, eos lip balm also comes in standard stick formicon.

Maybe I passed eos by because it doesn’t not fall into the trap of offering up glittery shades or multitudes of scents to distract from a sub par product. Each eos lip balm is made from shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil, offering up a smooth and almost creamy balm for dry, chapped lips.

Available in scents like Honeysuckle Honeydew and Vanilla Bean, the wht team tested their newest scent Pomegranate Raspberryicon, which glides on clear and has just a hint of slightly tart and slightly sweet scent with no real flavor. As much as I love my fruity or soft drink flavored lip balms for the nostalgic sake, this is grown up lip balm. The scent fades quickly and you’re just left with a moisturizing balm that has just the right amount of slip, not too slick or sticky.

One thing that does make me sad I haven’t been riding the eos train is it’s green! Not only is the packaging recyclable, eos lip balm is P3-free (no paraben, phthalate or petrolatum,) gluten-free, 95% organic and 100% natural. In fact, most eos lip balms are USDA certified organic; now when is that last time you could say that about a beauty product you owned?

Innovative shape and packaging
Light scent with little to no taste
Incredibly budget friendly
Smooth, creamy, and moisturizing

P3-free (no paraben, phthalate or petrolatum,)
No animal testing
95% organic
100% natural

Sphere can be cumbersome and not easy to stow in a pocket
So much exposed product might give germaphobes pause

Now that I’ve found eos, I think I have a friend for life; five big shining stars from me! I plan on looking for other products in its line, like the lotions and shave creams, but I’m definitely going to get more lip balm spheres. (Strawberry Sorbet? Is that you calling my name?)

we heartsters – I’d love to hear from other eos lip balm fans; when did you first fall in love? What are your favorite flavors? And why on earth did it take me so long to find?

Alyssa is kinda geeky, kinda girly and all the way in love with her cowboy husband who can say words like, “ornery” with a straight face. She live in Texas and is working on her Masters, being a good cook and the art of looking cute in the morning AND being on time for work. Visit her blog Kind of a Mess.

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26 thoughts on “eos Pomegranate Raspberry Smooth Lip Balm Sphere – Green Monday Review”

  1. I’m a big fan of the EOS lip balm, most notably for the bright color and unique shape, which does make it very easy to find in my bag. @Alyssa you aren’t the only one who roots without actually looking! I’ve tried a few different scents and have been pleased with all of them. Definitely sticking with these guys!

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I lose things in there all the time, but if I close my eyes and dig around, I can usually find what I’m looking for in a few seconds! Eyes open? Takes me like an hour. :-)
      I’m sticking with eos also. I think I need one for my bag, my diaper bag, the bedside table, the downstairs table, the car…

  2. I’m an on again off again lover of EOS lip balms! When I say “off again”, it’s because I rotate through a lot of lip balms and they get lost in different purses, etc…

    My first favorite was Sweet Mint. Then I tried the Strawberry one which was nice too. After receiving Pomegranate Raspberry, this one is definitely my new favorite. I may have to throw in that I *do* detect a bit of a taste to them – moreso than my other scented lip balms! I get a sweet little candied taste to it, and I often run into it during the course of my morning. it’s really nice! As always, I love the shape because it makes so much sense. The fact it’s eco friendly and free of nasty ingredients makes it just an awesome, affordable product. Lately I’ve been wearing mine to prep my lips in the morning and also before bed!

    5 stars from me!

    1. I bow down to your superior taste buds! I can barely tell there’s a flavor, but it’s good to know that you do so people who want NO taste aren’t caught unawares.
      And I’m definitely adding Sweet Mint to my wish list. I love a good minty lip product, especially if it’s subtle.

  3. I love EOS! My first encounter with them was with the Honeydew lipbalm in the cute mint green sphere, and I love the design. The Pomegranate Raspberry is just as good and I love the bright berry red of the packaging. This is my go-to balm, especially after using a lip scrub. I use EOS balm while putting on the rest of my make-up in the morning so by the time I come to my lipstick I don’t have to worry about chapped lips. I can’t rave enough about these little balls of balm!

