Essie Winter 2015 and Fringe Luxeffects swatches

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There’s no easier way to kick off your holiday look than with a sparkling new nail polish, and no one does holiday nails better than Essie. So I was thrilled to sample both the Winter 2015 Collection and the Fringe Luxeffects collection. Talk about a winter wonderland!


In the colder months, I tend to gravitate towards three categories of color: icy pastels, bright reds, and super darks. I could make it to spring on the Winter 2015 collection alone! The theme is a mountain holiday, with colors to take you from the slopes to après-ski festivities.


Virgin Snow
I love cool pales, and this “icy frozen lavender” is as perfect as newly-fallen snow. The barely-periwinkle color goes on streak free and looks cool as ice.

Shall We Chalet?
A classic, dramatic dark red fit for a snow queen. The color is so rich, I almost didn’t need a second coat.

Haute Tub
Finally, a true black that’s a little bit different thanks to the “amethyst fire” of iridescent micro sparkles. This color makes me warm with happiness.

This platinum foil is gorgeous! It’s opaque in one coat, but I used two for extra-perfection. I’ll be wearing this one a lot during the holidays.

Altitude Attitude
Bright red with pink undertones in a super-creamy formula. This one goes on like a dream and removes very easily for a red. So festive!

Peak Show
This beautiful color was streaky on the first coat, but the second coat mostly evened things out. I did touch up a few streaky areas. Not bad for this kind of pale pink, and well worth the trouble.

As if all this winter beauty isn’t enough excitement, Essie’s annual Luxeffects collection is the glittery icing on the cake! This year’s collection is called Fringe Luxeffects, a “bubbly, confetti-fueled party for nails.”


You might think you don’t need another glittery topcoat, but trust me, you do! Essie offers bar glitter galore in four irresistible varieties. I confess I’ve never been a fan of bar glitter, but this version is more delicate than the chunks of glitter I’ve seen before, and I actually love it. I don’t know which color I like the best because each one gives such a unique effect.

Check out these four beauties…

Fringe Factor
A mix of gunmetal and rosy gold bars, this one looks beautifully wispy. I love the blend of warm and cool tones.

Frilling Me Softly
Platinum bars and cobalt dots give a delicate, frilled effect. The blue glitter makes this one seem extra-sparkly.

Tassel Shaker
A blend of copper and bronze bars make Tassel Shaker shine like a newly-minted penny.

Fashion Flares
Fuchsia bars peppered with black dots; together, they look like a party in a bottle! I love how the look is kind of abstract.

These two collections just begged to be paired. Here were our favorite match ups.
essie Winter 2015 swatches and Fringe Luxeffects swatches

Essie-Fringe-Luxeffects-Fashion-Flares-Peak-Show-swatchesFashion Flares and Peak Show

Essie-Fringe-Luxeffects-Frilling-Me-Softly-Virgin-Snow-swatchesFrilling Me Softly and Virgin Snow

Essie-Fringe-Luxeffects-Fringe-Factor-Haute-Tub-swatchesFringe Factor and Haute Tub

Essie-Fringe-Luxeffects-Tassel-Shaker-Altitude-Attitude-swatchesTassel Shaker and Altitude Attitude

Essie-winter-2015-Shall-We-Chalet-Apres-Chic-swatchesShall We Chalet and Après-Chic

With all the shiny, sparkling options between the Winter collection and Fringe Luxeffects, deciding which ones to wear is my only problem. I think these might be my favorite Essie holiday collections ever!

we heartsters – which shade would you like to be wearing through the holidays?

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    1. It’s really pretty, right?

  1. These are so wintry and pretty! I love Haute Tub in particular; it looks like a galaxy with all that shimmer and glow. I’m not huge on bar glitter either, but I really like the texture and sparkle of these.

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