Essie Summer 2015 and Essie Neon 2015 swatches and review

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One of my favorite things about the lazy days of summer is the music. Something about the heat just makes tunes seep into your bones, makes the dance moves just a little more fluid, those lyrics seem just all the more perfect. Essie has two summer collections that capture both the lazy days of summer and the perfection of those hot summer concerts with their Summer 2015 and Neon 2015 collections.


Private Weekend is described as a “sparkling crisp white,” and its micro glitter gives a tiny bit of texture. This needs a good top coat and about three coats to be opaque, but is a nice neutral white with a hint of shimmer.



Peach Side Babe is a peach that leans heavily on the coral side. I’d almost count this as part of the neon collection, it’s the brightest of the Summer bunch!



Essie calls Saltwater Happy a “happy sugar-sweet atlantic blue,” but I’m calling it a definite periwinkle, and not just because that’s a fun color to say. It leans a little violet to my eyes, but is still a lovely pastel.



Pret-A-Surfer is a is gorgeous marine blue that reads more purple to my eyes. Like the infamous dress meme that made the rounds recently, it’ll look different depending on who’s looking!



Stef fell for (and had to keep) Chillato, described as “frozen cream pistachio.” She reports it as a light buttery lemon-lime hybrid.



She also wanted to try Sunset Sneaks, which Essie calls a “bright cushy crimson” but Stef calls a bright fruit punch creme. Yum!




From Neon 2015, we have Groove is in the Heart, a bright light pink that just barely leans peach. Barely. Maybe voted for it in the last election. It’s a fun color, but my least favorite of the bunch as it feels like a typical baby pink.


But here’s something to make up for that…


Coacha’bella is more like it; a hot “it-girl molten magenta” that dries with a vinyl finish. A top coat give it a mirror shine, but it’s just as good with that satin-y look. This is the stunner of the neon collection, though it did need about three thin coats to be opaque.



Stef also kept All Access Pass, “a boho violet indigo.” That’s full on blurple, ya’ll! It’s gorgeous.



My favorite of the neon collection is the hardest to capture on camera, Make Some Noise. An electric blue, this has a brightness to it that has to be seen in person. I tried different lighting and checked other swatches online and nothing doesn’t this baby its high voltage justice!



For the teal fans out there, Melody Maker will hit all the right notes with it’s deep almost jade color/though scream neon.



Vibrant Vibes is bright neon lime that, like Coacha’bella, dries with a slight rubberized finish. This does scream neon, and being a neon it really needs three coats to get maximum color. (You could also layer this over a white base coat to save time.)


Whether summer music means to you tunes by the lake, songs by the beach or music while cruisin’ in the car with the windows rolled down; Essie’s Summer 2015 and Neon 2015 collections gives the perfect colors to wear while you jam out.

What about you, we heartsters – what are you favorite summer music memories? And which of these Essie shades is a must-have?


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  1. I love that you connected summer music with this polish collection–made it SO fun and enjoyable to read. These shades look so bright and clean; I’m really feeling Chillato and Make Some Noise. My fav summer music memories are from attending the WHFSitval concerts back when I was a teen (WHFS was a really cool radio station). I saw Primus, Violent Femmes, Cracker, the Meat Puppets, Belly, INXS and so many others over several years. I didn’t, however, have nail polish as cool as the Essie Neon collection back then!

    1. Make Some Noise is GORGEOUS. Seriously see it in person, the pictures don’t do it justice!

      And I’m so jealous that you got to see Belly and Violent Femmes! Those local radio station concerts had the BEST bands!!!

  2. Great review. I really like the peach and pale blue, those are so fun and I feel like they would be perfect end of the summer colors for me : )

    1. You know those colors would look great together, maybe as a fun reverse moon mani or even a skittles manicure! Something about the two just reminds me of cool breezes off of a yacht… :-)

  3. My favorite summer music memory are the dances I used to go to as a teenager at Crestwood Pool in PA. A great New Wave dj (always a friend or someone’s boyfriend), dancing and swimming. Ah, to be a cool kid Waver again!

    I ADORE all 3 polishes I selfishly kept! I can never have enough blurples, so All Access Pass is a happy new part of my collection. Chillato is unlike anything I own, which is always a good thing. And Sunset Speaks perfectly toes the line between coral and red.

    1. Sunset Sneaks is my next purchase, that fun punchy color is SO close to my favorite nail color, hot pink raspberry, that I have to have it!

      And, you know, I think Coacha’bella would look really good on you, @stef! I know you love a good coral, but that magenta would look great with yoru skin tone!

  4. @stef — I am a big fan of sunset speaks as well. Something that is between coral and red goes with everything in mind!

  5. All Access Pass and Melody Maker…dang! One can never have enough purple, @Stef!

  6. All Access Pass is tempting me with its glorious burple-ness…

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