Eucerin Helps You Beat the Heat with Tips For Healthy Summer Skin

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Summer can do a number on your skin. The sun, heat, humidity and all those dips into the water add up and can leave your skin parched, cracked, flaky and/or irritated (sometimes all at once!) Luckily, since we heart this is a proud Eucerin Brand Ambassador, I have been able to keep my skin soft, smooth, healthy and happy all season long.

Every morning this summer I have been protecting my arms, shoulders, legs and every bit of exposed skin with the Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 15 Moisturizing Body Lotion. It’s a great lightweight formula that absorbs fast and lets me get dressed without having to wait for it to soak in. My skin has been protected from the harsh rays of the sun and this has been the first summer I can remember when I have not had a single sunburn – hooray!

I’ve been teaming up with my Eucerin products by using the corresponding Daily Protection SPF 30 Moisturizing Face Lotion before I apply my makeup. It offers me fabulous protection from the sun, a shine-free finish and a great base for applying cosmetics. All in all, this has been a happy summer for my skin!

If however, your skin could use a little bit of TLC, the folks at Eucerin are sharing a few of their tried and true tips to help you achieve beautiful skin in these challenging months.

face cleanser

Tip #1 – Cleanse Gently

Remember to wash your face before you go to sleep each night – it will help to keep skin hydrated, soft and smooth. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or somewhere in between, dermatologists recommend using a mild, non-irritating cleanser rather than a harsh soap. We suggest the Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser!

eucerin gentle cleanser

This extra gentle cleanser still washes dirt, grease and makeup away with its moisturizing foamy lather. It also rinses clear away with little effect, leaving soft, clean skin behind. It’s soap-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog your pores) and is suitable for all skin types. Now that’s a drugstore deal that’s hard to beat!

sleeping boston terrier

Tip #2 – Catch some Zzzz’s

Getting a full six to eight hours of sleep is important for your overall well-being and helps your skin look its best. Get to bed early to catch plenty of shut-eye

Like Ted the Boston Terrier, I never have a problem falling asleep – anywhere, anytime. For those that have issues getting enough beauty sleep, it’s important to get into a routine. Try and get into bed at the same time every night to coax your body into a schedule. And make sure to close those laptops and iPads a few hours before bedtime. They can keep interfere with the ability to ‘shut off’ your brain and fall asleep.


Tip #3 – Amp up your Antioxidants

Stock up on foods with high antioxidant levels, like summer squash, spinach, strawberries and cantaloupe, which can help neutralize free radicals that can damage collagen and elastin.

Getting in your daily antioxidants is easy during these summer months. Stop by your local farmers markets to stock up on seasonal produce bursting with antioxidant goodness – my favorites include blueberries, plums, raspberries, grapes and kiwis.

spa water

Tip #4 – Make friends with H20

Drinking plenty of water is key to maintaining a healthy moisture balance and a glowing complexion. Make sure you consume at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day! If you’re on the go, bring a water bottle along to prevent dehydration.

If you need a little something to amp up the taste, toss a few of those antioxidant rich fruits into your water pitcher or bottle. A few slices of cucumber or a handful of sliced strawberries will help you get in all 8 recommended glasses.

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Eucerin means business when they say they want to help you protect your skin and keep it healthy! Besides sharing these tips with our readers, they are offering a FREE sample of Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 15 Moisturizing Body Lotion! To receive your sample, simply click here and visit the Eucerin Facebook Page, click “Like” and follow the instructions. Your sample will soon be on the way!

we heartsters – how do you keep your skin happy and healthy during the summer?

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  1. I have to try that SPF moisturizer! I need something that’s friendly for my skin with some SPF in it.

    I agree with sleep on those tips. I used to get only 5 hours of sleep a night but now I get a solid 8 and it makes a world of a difference with everything! not just your skin, but that’s a nice perk :)

  2. Great run down @tyna ! I always appreciated good reminders/ tips for great skin. Eucerin is one of my drugstore go to’s. Sun block is one of this most underrated thing out there for anti aging.

    I am off to Facebook now to get my free sample of Eucerin body lotion. (I have the face lotion with SPF and it is great!)

  3. I’m liking the looks of the Gentle Hydrating Cleanser!
    Great review @tyna! It’s so important to get proper rest too.. good one! Thanks for the link to get a free sample link too!!

  4. I want to try the cleanser, it sounds really gentle. On a side note sweet sleeping Ted made me smile… he’s so cute!

  5. Great tips. I also have to add that another great way to keep your skin hydrated is by spritzing your face throughout the day with a hydrating face mist. This is also a great way to keep cool and stay refreshed in the blistering summer heat!

  6. These are great skincare tips, which doesn’t surprise me since they’re coming from Eucerin and wht! I received Eucerin’s Skin Calming Daily Moisturizer Cream, which I’ve been using every night after showering. It’s amazing stuff—rich and emollient, yet easily absorbed, and fragrance-free, too. It’s going to be in my regular rotation from now on! I can’t wait to try the Daily Protection SPF 15 Moisturizing Body Lotion for daytime.

    And Ted… I just want to kiss his little head!

  7. I have a bunch of Eucerin products and got a bunch to review. I’m still trying to get through all of them, but generally speaking, I love how gentle the face wash is and I love how the lotions and potions and creams really seem to change the quality of my skin. It takes a solid week or two for full results, but it’s amazing that something with a drugstore price can leave you with such amazing results (Just try the hand and foot creams…life changing…I give myself pedicures and manicures, but my hard well water is hell on my nails and skin–I could see a change in just one week with these. My skin and nails just look BETTER.). Plus: the fragrances on all of these are light and fade quickly. Gotta love that.

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