Essie Satisfies My Summer Neon Craving, Subtly...

Essie Satisfies My Summer Neon Craving, Subtly…

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Essie Too Taboo Summer 2014 collection swatches and review

There are two givens that I can count on every year when summer rolls around…

1. The theme from Meatballs goes through my head on a loop.

2. I crave neon nail polish and not much else.


Essie has helped with one of those things with their neon collection for Summer 2014, Too Taboo. I’d call these subtle neons. They’re not a glowing, in-your-face kind of neon, they’re a bit softer.

Interestingly, I think with that softness comes an ease of application that the glowing neons do not usually have. A white basecoat will help make them brighter, if you need the glow.

For consistency, all swatches are shown with two coats. I’ll note when they could have used more…


Near blurple alert! Chills & Thrills is a blue violet that borders on full-on blurple, but leans a bit softer. The formula was a tad thin (which I actually prefer) but it allowed for good application and nice opacity.



Vices Versa is a chartreuse-leaning lime green. It has a sheer consistency (a bit too sheer for me) that I’d almost call a jelly. As you can see in the swatch, it really could have used a third coat.



The collection’s namesake is the one I was least excited about. Don’t get me wrong, Too Taboo is a beautiful bright raspberry fuchsia with great opacity and a baby bear sort of formula (not “too” anything, just right!) But it’s nothing I haven’t seen before or that I don’t have three others like it in my collection already. If you don’t have a really great fuchsia though, this is a stellar contender.



Serial Shopper is a bright coral-y orange. Its very summery and the kind of shade that looks fab with a tan (Yes, I still talk about tanning. I can’t help it, I grew up at the Jersey Shore.) I think it’s begging for a pedicure! Formula-wise, it’s a bit thick and if I wasn’t careful I easily applied too much.



I’m Addicted is my favorite of the collection, and the brightest. It’s an electric aqua blue with a thinner consistency and great opacity. Aptly named, because I can’t stop looking at my nails when I’m wearing it!



Finally, there’s Sittin’ Pretty, a bright lavender with a touch of pink. This definitely could have used a third coat, as it is a bit on the sheer side.


So, we heartsters – are YOU ready for the summer? Which Too Taboo neon grabs you the most?

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11 thoughts on “Essie Satisfies My Summer Neon Craving, Subtly…”

  1. Now that I finally have long nails, I’m even more excited for nail polish posts! Sittin’ Pretty and I’m Addicted look like must haves.

  2. Ya know, I have never been a huge blue fan, for my nails, but I’m Addicted is spectacular… It may have changed my opinion of blue nails. Sittin’ Pretty is really fun too, I’ll have to give these a whirl.

  3. @stef– These colors are so fun! I am curious . . . how did they wear? I need to broaden my horizons with some NEON fun. I tend to go right towards my tried and true “summer” colors.

  4. I am not the biggest neon fan (sort of surprising for this 80’s fan) but I like the mellower look of these neon hues from Essie. green is my least liked neon shade of all, but Vices Versa is appealing to me – and yes, I bet it would look great with a tan!

    I also love the coral-y Serial Shopper and the bright blue I’m Addicted – wht colors represent!

  5. I love these! The green DOES look pretty sheer, though. I remember having a nail polish similar to this color (I think it was Essie, too) that always showed the brushstrokes no matter how many coats I seemed to apply. The other colors look fantastic!

  6. Meatballs! That’s great!
    I’m another summer neon lover, and your swatches have made these are all so appealing, darn it. If I had to choose one, Sittin’ Pretty is different and would be great for a beach pedicure.

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