    1. I love the bright color too! The packaging in general is fun, I especially enjoy the rubberized feel of the plastic; it’s almost like the NARS packaging which I LOVE. (Is that weird? That’s a little weird. I’m okay with it.)

  4. I thought the eos spheres were super cute when I first tried them. A lil’ ball, who wouldn’t like that? But when I realized I could keep it on my nightstand, standing upright thanks to the the flat bottom – I fell in love with them! Unfortunately, my dog Ted also loves them. I have caught him under my bed twice chewing on my Sweet Mint eos. He has yet to reach the inside.

    Anyway, I like this flavor/scent…but I like sweet mint more. This is a tiny bit too fruity for me as I tend to like things either unscented or minty (that’s the same for balm or gloss). It’s a lovely fruitness though, very natural. Not even a hint of that fake plastic Strawberry Shortcake doll kind of fruit!

    I wouldn’t carry these around in my purse though. Too bulky for me. My purse is already crowded enough. This is bedside table only.

    4 stars on the scent, but 5 for eos overall!

    1. TED! I love it…poor puppy just need some lippy! :-)

      You’re definitely right about the naturalness of the fruit scent. You can really tell it’s pomegranate (I don’t detect TOO much raspberry, but it’s there.) It’s nice because usually pomegranate flavors/scents are just that unidentifiable tart fruit scent, but this comes across as pom right away.

      I’m so glad I’m joining the eos fan club! :-)

    2. That’s so funny that Ted loves your eos balm. My Giles (a cat) is obsessed with my lip sphere as well! Not because he wants to chew it up, but because he loves to push it off my desk and/or vanity and then roll it down the wood floor hall and chase it! He loves the clickity-clack noises it makes as it rolls I think. It’s fun to watch him play with it, but I’m getting tired of searching under beds and sofas for my balm. Heh.

  5. I really like EOS Smooth Lip Balm Spheres too! I love that it is good for my lips. P3-free (no paraben, phthalate or petrolatum) and all my nieces are constantly grabing mine. Easy on the wallet and lasts a long time! One swipe for each lip and you are covered completely! Four Stars!

    1. I’m especially impressed by the price, too; my usual lip gloss is $8 (but I love it so!) so this lower price tag AND equal moisturizing power makes me a happy caper.

  6. Well, I love the shape. If Judy Jetson had a balm, it would be this one: mid century futuristic. I’d like different colors to put in a bowl by my bed like little Easter eggs. Unfortunately, I have a Ted at home, too (but his name is Barney) so my bowl would have to be in my bathroom, perched up high. What was I saying? Oh yes. Balm. It’s not just a cute egg-ball thingy. I think the balm itself is pretty good, not slippery or glossy, more like a cold stick of butter (but less greasy). The scent is a little to cloyingly artificially sweet (like cheap raspberry flavored vodka) for my to be totally in love with this product, but at least the scent dissipates (or maybe I just get used to it). Either way, this is plenty cute and inexpensive enough for me to want to keep a supply of. Mint sounds fab. And organic? That’s super!

  7. This was my first EOS balm. I am so impressed. I loved this formulation because it is very moisturizing. It has a place of honor next to my bed. I want to get another one for my travel bag and could very well be addicted. Overall, it is reasonably priced, accessible, high quality and green. What more could I want?
    5 stars

    1. I’ve now got mine bedside too! I’ve also been tempted to use it on my cuticles; I know other balms double as cuticle oil, maybe this one too?? Hmmm….

