Eucerin Helps You Beat the Winter Skin Blahs

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All the wonderful signs of winter are in play – sweaters and boots are making their appearance, there’s a nip of frost in the air, pumpkin and cinnamon are featured on every menu and kids (and adults) are already writing out their holiday wish lists. One sign of winter that is not so wonderful? Dry, itchy, red, and irritated skin. But thanks to our friends at Eucerin, you can beat those winter skin blahs with a few simple tricks and tips!

As members of the Eucerin Skin First Network we’ve been fortunate to try almost every product they offer on your local drugstore shelves. And while my face may have combination skin, my body is always dry and in need of moisture. When the cold air hits, and the dry heat is turned on in my home, my skin normally suffers the consequences. But this year, thanks to regular use of Eucerin’s Intensive Repair products, my skin is soft, happy and healthy.

This line is formulated to moisturize, exfoliate and condition even your roughest, driest skin – and they work! The fragrance-free formulas won’t irritate sensitive skin or clog pores. My itchy skin is instantly relieved with a layer of Eucerin Intensive Repair and with daily application the flakes and dry patches disappeared.

To help your skin feel as great as mine, Eucerin has passed along a five tips to winter-ize your skin to share with our we heart this readers – and I’m adding five of my own!


1. Cold weather can be tough on your hands; be sure to keep a pair of gloves in your purse to protect against harsh winter elements.

2. To relieve dryness associated with frequent hand washing, be sure to wash with lukewarm water, use a gentle soap, and apply Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enrich Hand Crème right after drying your hands.

3. When your hands are extra dry hands, pick up a pair of white cotton gloves and use them for a nighttime treatment. Slather the Intensive Repair Extra-Enrich Hand Crème on hands at night before bed, and cover with the gloves. You’ll awake to noticeably softer hands.

4. Keep your showers short and sweet and use lukewarm water. Bathing for long periods in hot water can cause skin to lose natural oils and nutrients.

5. When the weather starts to cool, transition from your foamy body soaps to a moisturizing cleanser. I’ve been using the soap-free Eucerin Skin Calming Dry Skin Body Wash with fabulous results. The fragrance-free formula cleanses my body, while Omega oils help to soothe and moisturize sensitive skin.

6. Try Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra Enriched Foot Crème to help repair dry, cracked heels and feet this season.

7. You can use a pair of white, cotton socks to give your feet a nighttime treatment too! Just apply the Intensive Repair Extra Enriched Foot Crème and cover them with a pair of clean socks. Overnight the crème will sink into feet, visibly healing dry cracked skin.

8. Summer may be over, but you still need to drink your water! Getting in at least 8 glasses a day can help you moisturize your skin from the inside out.

9. Getting a full six to eight hours of sleep is important for your overall well-being and helps your skin look its best. Get to bed early to get plenty of shut-eye.

10. Pay attention to your posture while at your desk. This sounds strange, but if you have dry cracked elbows you’ll thank me for it. I noticed that my left elbow was noticeably drier and dingier than my right. Eventually I realized this was the elbow I leaned upon while sitting at my desk. After a few weeks of sitting properly, my left elbow is markedly softer without the ugly cracks.

Want more? For additional tips and to get personalized recommendations from Eucerin dermatologists visit their Facebook page!

we heartsters – how do you change up your skin care routine during the winter months?

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  1. Thanks for these great tips! I often find myself needing to pay better attention to them! I DO love Eucerin! It’s truly a terrific line, beginning to end. My skin loves it to no end!

  2. I have been using Eucerin religiously as part of my winter routine. I am proud to report my skin is much happier so far this winter. No painful chapped skin for me! (As long as I stay on my existing Eucerin program.)

  3. I’ve had the pleasure of trying a number of these products, including the Intensive Repair Hand Creme and the body lotion, as well as the Skin Calming Body Wash. I have been very happy with the non greasy formula of the hand lotion and body lotion. The hand lotion works great on feet too. The body wash was a little harder to get used to, as it’s not a foaming kind of soap but more of an oil formula, it does however provide great hydration, especially in these dry winter months. For the price, the Intensive Repair line is a great choice for dry skin concerns!

  4. ReaderRita says:

    The lukewarm water thing is my downfall. When you’re freezing, really warm water feels so much better on your icicles. (I mean fingers…)

  5. We went skiing over the holidays and I took the Eucerin Intensive repair with me and it was a life saver! I admit I’m one for hot showers, so I need a great lotion to help me out with dry skin. Thanks for these tips, as I was reading them I was leaning on my left elbow “ahem”. I guess I’ll stop doing that now.

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