Essie 2015 Bridal collection swatches and review

Essie 2015 Bridal collection swatches and review

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Summer; the season of hot temps, shorter hems and…weddings? Yup. You may not have noticed it yet, but it’s coming. Soon your social media dashboard will fill up with impending nuptials, your mailbox will fill with save the date postcards and invitations and you will fill with rage at yourself for waiting until the day before to buy a wedding gift because the only thing left on the registry is a $75 silver toast rack.

Whether this fills you with glee, ire or indifference might affect how you view Essie’s new 2015 Bridal collection, but I’d strongly nudge you to the “glee” end of the spectrum. With six hot colors that will match any wedding outfit, these are all perfect for any level of participation, whether you’re a bride or a plus one.

DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free, the Bridal collection gives us four sheers and two cremes with that perfect Essie formula.

essie 2015 bridal collection swatches


Tying The Knotie is a sheer true pink, just soft enough to keep from being too cotton candy-hued.



Hubby For Dessert is a sweet delicate lilac that’s tying the knotie’s purple sister; I could see pairing these two for a fun yet subtle half moon mani.



Brides To Be is a caramel blush that equals mannequin hand perfection if you have a lighter skin tone. (For the non-nail obsessed, mannequin hands are when your manicure is a neutral color that resembles your skin tone, giving your nail and fingers a longer appearance.)



My favorite of the sheers is Worth The Wait. It’s described as a coral-kissed pink, but it reads as a gorgeous peach, with a hint of shimmer that keeps it from being too flat. It’s a feminine but really versatile color that I’ll be reaching for throughout the rest of the year.


However, my faves of 2015 Bridal collection are the cremes…


Brides No Grooms is a bright punchy pink that would make Barbie swoon. It’s one of those shades that get described as “raspberry, guava or watermelon”, but I’d describe as “perfect, mine, gimmee.”



Happy Wife Happy Life also holds its own as a bright poppy red that tips just a toe into orange. These two cremes are loud, fun and perfect for the bride (or guest) that wants to buck tradition and stand out.


Essie-bridal-collection-Lid-DetailAlso worth noting, the pretty lid detail on this collection

Overall, the 2015 Bridal collection is stellar. The sheers streak a bit, but nude or white basecoat will solve that and really make the colors pop. I got 5+ days of wear with minimal chipping and all of them shone like glass before I even added a top coat. Essie comes through once again!

Get the collection at Kohl’s or Ulta.

What do you think, we heartsters? Any of these colors make you want to go down on one knee?

9 thoughts on “Essie 2015 Bridal collection swatches and review”

    1. Essie tends to have names that either make me giggle or just flat out roll my eyes. (Tying the Knotie? Good grief.) But they are memorable! :-)

  1. These all look so pretty–I’m especially partial to Worth the Wait. That one looks perfect for making your nails look professional when you don’t have time for a complicated mani!

    1. I really wish I could have done a better job of capturing Worth the Wait, it’s got such a nice shimmer that gives great depth! It’s also great for all skins types, I think you’ll like it!

  2. Despite the goofy names, I want at least one of the pastels… probably Hubby for Dessert (cringes). Brides to Be is really pretty, too. Great collection!

  3. I love Worth the Wait and Brides No Grooms, but Happy Wife Happy Life makes me smile because my hubby says that pretty much all the time :D

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