  8. eos is a real winner for all age groups of girls I’ve noticed – my 1/2 year old is as big a fan as my 12 yr old neighbor, freshman students, us more mature girls and even my mom in her 60s! I’m sure the novelty of the shape is what first draws everyone to it, but the excellent formula, subtle scents, and smart flat bottom keep me loving them. I also keep this one on my nightstand – looks adorable and is so convenient there for night or morning application. I love the bright raspberry color of this ones package and I like the scent a lot. My only other eos has been the green melon, which I loved too, but my daughter inherited that one after biting into it – I guess it smelled good! I’ll be checking out the Sweet Mint on my next drugstore trip though now. 5 stars for sure.

  9. I’ve tried the eos lip balm spheres in the past (I can’t remember which one, maybe the mint one?), and was unimpressed. After receiving the pomegranate raspberry lip balm, I’ve changed my mind a bit. The scent is slightly tart and sweet and fruity but fades quickly. The taste is barely there. I like both, but appreciate that they don’t overwhelm me. The biggest drawbacks are the awkward size and the consistency. I personally find the texture to be very hard and really have to rub it a bi to get some product warmed up and transferred onto my lips. But once it’s on there, it feels really nice. It’s just the right amount of waxy, smooth, moisturizing, etc. While it’s not something I would stick in my pocket, it would be great to keep in my desk drawer at work, or by my nightstand to moisturize my super dry lips before bed! Four stars.

    1. I wonder if maybe you’d like the stick balm, @lipglossandspandex – it’s a better fit for your pocket and the smaller size might warm up quicker and apply faster? Let me know what you think if you ever try it, I’m thinking of one for myself! :-)

  10. I’ve been using eos Sweet Mint for ages, so I was excited to test this new scent. My original eos purchase was pure impulse (its cool egg-shape caught my eye); I kept using it because I love the minty-ness and it works great. Honestly, I never even thought of carrying it in my purse because of the size. You’re right, @lyssachelle , eos would be really easy to find without looking! Pomegranate Raspberry is a perfect addition to the line. I love the color of the “egg” and the balm’s subtle scent. I don’t think it will replace my beloved Sweet Mint, but it’s nice to have options! 5 stars.

  11. I fell hard for this two years ago (can’t recall if “Pomegranate Raspberry” was available yet, but I had a mixed fruit variety). It does stand up well to summer heat and hydrates my lips perfectly. I have a few standing on my nightstand. Only one problem–the spherical shape and formula glide on so smoothly that I have a hard time putting it down. My husband calls it my EOS “toy” and has added to my collection of them! I get them in my Christmas stocking, Easter basket, you name it. And I eat them right up–literally!

  12. I’ve been a big fan of eos balms since they first debuted, and I think I have one of each flavor. I just can’t get enough of those chubby little balms! They’re super hydrating and super cute, so I keep them on my night stand as well as my work desk. I recieved Pomegranate Raspberry to test, but I only had it for a day before it was promptly hijacked by my 14yo son. He LOVES eos, and apparently they’re the “it” lip balm at his high school. Who knew?! So, if a slightly sullen, too cool for school 14 yo boy is a fan how can you argue? 5 stars!

  13. I’m going against the grain a bit, because I found the Pomegranate Raspberry taste and scent to be fabulous. Normally I’m not a fan of the sweet scents (so many are too artificial) but found this one to be “just right” – a little sweet, a little tart and without out a synthetic feel.

    Of course, the actual balm is just as good as the other eos flavors (I am a huge fan of the Sweet Mint tube) – super moisturizing, and smooth and creamy. It really seems to stick to the lips as well – I can use this over or under a gloss or lipstick without worrying about smears. For the price, quality and “greenness” of the balm, this is a 5 star product for me!

  14. I have yet to try one, so the sweet mint is going on my next drugstore list! These are all the rage, for a variety of age groups, as Mel said, I too have seen many a freshman puckering up to these in my classes!

  15. I love love love EOS lip balms!! I got hooked when my mother in law included one in a Christmas gift a couple years ago…I’ve been a fan ever since! I have one in each purse, one on my desk and one beside my bed. I love them all. I’m especially liking them new Pom Raspberry. I recommend them to all my friends.

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