Essie Dress to Kilt Swatches and Review

Essie Dress to Kilt Swatches and Review

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Discover your inner femme fatale…

If you’re a classic movie fan like I am, you know the best part of a film noir is the femme fatale. The smoldering looks, the questionable behavior, the dangerous intelligence…flawless. I might be too much of a goodie-two shoes to emulate these fatal beauties in real life, but I can imitate their style thanks to the Essie Dress to Kilt collection.


“Inspired by espionage and the thrill of the chase,” the latest from Essie offers their trusty formula mixed with deep, mysterious hues. Wearing these colors, don’t be surprised if you find yourself slinking around dark corridors and teaching hardened private dicks how to whistle..


Dress to Kilt – seductive red

Of course, a collection that is inspired by chic and dangerous women needs a serious red. Dress to Kilt is a deep, vampy red that would look great on any skintone.


Take it Outside – punchy, fresh taupe

Take it Outside is square in the middle of the taupe and greige family. Very neutral, this is a lovely subtle shade that would pair well with a baby pink accent nail or reverse moon mani.


Fall in Line – enigmatic jade green

Fall in Line is a true jade green; dusty and neutral, like the stone itself rather than the brighter greens that sometimes get the “jade” name. This is a green for people who aren’t so sure they like greens. (Trust me. You like greens.)


The Perfect Cover Up – powerful peacock teal

The Perfect Cover Up is a intense teal, and one of my favorites in the collection. Nearly opaque in one coat, this color is professional enough for the office, but still sexy when paired with stilettos.


Style Cartel – inky cobalt blue

Style Cartel is a dark blue creme that straddles the line between cobalt and navy. This one was the hardest formula to work with, slightly thick and a bit patchy if I wasn’t careful. However, still gorgeous.


Partner in Crime – rich dark chocolate

Partner in Crime is a rich mahogany, and the polish that has solidified my love affair with brown polish. In sunlight it’s much more the color of dark chocolate, but in artificial light it has a deep espresso tone.

Every single ones of these seductive shades were almost opaque in one coat, and dried to a shine that almost didn’t need a topcoat. I’d suggest using one though; I tried to go without and when I accidentally dragged my nails across a sheaf of papers and I left lovely Style Cartel-hued streaks.

But when it’s said and done, Essie has done it again: Dress to Kilt is a solid, gorgeous collection that is worthy of its iconic inspiration.

we heartsters – Which of the colors in Essie’s Dress to Kilt do you think would bring out your inner temptress?

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